Saturday, December 22, 2007

Religious Extravagance

Archbishop Peter Jensen, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

He involved himself in politics, allegedly with the agenda of spreading the message of god, but the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, instead endorsed a Rudd Labor Government. Now that Rudd has been elected, Jensen is left in the awkward position of justifying his endorsement. But the endorsement was a lousy choice.

Rudd makes claims to being Christian, but then those claims are pretty poor when one examines his public statements on the issue. He believes in a god. Mr Howard was far more definitive as leader, being of the Anglican tradition, but accepting peoples of all faiths in his public life. So why was it that the Anglican chief of Sydney was so quick to endorse a backsliding misfit over a committed member?

It seems to be that Jensen is trying that difficult maneuver of being all things to all people. Not good enough to stand for ones own beliefs, Jensen endorses the 'sign Kyoto' paper regardless of any actual impact on the environment. Jensen endorses the economic policy that has more people in poverty, so long as fewer become rich. The populist, feel good movement over the practical 'needs must' of conservatism.

It is no wonder fewer people are going to church regularly, the leaders offer nothing by way of direction. A message from Jensen to his flock, at Christmas.

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