Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Insane GIO Tiler

The tiler GIO have sent me wants to remove tiles and shut down my refrigerator and oven for at least two days, as well as take out a cupboard. But he won't look at a kick board which covers missing tiles. 
He won't tell me why it is essential he do this work.
The only tiles he need remove are 8 in number. They cannot be matched, and so he is replacing them. In fact, the 8 could be used beneath the sink where a kick board has been placed covering missing floor tiles. There is a central space where new tiles could go in which don't exactly match but won't look very out of place. The tiles beneath the fridge, oven, and cupboard could remain in place. Please advise me as to what can be done to do the smaller job correctly, or why I must go to the inconvenience of the larger job. 

Two tiles here can be moved to beneath the sink 

The tiles beneath the fridge, cupboard and oven could stay

The kick board here covers missing tiles too .. there is a gap between it and the floor

These six tiles could be moved to beneath the sink.

Hi David.
Whilst it is always our endeavour to minimise any inconvenience to the insured especially during this type of work, our electrician will disconnect and reconnect your frig into another temporary room or area. Whilst on site he will also investigate as to whether the stove can also be temporarily reconnected elsewhere and if possible and with your approval he will do so.
In the matter regarding the replacement of the kitchen floor tiles, please note that whilst we are unable to guarantee the matching of the tile colour, pattern and or size it becomes a matter of visual and physical consistency  to remove all floor tiles and replace accordingly. The area beneath the cupboard and behind the kickboard normally remains as is as it is visually concealed.
Your earliest comments and or approval would be greatly appreciated.
I would disapprove removing the tiles beneath the fridge and oven .. I do not feel it is necessary. It is ok to have different tiles in separate areas. It seems extravagant to go to all that effort to replace tiles that weren't touched by the cleaners, and not replace the tiles removed by the cleaners. All that is required is to lift the kick board which apparently is easy to do. To avoid mixing tiles, I suggest removing the 8 that extend into the area to be retiled .. wether you wish to relocate them to the area behind the kick board is up to insurance. 

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