Thursday, January 30, 2014

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You may have watched the State of the Union last night and thought, just as I did, that President Obama puts much too much faith in the federal government, and not nearly enough in the American people.
I agree with the President that the state of our union is strong, but it's not because of anything he has done. 
We are strong because of hard working Americans who make us that way. 
We are strong because of the resilience of those who are still looking for work and trying to provide for their family.
We are strong because of the men and women who wear the uniform and fight for our freedom.
And we are strong in spite of the Obama Administration's heavy-handed policies, not because of them.
President Obama's speech last night glossed over the failures of his administration: failure to improve the economy, failure in the implementation of his signature achievement ObamaCare, failure to address our national security challenges, and failure to negotiate.
Just last week, President Obama said "I've got a pen and I've got a phone -- and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward..."  And he spoke yet again last night of his intention to ram through his agenda by Executive Order instead of working with Congress to find common ground and pass legislation the way the Constitution intended it.
We've also heard time and again from the media that this is a do-nothing Congress, but we can't ignore our do-nothing President, in part because of the atmosphere he has created that makes it impossible to get anything done. 
If President Obama really wants to help hardworking American families achieve good-paying, stable jobs and live the American dream, he would stop pushing an agenda that hurts small businesses, increases healthcare costs and is overwhelmingly anti-family.   We must put in place an economic plan that revives our domestic manufacturing and energy potential, rolls back job-killing regulations and forces the federal government to shrink.
Finally, I will say that on one point, the President is right: Americans want to believe in opportunity for all.  But that can only be achieved if this President and this Congress begin to lift up hardworking families, protect our national security interests through a consistent foreign policy and ensure prosperity for this and future generations by building economic freedom.
Thanks for fighting for freedom,
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Rick Santorum
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January 29, 2014 / 28 Shevat 5774

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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
My name is Rani Weinberg, owner of a family property located at 135 Rothschild Boulevard, in Tel Aviv. I am excited to bring to your attention this exceptional new boutique building project named "Home On Habima", an authentic pink diamond just a few steps away from the majestic Habima National Theater square.
Come and see this picturesque building surrounded by huge duplexes with private gardens, with an elegant lobby and a lounge decorated with art. I would like to present to you, in exclusivity, LAST 6 (six) deluxe apartments, including apartments of gross 308 sq. meters occupying an entire floor and including several terraces. We also have available sumptuous penthouse duplex of more than gross 600 sq. meters, a "Unique Piece" with a private swimming pool, cinema room, Jacuzzi and bar. The interior area, whose design was inspired from the glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris, includes a spacious salon, enclosed by a glass wall 4 meters high, offering an exceptional panoramic view of the legendary Rothschild Boulevard and theHabima National Theater complex.
I’m offering to personally meet you in order to present to you in detail this ground-breaking project. For this purpose, we can organize a meeting near you or to meet me in our Tel Aviv offices at your convenience.
For more information: 
Best regards,
Rani Weinberg, Owner.
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