Friday, May 16, 2008

Liberal Critic Bolt Accepts Opposition Budget

Nelson spends big on weapons
Andrew Bolt
Brendan Nelson first attacks the Budget for not being ”anti-inflationary”, and then demands
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Rudd’s media mates
Andrew Bolt

Michelle Grattan on Kevin Rudd’s Budget:
But the budget, product of primarily of Rudd, Swan and Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner, should be “Labor” enough to impress the party faithful, just as it has impressed quite a few in business, rather a remarkable double.
Michelle Grattan on Brendan Nelson’s reply:
BRENDAN Nelson last night had the air of a desperate man. His budget reply contained a show-stopper — a proposal for a five-cent reduction in excise to reduce petrol prices — that is bad policy and probably bad politics.
Other Fairfax commentators on Nelson and his reply:

Tony Wright:
...a tumbledown comedy
Peter Hartcher:

gimmick… tokenistic… desperate… transparent

And how The Age started its news report:
OPPOSITION Leader Brendan Nelson has sought to revive his ailing leadership with pledges to cut petrol excise and block a 70% tax hike on pre-mixed alcoholic drinks.
In case you thought from the Fairfax catcalls that there couldn’t possibly be a single sound argument for Nelson’s reply, here’s The Australian.

The Liberals will have to factor on their strategies the fact that the Fairfax pack has thrown in its lot with Labor and will not give it the time of day. Ways must be found to speak directly to voters, going around such media gatekeepers.
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Bolt seems loathe to give the Liberal party an even break, but he seems to detest the other commentators more. Dr Nelson's budget reply was outstanding. The usual suspects opposed it, but they couldn't criticize the content. Dr Nelson has had his listening tour, and his message for the Liberal Party seems to have them in line with community expectations, but not the journalist ones.
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