Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Excerpts from DDB's Autobiography on Justice for Hamidur Rahman pt 7

This follows part 6. Hamidur Rahman was a boy I met in passing. I had nothing to do with his death. However, had my abusers not been so bent on abusing me, I believe Hamidur Rahman would be alive today.
The situation post resignation was that I had no job, no source of income. I was being smeared, and had been smeared for longer than I had been aware. I could not prove my identity for awhile and was in fear of speaking out because the new Rudd Government could have me deported. I had basic entitlements that were denied because of procedural snafus and I couldn't get the ear of a partisan press. I was delayed in getting my approval to teach as a casual. When I finally got approval, I wasn't getting many days work and the work I was getting extinguished my Centerlink benefits which only came in after I got approval to work. I approached the ICAC and was rejected on the flimsy argument that they could not see anything wrong had happened and could not see how anyone might be prosecuted, therefore they could do nothing. I took the matter to the police, who pointed out it was up to the Coroner's office and the coroner had made a ruling.
I was working at Fairvale HS, but when Kathleen was appointed Principal there they stopped giving me work. I was told unofficially that I was only to be employed there as a last resort. So schools with staff that knew me and wanted me to work for them were not hiring me because they had been told not to. I was unofficially told this instruction came from James. I complained to the Ombudsman's office and they declined to investigate as they felt that my dispute was employer employee related and there not something they could legally investigate. I knew the excuse was bogus, as with the ICAC, but as they were the kept pets of the ALP I understood that they were bound to act corruptly.
I got casual work at Miller HS for a half year block in 2008. However three incidents lead me to the conclusion I was being smeared there too. The three incidents occurred in my second last week there. One of the kids had used a mobile phone to capture me singing to the class as part of a compromise I'd negotiated for an extra class I had taken. The Principal had said it was grounds for reporting me to the EPAC unit with a view of never hiring me again. The issue wasn't the choice of song, but the alleged tacit approval I'd given to being photographed while singing .. the kid had taken out the camera after I had started and I was supposed to stop straight away. Instead of counseling me, it was thought threatening me was better. Then a bus driver saw a student show a dagger to other students outside of their bus. The bussie hadn't reported it because they'd get into trouble with their stupid supervisors .. so he asked me for advice and I told him to report it anyway. I alerted the school authorities and got into trouble for talking with a bus driver, a member of the public, about school business. The knife issue was sidelined. The bussie got upset when the kid, ignorant of the first incident being ignored or reported, began kicking the bus because he thought he could. I told the bussie the correct thing to do and got carpeted for that too. So I chose to work casually elsewhere. Then I discovered that James' noose had tightened and no one would hire me. I got a few days at Liverpool Boys when the regular Admin teacher was away.
I was still paying my mortgage, but was desperate for work. I knew that things were going to dry up financially for me, so I decided to put my trust in god and ignore anything I couldn't control. I put forward a plan for setting up a tutoring school with my church. It didn't work out. But in turning to god, I had done the right thing. I knew that it was only a matter of time before the story would break.
The story continues
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