Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Claims Caught Out

Caught Out, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

She was wife of a former President, and is famous for having been a doormat in a relationship with her husband. She is now running for office, and she is keen to say what she offers the position. Let us hope that she will be better in office than she is truthful.
Ireland needed peace, and it has had a growing movement which has embraced peace in the last decade. Bill Clinton needed to find an issue he might stamp on his presidency as an accomplishment. Clinton had claimed economic progress from a Republican congress which led to his second term in office. Then he turned to Ireland and was asked to butt out by Major and Blair. So he turned to the Middle East.
Israel, under conservative government, had negotiated a cease fire, and Bill involved himself in the peace process. It is now historical how the ham fisted President Clinton got a humiliated Yassir Arafat to leave the peace process. Pictures had been circulated of Clinton and Arafat smoking cigars before the Lewinsky revelations.
It isn't that Mrs Clinton wouldn't sacrifice much for peace. After all, in her student days, she campaigned vigorously and successfully for communist dictators in Vietnam to be supported by communist dictators in China.
Mrs Clinton offers more in foreign relations experience than Obama, but in the Democratic shoot out for nomination, it is not yet established which of the two can promise more.

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