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Excerpts from DDB's Autobiography on Justice for Hamidur Rahman pt 5

This follows part 4. Hamidur Rahman was a boy I met in passing. I had nothing to do with his death. However, had my abusers not been so bent on abusing me, I believe Hamidur Rahman would be alive today.
I had been writing since 2003, and I had written a book in 2004. I had written some short stories and I posted several daily blogs as well as music. I had some 2.5 million words and images to my name online, and these words were on diverse topics. My main blog Was Sydney's Conservative Weasel. That was a politics blog which had nothing to do with my day job. It included postings of daily headlines with links to articles. A few of the early articles dealt with Hamidur Rahman's issue. I also published work at, which is a music site. The work was poetry reading which I hoped to connect images to and give to the Dept. of Ed. for free. Also I ran a space club site which featured articles on the latest science discoveries involving space and archaeology. I also had a site to publish my autobiography and another site for my short stories.
2004 was the twentieth anniversary of my finishing high school. I had contacted an old friend ten years earlier who had finished a law degree to ask about my options of dealing with the Campbelltown issue. My friend had begun working with the Attorney General, the later to be disgraced Jeff Shaw. When I contacted him in late '04 or early '05 he had begun work in the premier's office (Iemma), having moved to Iemma before Shaw's disgrace. He had drafted the 2004 Teacher's Code of Conduct (so he told me)and told me he couldn't help me. He asked me questions about any girlfriends I may have had, and when I said I had had none he cut communications with me. However, he had told me he was concerned that my Head Teacher (Helen) would find out about my autobiography, which didn't name her, but described her. He thought that was trouble. I pointed out that if the department dealt with my issue that couldn't be a bad thing. But the department had cut communications with me when they realized they were responsible for Hamidur's death and that I knew about it.
The old Fairfield Director of Schools was Hedley. He had been the one who had referred me to Healthquest in '02. at the end of '05, Hedley transferred to Glenfield and the acting Director of Schools at Glenfield was coming to Fairfield. That was my first school's Leading Teacher Bruce. Bruce had a wife working at Hurlstone as Deputy Principal. I felt I could talk unofficially to Bruce about the issues and have them dealt with quietly by the department. The best way for me to meet him, however, as I was probably not going to be welcome by a department official, was to offer him the music material I was making. So I asked to schedule a meeting and was firmly told that was not possible. Bruce came to Canley Vale HS to speak with the Principal and Deputies. I was denied the opportunity to meet with him. Before Bruce could begin officially, he was shouldered aside by James. James may never have worked as a teacher. James has no record of interest by the police which naturally occurs with any department official that deals with children. James may have been parachuted into the position by the Premier's office. James came to Canley Vale HS and ordered me to meet with him, removing me from class to do so. He instructed me to delete any blog items dealing with the Department of Education. I told him that the only articles I had on blogs were repostings of News headlines. He instructed me to delete them or risk losing my job. I explained there may be technical issues and he gave me a contact number of a department official.
My problem with acceding to the order was that the items I had posted in 2003 and 2004 were beyond the reach of blogger to access. Blogger would only access the last 300 items and I had over a thousand items. To delete the 2003 items I needed to delete the entire blog. I emailed the department official and got no return message. I was unwilling to call them as I felt that a written record of contact would be preferable. James met me a week or so later and told me that I had to delete those old items too. I was aware he had overstepped a mark, because the postings were general and not related to my professional work, but as he hadn't specified which articles to delete, only referring to those articles related to the Dept. of ed. business, I was left with no choice but to delete the entire blog. He told me I hadn't contacted the offered official, and I offered to show him the email message. At first James claimed I may have faked it, then he claimed the official had many email addresses and may not have read the one I used. I hoped that would be the end of things. Helen took the opportunity to smile at me after I had deleted the politics blog, indicating she had felt she was responsible. Kathleen also dropped hints that she was responsible for getting me to delete the blog. My 'big mistake' had been to publish the department listing of my designation as disabled with no special provision. James had claimed that such a listing was private and confidential. James had used the powers given him by the 2004 teacher's code of conduct.
A few months passed, and James made another demand for me to delete other postings. This time he claimed my postings were pornographic. I had detailed my childhood rape in my autobiography, but I hadn't considered that explicit or pornographic. My short stories were listed under the blog Stories that heal: Stories of healing and pain. James had suggested the element of bondage with the postings. I deleted the space club, my short stories and my autobiography. My plan to create a career away from teaching was in tatters with two and half million words and images lost. I also had no future in teaching.
Kathleen gave me to believe she had discussed me with Hurlstone Deputy Joe while HSC marking.
The story continues
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