Thursday, December 06, 2007

Going Against Nature?

Against Nature?, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

Russel Crowe tries to find a positive beat for his club, South Sydney. He seems to feel that banning pokies from the club, a source of revenue, can be made into a virtue. Perhaps it can, if it attracts family and wholesome activity to the club, while eschewing vice. The community deserves something good. But can something good come from the ARL?
Meanwhile, in Victoria, there is uproar over Sikh boys who carry daggers to school. The issue involves the religious practise of Sikhs for their initiated.
If those Sikh boys have their daggers banned, what about other school children who carry scissors? Maybe the issue isn't religion or culture or even sharp instruments. Maybe schools are better placed to decide on issues of custom, and maybe state governments have better things to do than regulate religion.

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