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Headlines Wednesday 20th January 2010

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ZEG is right, it isn't about personality. Keneally has not got the reigns of power the Premier needs to run the party .. and so she is not competent.
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Then he said to them: "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

"But before all this, they will lay hands on you and persecute you. They will deliver you to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors, and all on account of my name. This will result in your being witnesses to them. But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves. For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. All men will hate you because of me. But not a hair of your head will perish. By standing firm you will gain life. luke 21:10-19

Massachusetts voters, in unique position to either gum up the works or grease the wheels for Dem agenda in Washington, appear to flex clout in pivotal Senate race.

Black Conservatives Take Lead Role in Tea Party Movement

Though the tea party movement has attracted criticism for its supposed lack of diversity, minority activists who are involved say the movement has little to do with race, and that it is attracting a more diverse crowd every day.

U.S. Opens Arms to Orphans
Dozens of orphans from Haiti arrive in Pennsylvania to receive medical care and to meet their new families - Israel’s relief efforts in Haiti include the only field hospital (capable of treating some 500 patients a day), 40 doctors, 25 nurses, paramedics, a pharmacy, a children’s ward, radiology department, intensive care unit, emergency room, two operating rooms, a surgical department, an internal department and a maternity ward: 200 people treated; 150 life-saving surgeries. On Sunday night, a Port-au-Prince woman gave birth to a boy at the Israeli field hospital and named him “Israel” in honour of the nation which helped her. No Australian media has yet recognised the presence of the Israeli rescue and medical team in Haiti. - ed (from Dr Paul Fidlon).

'We knew crimes were racist'
VICTORIA'S top cop said police knew two years ago that crime against Indians was a problem. - still the issue of Hamidur Rahman has not been addressed. - ed.

'Nuclear Option' Strategy for Health Care
Senate Dem says party is prepared to adjust health care reform once it's passed with controversial legislative tactic

Ancient Greek Temple Dedicated to Cat Goddess ...
Egyptian archaeologists unearthed the remains of an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Egyptian cat goddess ...

Cancer-stricken actor Dennis Hopper has filed for divorce, angry his wife is "trying to bleed him for every last nickel".

Australia's own 'house of horrors'
A FORMER mortuary worker plans civil action after claims of seeing dead bodies handled roughly.

Children watch as parents drown in rip
THREE siblings watched in horror as their parents drowned after being caught in a rip on holidays.

Innocent arrow to Prince Will's heart
IT was a tender moment - Prince William quizzed by a six-year-old girl about his mum's death.

Catch me if you can conman walks free
AUSTRALIA'S Catch Me If You Can conman walks free from jail today - straight into the arms of police.

Keneally comes clean over Metro
AFTER we revealed that the Metro executive had stalled the process of forced property acquisitions, the Premier admitted the $5.3 billion project was in jeopardy.

Wannabe model alleges interview rape
A WANNABE model claims a MySpace fake raped her after pretending to be a fashion exec.

Zambia politician threatens to 'gang rape'
THE youth leader of Zambia's ruling party has threatened to "gang rape'' a female politician unless she stops criticising the President's leadership.

Cruel teen Charles Gill painted pigeons yellow

THIS is Charles Gill - the teenager who thought it was a good joke to spraypaint two pigeons nesting in a small cavity on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Taxpayers cop MP Tony Stewart's legal costs

BANKSTOWN MP Tony Stewart will pay only a fraction of the legal costs incurred during his court action against the State Government.

Kraft snares Cadbury in $20bn takeover
QUESTION mark over three thousand Aussie jobs after US giant Kraft takes over Cadbury.

Teen crash driver four times over limit
THE young driver in a crash that killed five was nearly four times the limit for a fully-licensed driver. - four times over the limit for a driver on their blacks. In fact he was many more than four times over the limit. - ed.
=== Journalists Corner ===

It's the first crucial election of 2010 and Fox is there!
We're on the scene with every development and late-breaking report.

Showdown for Obama
Could trying to save the Massachusetts Senate seat bankrupt the president's credibility?
Battle in the Bay State!
What are the key issues that really drove voters? Frank Luntz gets the pulse of the people!
Guest: Karl Rove
Karl breaks down the results and has all of the election fallout!

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President Obama Lays It All on the Line in Massachusetts
By Bill O'Reilly
The president went to the Bay State Sunday to prop up the fading campaign of Democrat Martha Coakley, who was once considered a shoo-in for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. But now, Republican challenger Scott Brown's ahead in the polls, and the president is staking his credibility on the race.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: What Martha's opponent is preaching, we've already tried, and it didn't work. So understand what's at stake here, Massachusetts. It's whether we're going forward or going backwards. It's whether we're going have a future where everybody gets a shot in this society or just the privileged few.


Did you notice the evangelical tone of the speech? It was kind of like a revival meeting. Say amen! Say hallelujah!

Now, Mr. Obama does this when he's trying to rally his base, and clearly that's what he's trying to do here. But if it doesn't work, if Scott Brown wins Tuesday, the president will be badly damaged and all political hell will break loose in America. Obamacare could crash and burn.

Now the reason liberal Massachusetts has turned against the Democrats has to do with the economy and especially health care. Americans simply do not like the corrupt bargains being struck in the health care arena. Louisiana, Nebraska, far-left unions like the SEIU have all been bribed into supporting Obamacare. That's not change we can believe in. That is not hope of any kind. That is backdoor politics of the worst kind, and the folks know it.

On the economic front, I believe the president's doing the best he can. But unemployment remains high; taxes in Massachusetts very high. Things are not good there. "Talking Points" does not believe this is Mr. Obama's fault, but he is in charge.

Adding it all up, you have big time, big time political disenchantment. There's no way a liberal state like Massachusetts goes Republican unless true anger's in the air.

That being said, I know the Bay State. I worked there for years. The Democratic Party is very strong, so Mr. Brown's not a lock, but he is ahead in the polls.

Late Monday, a survey by Insider Advantage gave the Republican a nine point lead, and some Obama people in Washington reportedly think it is all over. But it isn't.
Tim Blair
They were shocked when motorists turned against Gaia:
New car buyers appear oblivious to climate change concerns, with the latest sales figures showing people are flocking back to fuel-guzzling four-wheel-drives …
They were surprised when drivers chose style over slowness:
New-car buyers are shunning environmental responsibility and belt-tightening and splashing out on cars that make a statement …
And now the Sydney Morning Herald is saddened by the revelation that people who buy large cars prefer that they be equipped with large engines:
Holden’s decision to fit a smaller, more efficient engine to its Commodore range appears to have backfired, with sales slipping since the introduction of a new model …
That’s because fuel consumption and environmentalism are old. Modern motorists-in-the-know are more worried about insurance costs. Speaking of which, if you’ve lately been hit by an excessive insurance renewal or have other insurance issues, leave details in comments. Today’s Telegraph editorial:
Because petrol prices are so prominent, petrol companies can expect rigorous scrutiny. By contrast, one-off annual costs such as insurance sometimes fly beneath the radar and escape the attention they are due.

Not any more. This particular gravy train has just rolled into the spotlight.
Tim Blair
Singer Kelis tells PETA to sod off:
Writing in response to a letter she received from the animal-rights organisation, Kelis suggested that wearing fur is not as serious an issue as “women being maimed”, the continued use of sweatshops or women’s rights in America, all of which should take priority …

“If I started wearing endangered animals like polar bear or orangutan then talk to me (which for the record I would not – I do believe in the preservation of endangered species),” she wrote. “But the minks and chinchilla that quite honestly are rodents and if [they] weren’t in the form of a coat, I would demand they be put to death anyway.”
We’re only in January, and yet we may already have our quote of the year.
Kelis ended the blog by advising those who want to “preach” to her to “do it about something worthwhile [and not] waste my time trying to save the dang chipmunk”
(Via Nilk)

UPDATE. Line of the week, from JB: “Kelis does not decline the hide.”
Tim Blair
A clarification from Danny Glover’s representatives, following those global-warming-caused-the-Haitian-earthquake comments:

Apparently climate change doesn’t cause earthquakes. The effects of climate change are only “making countries like Haiti more and more vulnerable” to what they do.
Tim Blair
Further to a dawning reality about the IPCC and climate science:
“The IPCC claim that glaciers will vanish by 2035 was not based on an iota of scientific evidence,” minister Jairam Ramesh told the Hindustan Times.

“The IPCC has to do a lot of answering on how it reached the 2035 figure, which created such a scare.”
In November, IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri said that Ramesh was “arrogant” in his dismissal of the 2035 claim. Rather arrogant of Pachauri, in retrospect. Speaking of retrospect:
A top scientist said Monday he had warned in 2006 that a prediction of catastrophic loss of Himalayan glaciers, published months later by the UN’s Nobel-winning climate panel, was badly wrong.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report said in 2007 it was “very likely” that the glaciers, which supply water to more than a billion people across Asia, would vanish by 2035 if global warming trends continued.

“This number is not just a little bit wrong, but far out of any order of magnitude,” said Georg Kaser, an expert in tropical glaciology at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

“It is so wrong that it is not even worth discussing,” he told AFP in an interview …

“The review community has entirely failed” in this instance, he said.
Peer review failed? Unpossible! Meanwhile, let’s give Jairam Ramesh a little reply time to those earlier claims of arrogance:
Ramesh recalled how IPCC chief R K Pachauri had scornfully dismissed doubts raised by a government agency about the veracity of the UN body’s sensational projection about melting of glaciers. “In fact, we had issued a report by scientist V K Raina that the glaciers have not retreated abnormally. At the time, we were dismissed, saying it was based on voodoo science. But the new report has clearly vindicated our position,” he said.
It’s vindication vindaloo in India, but Britain’s conservative leader may face a warming Waterloo:
David Cameron was given a stark warning yesterday that his enthusiasm for green policies is unlikely to be shared by the coming influx of Tory MPs.

A poll of the 240 Conservative candidates best placed to win seats at the election found most ranked tackling climate change as their lowest priority.
It was Cameron’s advice that set Malcolm Turnbull on the road to warmy ruin.

(Via Benny Peiser, to whom all must listen)
Scott Brown roars to Senate upset win
By Joe Dwinell

State Sen. Scott Brown has pulled a Massachusetts miracle and has upset his Democratic rival to capture the open U.S. Senate seat by a 7 point margin.

Brown, 50, of Wrentham, will roll into Washington as the nation struggles with health-care reform. But Brown has vowed to be “the 41st Senator” that will defeat the measure.

Democrat Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general, has gone down in defeat. Brown has won 53-46 percent, with more than half the precincts reporting.
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