Thursday, January 28, 2010

From the Weasel

Look closely at the payslip and some questions may strike you. DDBall could get into trouble for showing his payslip, so the Weasel will walk you through this.
The Weasel has obscured a few details which aren't very important to you, like account no and payrun number. However there is sufficient for this to be verifiable.
Note the yearly gross, at $156 a day, this represents 100 days work or half a year at a high school for a teacher's aide. Note, this is a casual day rate, had the employee been paid for full time work which they were employed as, they would have been paid holiday pay, sick leave, superannuation and may have been paid gross of nearly $20k. The employee was entitled to a work contract, but were illegally denied one. As the corrupt government are behind this, the employee was denied an appeal too.
The employee visited a lawyer and asked to have their correct pay through a legal letter being drafted. The Department of education claimed erroneously that they didn't have to hire the employee full time permanently.
The employee made complaint to the Director General of education and was told that there was no need to examine the complaint. That was finished on 22nd December.
Now, on 20th January a pay slip is sent saying the employee was stood down 16th of October 2009. The payment of $646.88 seems bizarre, and nowhere near what the employee would be entitled to. However, because it was post dated and predates the final employment of the employee by two months it is the guess of the Weasel that this payment is to prevent a possible entry to the IR court which the Department of Education would lose. In short, it is corrupt.
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