Saturday, January 16, 2010

Giving Thanks

Christmas 09 was not that long ago, and there are expectations one has of the season that rarely are met, even if we buy lots of chocolate and are given gifts. In Haiti, many are experiencing tremendous loss while they never had very much to begin with. In Fairfield, a young family are burned out of their home by an accident involving a twelve year old boy and a firelighter. One person who is used to giving lots is Timothy Ly. Mr Ly gave of his time and sacrificed the pursuit of wages while he completed a four year project to make the feature length movie Maximum Choppage 2. In doing so, he brought together many young people in Fairfield to work on that project. He has finished that now, and is very busy with many projects which follow. Many unpaid. Yet Mr Ly wanted to give for Christmas, and so organised with the German Australian Polish club and his local Church, the Jesus Family Centre in Cabramatta to give gifts to needy children. Many thanks, Mr Ly. Your heart is gold.
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