Saturday, December 01, 2007

But, She Promised ...

Tila Tequila, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

A bisexual MTV star has been reported as being straight and in a current relationship. This may be a source of disappointment for her fans, and is not the image she is trying to portray, but since when is the image more important than the reality?

Except when the image is not entertainment, but political. Mr Rudd approached the recent federal election holding mirrors and blowing smoke. He was aided in his quest by media and unions, as was to be expected, but also by a few other curious stable mates.

Woolworths has recently come under fire as being monopolistic. Woolworths and Coles have been alleged to have colluded to prevent profits from fresh produce from returning to farmers. Woolworths has long opposed Conservative policy, as with their ongoing 'Rollback' campaign which began about the time of GST debate beginning and ALP Rollback promises regarding the GST.

Telstra, which owes its existence as a commercial entity has opposed government regulation, and so supported the ALP. Telstra has a history of releasing reports questioning government policy around election time.

Murdoch has long opposed Conservative administration, from the time he demanded the sacking of Gortyn for an incompetent McMahon who bequeathed Fraser and gave us Whitlam, through to the recent courting of Rudd and refusal to distinguish between policy .. as if it was hard to tell the difference between the union vandals and conservative policy.

Tila's image may not be a wholesome one, but then neither is Rudd's.

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