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Discovering the Western Wall! 
This is one of those few videos that will give you goose bumps simply watching people experience an other-worldly experience!
The Best Jerusalem Video Ever Created 
So powerful - you will understand the worldwide appeal of the Western Wall!
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Time Lapse clip of Israel: Jerusalem Western Wall 
Sunrise to Sunset in 30 seconds - So Beautiful!
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This Will Bring Tears of Joy to Your Eyes! 
Watching the spirit of God's soldiers is so powerful!
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Episode 3
Click here to watch:Joy of Israel Episode 3 – Holy Hebron and Sweet Hebron Hills 
Jamie Geller's food and travel show takes you to Hebron. Visit Mearat HaMachpela, The Tomb of the Patriarchs, and the ancient Avraham Avinu, the Abraham Synagogue. Then take a tour of a modern bean to chocolate bar factory, Holy Cacao.
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CNN's Crossfire Last Night
I was on CNN's Crossfire last night to talk about how the United States should deal with Iran.  Watch the interviewhere (advance to 2:15).
CPAC 2014
The Daily Callerreported this week that I'll be speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference this March.  I hope to see many of you there and look forward to talking about how conservatives can win again in 2014 and beyond.  Read morehere and register for CPAC here.
In Case You Missed It
Pete Spiliakos wrote inFirst Things about how Republicans talk about economic issues.  Here's a quick excerpt:  
"Santorum was the Republican presidential candidate who could point out that many American working families had problems that could not be ameliorated simply by cutting marginal tax rates on high-earners. Santorum focused on the struggles and the earned dignity of people who might not make much above the earnings median....Santorum is still at it. Santorum is still arguing that Republicans need to find an economic language that appeals to people who are not entrepreneurs or high-earners. Santorum is still arguing that a limited government politics has to recognize the contributions and concerns of people who want to go to work, come home, and raise their children. These people might not own a business, but they contribute to building our society."  Read morehere.
This is something I delve into in my upcoming book, "Blue Collar Conservatives."  Stay tuned for more info.   
March for Life
It was terrific joining many Patriot Voices members and thousands of pro-life Americans at the 2014 March for Life this week in Washington, DC.  Every year that I attend the March, I leave inspired to keep fighting for the unborn.  Here's a photo from the March. Check out our Facebook page to see many more.
I encourage you to read this article submitted by Daryl McIntosh, one of our  Maryland Chapter Leaders who joined us for the March:
A Few Good Patriots
Amidst the extreme weather conditions shutting down much of the East Coast, including our nation's capital, thousands of devotees to the pro-life movement poured into Washington, DC for the March for Life on January 22, 2014. 
Remaining upbeat and positive despite countless transportation delays and below-freezing temperatures, a sizable group of frontline soldiers for conservatism assembled for an early-morning, Patriot Voices pep rally to start the day's events.  Contemporary pro-life icons Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar from TV's "19 and Counting" shared their personal testimony of what shaped their commitment to the pro-life cause. Duggar son Josh, who has a family of his own and counting, has become a champion of conservative issues in his own right, also spoke on the importance of gathering at the March for Life.  Finally, Rick and Karen Santorum, who by many accounts are the leaders of social issues in America, and mainstays at life events nationwide, addressed the group in a call to arms.
Now the elder statesman to a new and eager generation of pro-life patriots like Josh, Senator Santorum reminded the audience that "evil flourishes when good men do nothing," and with a rally cry in the tradition of George Washington's at Valley Forge encouraged the group to "weather the storm, do whatever it takes" and "love thy neighbor" to ensure the victory in the fight to protect the most vulnerable and helpless amongst us -- the unborn. 
The indoor pep rally concluded with the reinvigorated crowd of patriots having an opportunity to meet and greet the Santorum and Duggar families, fueling up on coffee and then joining hundreds of thousands of other pro-life Americans outdoors, where the temperature had now mercifully risen to double digits.
It was a great day to March for Life!
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United                      with IsraelJanuary 24, 2014 
23 Shevat 5774 
‘Through Fire and Water, Canada Will Stand With You’: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Following is a transcript of the full speech delivered by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the Knesset
harper addresses                    knesset
Canada and Israel Expand Free Trade Agreement
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on Tuesday the beginning of talks to expand on the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA), which was originally signed in January 1997.
canada israel free                        trade agreement
Rabbi EnkinA Personal Request from Rabbi Ari Enkin
As the Rabbinic Director of United with Israel, I am honored to share beautiful Torah messages from Israel with you each week. This week I have a special request to make from you. Please read on...
discrimination against jews                                      at temple mountDiscrimination Against Jews at Temple Mount Witnessed by Canadian Political Leadership
The Canadian political leadership witnessed first-hand the blatant discrimination against Jews at the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem.
aviel perry intercepts                                        rocketsHeroic IDF Lt. Aviel Perry Intercepts Rockets from Gaza
It's all in a day's work. Israel Defense Forces Lieutenant Aviel Perry is one of the heroic soldiers who perform acts of courage and strength in time of danger. Lt. Perry serves as the commander of an Iron Dome Battery unit which intercepted five Gaza rockets last week.
martin-luther-kingA Dream for Peace in Israel
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. possessed a remarkable clarity of vision and purpose. He complemented these attributes with a sound, empathic understanding of the history of human oppression. Dr. King’s unequivocal renunciation of anti-Zionism reflected his consistent, courageous opposition to all manifestations of bigotry. Against the backdrop of resurgent Jew hatred worldwide, epitomized by the […]
jerusalemWhy Do Jews Face Jerusalem when they Pray?
No matter where in the world a Jew finds himself, his heart and prayers are directed toward Jerusalem. The reason for this spans over two thousand years of Jewish history, throughout which the Children of Israel have longed to return to their ancestral Promised Land.
Rabbi EnkinLiving Torah: No Flaw in Jewish Law
This week's Torah portion of Mishpatim teaches us that Jewish law is God-created, God-legislated and "God-enforced." Indeed, the Almighty watches everyone and everything, and He is faithful to reward those who follow His laws.
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January 24, 2014 / 23 Shevat 5774 / Good Shabbos

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