Friday, January 03, 2014

GIO Fail update

GIO responded to my earlier complaints. As a result of their stonewalling and ineptitude, only half my unit has been painted, when the cleaning decontamination process damaged all of it. The reason why only half was done was a demarcation dispute between insurers who don't talk to each other, and GIO don't talk to me. Legally, GIO as the strata insurer are not responsible for paint. However, the painter was contracted before GIO did their cleaning work. GIO were responsible for damage to my bathroom, kitchen and cupboards, and cleaning process damaged the laundry too. So, nearly three months after a raw sewage spill lasting two days because a GIO endorsed plumber failed, there is no end in sight to the saga.
A representative saw me yesterday, Thursday. They agreed to negotiate for the kitchen tiles, bathroom drain cover/filter and grout in front of the toilet. I forgot to point out the missing cold water symbol from the bathroom cold water vanity tap. The representative blamed the cleaner for the paint mishap. As far as I can tell, the cleaner, Steamatic, has been excellent, nothing like GIO.
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