Saturday, December 01, 2007

Forgetting to Scrub Hands

germ farm, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

Mr Rudd is washing his hands of Australia's committment to a peaceful Middle East. While it is possible that the job our troops have done in Iraq is over and they have been successful, Mr Rudd has not given them credit for the work they have done. Instead, Mr Rudd is proclaiming the success of such as Mamdouh Habib or David Hicks. Following in the footsteps of Whitlam, who managed to manufacture the Timor and Cambodian crisis out of his withdrawal from Vietnam.

Also getting the dirty hand treatment of Rudd is the 'sorry' issue. No one alive today was victor or victim of the first fleet expedition to colonize Australia. However, Rudd's policy is to open the floodgates for spurious claims of 'stolen generations' or displaced persons. And he calls himself a conservative. Reminds me of the description of King Charles 2nd who is said to have "never uttered a foolish thing, nor ever done a wise one."

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