Sunday, January 03, 2010

Headlines Sunday 3rd January 2010

Nebraska Sen. Nelson reportedly urged South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster to reconsider his threat to file a lawsuit against the Senate health care bill.

Obama: Al Qaeda Will Be 'Held to Account' for Plot
President links terror suspect in failed airline bomb attack to Al Qaeda, says U.S. will review intel, 'strike' terrorists

Somali Pirates Strike Twice
British-flagged cargo ship, chemical tanker from Singapore both hijacked by pirates off Somalia coast

Vacation Ends in Murder for Educator
Family of Calif. school board member demands answers regarding his murder while vacationing in Mexico

A generation of young Aussies are set to see their PM in a new light as a children's book author. Picture Ella Pellagrini - also as a user of twitter porn too - ed.

'Teen defrauds bank of $2 million'
AN 18-year-old uni student has been charged with defrauding one of Australia's major banks.

Man apologises for baby's crash death
THE brother of a man who led police on a chase that killed a child apologises to her family. - can he also raise her from the dead? - ed.

Teacher charged over drunken orgy brawl
A TEACHER'S aid allegedly involved in New Year's Eve sex party brawl has appeared in court.

Jen Hawkins poses nude for magazine

A TINY crease on her waist, a slightly dimpled thigh and naturally uneven skin tones - these "flaws" on the exquisite body of Jennifer Hawkins represent a minor revolution in Australian magazines. Naked, unretouched photographs of the 26-year-old model will appear on the cover of Marie Claire this month, in a bid by Hawkins and editor Jackie Frank to join the "positive body image" trend in glossy magazines. "I'm not a stick figure - I thought it would be great to tell women to just be themselves and be confident," Hawkins tells the magazine, which hits news-stands on Wednesday.

Race hate scandal rocks top schools
MORE than a dozen elite schools are embroiled in a race hate scandal, calling for immigrants to get out of Australia.

Man tries to kill Danish cartoonist
AN alleged terrorist who tried to break into Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard's home has been charged with attempted murder.

City's gangland execution narrowly averted
A BRAZEN gangland execution planned for the heart of a capital city's legal precinct has been narrowly averted by authorities. The hit, part of a conflict between members of two rival families - the Chaouks and the Haddaras from Melbourne's north western suburbs - would have been the second killing in the city's latest gangland conflict. The broad daylight murder was to occur within weeks of the killing of Hoppers Crossing man Mohammed Haddara, sources said. Police interviewed a member of the Chaouk family after Mr Haddara was shot in Altona North in June.
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Elections a test of courage
Piers Akerman
THIS year promises to bring four elections and more than a few political funerals.

State elections are due in South Australia and Tasmania on March 20, and in Victoria on November 27, with the federal election possibly in August.

In SA, Premier Mike Rann’s popularity is declining. This may be because of the publicity surrounding his alleged affair with Michelle Chantelois (which he has vigorously denied), whose estranged husband allegedly beat him about the head with a rolled-up magazine at a Labor Party fundraiser in September.

The loss of popularity may also be down to new Opposition leader Isobel Redmond, under whom the Opposition has managed to halve Labor’s two party-preferred lead to just six points, according to a Newspoll published in mid-December.

As Rann is now involved in a defamation action against Channel 7, which ran an intriguing interview with Chantelois in November, and may also be called to testify in the assault case against Chantelois’ husband Richard Phillips this year, the election could well swing on the nature of the evidence produced.

In Tasmania, Opposition leader Will Hodgman should have the momentum to topple the moribund Labor Government but will need to bring some discipline to his troops to ensure victory.

The State’s multi-member polling system will make an outright victory difficult but that is no reason for the conservative party to fail to mount a full-on assault on the appalling record

of the ALP and the local Greens. Victorian Premier John Brumby has managed to keep a fairly tight lid on scandals within his State’s police force and has maintained a vigorous propaganda campaign to avoid damaging fallout from the royal commission into February’s Black Saturday bushfires.

With 11 months to run before the poll, Victoria’s lacklustre Opposition has a major task to convince voters it can offer a substantial alternate government.

The federal contest, on paper, may look as uneven but there are signs the switch in Opposition leadership from Malcolm Turnbull to Tony Abbott may alter the public perception of the Rudd Labor government.

Australia ducked a disaster of astronomic proportions when Abbott rejected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s emissions tax.

The US knows it, the European nations know it, the Chinese and Indians are still laughing about it. They were never going to buy into the fantasy world of global warming hysteria promoted by Al Gore and an international band of carpet-baggers masquerading as environmental saviours.

Rudd is still refusing to acknowledge how disastrous his policy was, claiming in his New Year’s message that the outcome of the UN meeting in Copenhagen could have been worse.

We saw more than 90 per cent of world leaders supporting the Copenhagen Accord on climate change - by no means a perfect agreement. Australia wanted much more, he told the media.

The Copenhagen Accord is a fiction, a piece of paper with no legal weight. Rudd will no doubt find another distraction, and my colleague Paul Toohey suggested in The Daily Telegraph yesterday that he would try to use a report on nuclear disarmament he commissioned from former foreign secretary Gareth Evans to relaunch himself as the globe’s moral saviour. Only dopes would believe him again.

Under Rudd, Labor’s hypocritical stance on nuclear power has been given a great airing. The ALP supports the sale of uranium to China, which has in the past supported North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. North Korea supplied Pakistan with material for its Islamic bomb, and Pakistan has been the source of supply for rogue nuclear states ever since.

India, the largest democracy, has been denied Australian uranium by the Rudd Government, although assistance to India’s nuclear power industry would inevitably reduce that nation’s reliance on coal-burning power plants. Yet another example of the sort of double-talking diplomacy in which the duplicitous Rudd specialises.

Combined with its failure to police Japanese whaling as promised, federal Labor’s environmental credentials are cactus.

The former third secretary in the Australian diplomatic service has also shown himself to be a one-man disaster in other areas of foreign affairs, stuffing up the sweet relationship Australia had enjoyed with Indonesia with his ham-fisted attempts to dictate to our neighbours on the handling of people-smuggling boats, diminishing the Australia-US relationship with his leaked account of a phoney telephone talk with former US president George W. Bush and his attempt to portray his photo-opportunity relationship with President Barack Obama as one of some substance. Even the Chinese, of whom Rudd claimed a special knowledge, are now wary of our Prime Minister - and quick to accuse him of being a liar. Foreign adventures have failed him.

Domestically, his agenda looks as sick as the health system he promised to fix by mid-last year.

The tax review performed by Treasury Secretary Ken Henry, who performs as happily as a circus pony for his Labor masters whenever called upon, promises to be less sweeping and more politically inclined than expected.

Like the failed emissions trading scheme legislation, the Henry review is likely to suggest little more than a grand and politically correct Ponzi scheme with money being wrung out of Australia’s achievers to give the Rudd government the cash to buy the votes of low-income workers and welfare recipients.

Abbott has plenty of material to work with. He has the opportunity to make household budgets the focus of a domestic campaign and, if he takes a slightly less testosterone-charged approach, win the support of women homemakers who handle the family budget and know more about bread-and-butter issues than Rudd will ever pick up at an overseas conference.

Abbott has put the Opposition back in the hunt. He would do well if he secures sufficient seats to remain leader at year’s end.

But if he manages to remain true to the course he has set, he could do even better.

The year ahead holds great prizes for those of courage and commonsense. The challenge in 2010 lies before the voters as well as with the leaders. - Piers don’t forget the overstated but illustrative twitter debacle. Rudd connected himself to a porn site on his personal twitter account. Personally, I think Therese is deserving of more respect than Rudd gives, but I understand that the ALP admire such freedom in their leaders. While Channel 10 have a comedy news program which features Mr Abbott saying he isn’t afraid of an election three times, followed by Rudd winking, it would be fascinating to air the news of Rudd and twitter with that wink. Throw in a few shots of scores. Of course, were Rudd to address the issue, he would probably say he forgot something, but apologized to Therese.
On the broader issues, you are spot on. Rudd has posted what he wanted to be judged upon in his time in office .. and he has failed each and every item. Worse, he is probably responsible for the deaths of many refugees, not only those known, but those we will never know about, because apparently half of all boat people die before reaching Australia. - ed.

PM’s asylum insanity softens our borders
Piers Akerman
DEPENDING on who is counting, 59 or 61 people-smuggler boats were detected in Australian waters in 2009.
On the oceans however, there is literally a flotilla of more small boats making their way here, their passengers encouraged by the Rudd Government’s softening of Australia’s border protection regime.
This is unprecedented. Normally, there is a lull in the arrivals of illegal boats brought on by the inclement monsoon season from mid-December to March, but intelligence suggests there will be little or no let up.
The border protection regime successfully implemented by the Howard government has been destroyed by the Rudd Government, which moved in August, 2008, or more than 69 boats ago, to tear down the structures which had worked so well to deter people smuggling and prevent people taking unacceptable risk to reach Australian waters.
Displaying a profound ignorance of the delicate mechanics of people smuggling, the Rudd Government abolished the Howard government’s Pacific Solution and provided no satisfactory equivalent.
Rudd, who prides himself on the limited diplomatic experience he garnered as a third secretary, went on to shred Australia’s ties with Indonesia with his intervention in the treatment of undocumented arrivals rescued by the Pacific Viking after apparently sabotaging their vessel, and in the case of another boatload of Tamils about whom he personally spoke to the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
Rudd has still given no satisfactory explanation of his actions, of why he chose to ignore the various ministers and agencies responsible for people smuggling and refugees and why he attempted to impose a political fix to a policy conundrum of his own making.
While Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor continues to bleat that the Indonesians are now responsible for the 250 people aboard a stinking vessel in Merak, the reality is that they would not be there had Rudd not urged the Indonesians to intervene.
One passenger has now died and a child is ill, suffering from the same medical problem, and the Rudd Government is feebly insisting it is not responsible, even though Rudd personally guaranteed the special deal which saw the Pacific Viking passengers swiftly moved out of Indonesia.
There is no doubt that Rudd’s insistence on personally micro-managing this issue has made it greatly worse.
While people smuggling remains a huge operational issue, politically Rudd has stuffed up big time.
The Christmas Island detention centre which Labor used to claim was a major ``white elephant’’ when it was constructed by the Howard government is now full to overflowing and it is only due to the foresight of the previous government that there is sufficient space within its confines to install the temporary dwellings and erect the tents necessary to house the new arrivals.
Offshore processing was used by the Howard government to send a very strong symbolic message to people smugglers and their clients that the best way to come to Australia was through the front door, but with the rapid turnover and the removal of boat people to the mainland, that message has been severely weakened. As shadow minister for immigration and citizenship Scott Morrison points out, even those people who were aboard a vessel that was deliberately set alight with the loss of three lives and injuries to others, including defence force personnel, have been brought to Australia, even though there has been no report on the incident released by any government agency and the matter remains open.
The pro-refugee media lobby has been strangely silent. It worked hard to get the Rudd Government elected and now looks increasingly foolish for taking such a partisan position on this issue.
Due to their efforts, the Rudd Government has presided over more deaths and has encouraged a greater resurgence of people smuggling than most would have thought possible when examining the successful reduction in illegal boat arrivals brought about by the Howard government’s policies.
People smugglers and asylum seekers are running their own agenda and Rudd has relegated the Australian Navy and Customs to little more than a water taxi operation, ensuring those who want to enter by the back door do so with minimum inconvenience.
Rudd’s special deals have undercut the policies and politics of the region, his actions have handed control of our borders to those who want to penetrate them with a minimum of scrutiny.
Rudd has been greatly assisted by the refugee and people-smugglers lobby in the Australian media which is assisting in creating the fiction that people smuggling is a routine activity.
No phony normalisation of this evil trade by the Rudd Government and its media allies should be allowed to distract attention from the weakening of our nation’s borders. If a seasonal lull should occur in the boat traffic, be assured that Rudd will claim it as evidence that his policies are bearing fruit. Don’t be conned. It will only be momentary, the word is out, our borders are open. - I have substantial sympathy for refugees, and wish what is best for them. Rudd’s ego is not working in the interests of refugees anywhere. Some of my best friends are boat people, or refugees. They came to Australia enduring great hardship that was not necessary, but a result of ALP political posturing. Mr Ruddock had to fight Mr Whitlam to get Whitlam to accept these poor people. Refugees may spend a substantial amount of their lives in camps. This s because while their tens of millions of refugees there are few places for them worldwide. So a friend of mine who completed university did so without ever having had a primary education. So that a survivor of Khmer Rouge torture after three years being chained to a tree had to spend a further five years in a Thai refugee camp. It is perfectly reasonable to expect desperate people to be desperate. It is cruel, cold and unfair to mistreat people the way Rudd is. The truth is the entire world could live the Australian dream of a quarter acre block and a house for their family in Queensland. I’m not suggesting that happen, but Rudd’s stupid policy is clearly a sham based on a lie. - ed.
Tony replied
DD - you make a good point about refugee policy in this country.

To think that the Liberal Party went into bat for refugees against Whitlam, is just extraordinary - and no surprise that under Fraser eventually a quarter of a million vietnamese boat people were taken in - plus all those islamic lebanese just to be sure . This was just insane - and we are now paying the price.

Then Hawke came along and imported over One Million supposed Chinese refugees after Tianemen - through pathetic sobbing tears - and the Libs were silent.

Then Howard came in, and he and Vanstone set about importing the entire African population as refugees (including hordes of illustrious islamic somalis - you know the pirate kind), and inflicting them, under threat to Aussies, onto communities across Australia.

And now Rudd has just opened the borders to anyone who wants free housing , health care, and a free ride on welfare for their entire lives.

There should be no refugee policy (except to ban them as a United nations stunt)) - since all the refugees who have come here, have predictably set about destroying OUR country- to make it just like their own hell- holes - and where are we going to go?.

And then we get the legal migrants from hellholes like the Philippines and India who then ruthlessly set about destroying Australian neighbourhoods.

These people are not worth the trouble.

No more refugees - we don’t want or need them - and no more immigration either.

Australians will only obey the law so far, while these ethnic groups are allowed to destroy our community standards
DD Ball replied
Tony, you are wrong as to numbers of Chinese peoples or Africans. You remind me of Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech to parliament in which the records were modified to correct the numbers she spoke about populations in Asia. Australia benefits from migrants and refugees. Australia rarely benefits but gives to those she gave rise to. This is largely because Australia is an island and her migrant population tend to her exports as well. I have no preference for skin color or culture. The reality is we live in the world, and must be part of it .. I despise the implied racism of those who would close the border based on language or race .. as the ALP did in formulating and maintaining the white Australia policy. I am proud the conservative party I support tore down that policy. I do not despise the needs of needy people. I despise those rapacious few who would profit from misery, as the ALP have a long standing commitment to do.
Cuppa replied
Well said Tony.I couldnt agree more.
Tony replied
DD - I didn’t expect you would agree with me - I was commenting on the concept of ‘refugee policy’ you raised.

On the numbers, I am not wrong - in fact the Chinese from Hawkes day are STILL being procesed by the immigration department - how’s that for a legacy.

And yes we live in a world and we are part of it. Japan is also part of it - and it doesn’t have a refugee or immigration program - and it is the second largest economy in the World after the USA - Australia is just a stupid willing dupe.

Not only does Australia have a stupid immigration policy - we then destroy the value of Australians votes, by giving these refugees and migrant a vote in OUR elections - it is outrageous.

There are plenty of needy Australians who are being shafted by politicians to make way for illegal wannabe refugees and the free ride. Many Australians would be better off as refugees in their own country.

The ‘White Australia’ policy is what built this nation - multiculuralism and non-discriminatory immigration is /has destroyed it. BTW, the so-called ‘White Australia’ policy was only ever a program where Australia sensibly chose who we wanted to be part of our society - on the basis of compatability. The current policy whereby we pretend to be non-dicriminatory by ploncking somali muslims in city suburbs is just ludicrous and bizarre - but sets a precedent for letting anyone in - which is what is happening.

In fact it is so bad, that the actual immigration department is now refusing (unofficially) to employ white Aussies because they are automatically deemed to be racist.

Thank you Cuppa.
DD Ball replied
Tony, you are wrong about the number of Chinese migrants too. According to the CIA factbook, the percentage of ethnically Asian peoples is 7%. and this would include Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Indian. Your number of 1 million due to Hawke is simply wrong. My great great great great Grandfather was ethnically Chinese and came to Australia in 1818. He legally owned and ran a pub when a number of whites missed out, partly, I suspect to service others of his own peoples. He also opened an undertakers so as to sensitively deal with deaths as well .. no true Chinese person would want to be buried away from their family.
Australia was built with Chinese hands and these were significantly active before the gold rush.
When Hawke asked if Australia could host some more chinese peoples to releive China of the population pressures engendered by communism and bad management, Deng Xiaoping asked “How many million do you want?” but he didn’t actually deliver. Today, Chinese migration is largely due to business and education .. the problem the chinese peoples have with their evil government stems from one child policy, rampant corruption and a brutal dictatorship to which Obama thinks it good too owe money.
Cuppa may agree with you, but they didn’t say how .. are you and cuppa the same person?
I am not so much worried by ethnic crime as I am by the organized crime of the thirties which seems to have merged with the ALP.
Getting back to the original argument, you denounce current migrants and the freedoms they allegedly enjoy of Australia. You are wrong to do so, and you have not backed up your arguments with substance. Merely saying racism is good and plurality is bad doesn’t make it so. Even if you agree with yourself.
Tony replied
DD - are you really serious? You are starting to sound incoherent.

There is a difference between being ‘racist’ and being intelligent. Australia is not, and has never been racist, but is now pursuing stupid policies re immigration and refugees - refer Japan. People who suppoort destroying Australian culture through explosive indisciminate immigration justify doing so by creating the lie that Australia used ot be racist, and the myth of the ‘White Australia’ policy - which never existed.

What relevance is your Chinese in Australia history lesson? Surely proof that Australia has never been racist - only more concerned with its survival.

As for China - I personally think they run their country pretty well - you saying they are evil seems lacking in intellect. A one child policy across the third world would be an excellent idea - China should be encouraged to do this in all their colonised Africans countries - all 53 of them..

You say you are a liberal voter, so I can only assume you are a supporter of the dripping wets like Macphee, Fraser, Baird, Georgio etc - all ALP stooges in my view.

And I am correct about those numbers. And cuppa is another person.
Unicorn replied
Hi Tony,

I have to say that I am startled by your claim

“Then Hawke came along and imported over One Million supposed Chinese refugees after Tianemen”.

I would like to know more about this matter so can you please let me know your source. Also your source for the claim that
“the Chinese from Hawkes day are STILL being procesed by the immigration department”
DD Ball replied
Unicorn, I don’t think Tony has a source. He argues by saying he doesn’t understand, and then says whatever he wants.
Tony, If there are 1.4 million people who are ethnically Asian (??!! as if there were such a conglomerate) and even if 1 million people had come to Australia from China in the last thirty years as you claim. Then how do you account for the number of Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese and Indians? Why did the older Chinese ethnics fail to breed when they had come to Australia 150 years before Hawke made this grand invite? The sole number you produce is wrong.
What is this Dry Wet bizzo? Do you feel that there is some bitter dispute dividing conservative politics? Do you seriously believe there is only one line of dispute? I’ll have you know I disagree vehemently with some of my heroes, like Mr Howard, Mr Abbott and Mr Menzies, but they still get my support. Unlike the ALP where what you believe depends on where you stand and with whom, Conservative politics is substantially more pragmatic.
The church I attend is like a family, but we are of many different races and ethnicities. Just like the political group I support. Unlike the ALP.
Tony replied
Unicorn - here is an excellent link revealing the absolute and chronic incompetence of successive governments in relation to so-called ‘refugee’ issues, revealing the hidden hand of the corrupt UN

Re the chinese - initially it was students here at the time of TS, then it was the new students, then it was basically any chinese. Then it was all their families etc - and the so called Grant of Residency Status (or GORS) cases are still being processed (perhaps under a different name - so no-one can accurately keep tabs on what is going on behind the scenes).

Remeber there are big financial rewards for claiming to be a refugee…

Read the link and be horrified at what the OFFICIAL version is - so you can imagine how bad it really is....
Cuppa replied
DD i can assure you Tony & i are separate people & personally i agree very strongly with everything he has said.Immigration of certain ethnic minorities that arent compatible with our culture has been seriously detrimental to the Australian people.You would have to be blind not to see it.There are parts of sydney white anglo Australians live in fear but cant speak out for fear of being banded rascist.This is discusting.Why should Australia bring more people in to sponge off our welfare(& they do) when our own old age pensioners struggle financially & have to struggle to get every cent from our useless government?Or are they just not worthy of consideration?As for the white Australia policy, i would say it worked quite well, after all it built this great country that so many immigrants are happy to exploit.
Tony replied
DD - as I said, you really sound incoherent - especially trying to deny the well established Wet/dry divisions in the Liberal Party - that is just bizarre.

And it is interesting that your Jesus Family Church ostensibly operates to support people of different cultures follow Jesus - whilst at the same time denigrating the very culture which allows your existence (aussie culture) - not only is this ironic but it is also unChristian. With a message like that, you people are your own worst enemy.

Fortunately most Christian groups are peaceful, so your divisive separatist message is probably fairly harmless.

As to numbers and their effect this article is revealing of the damage

In 2006 apparently there were officially nearly 700000 ethnically Chinese Australian permanent residents/ citizens. There were also several hundred thousand in total - temporary residents. students and illegals. I said one million previously - give or take few - the point is there were too many - and too quickly.
DD Ball replied
Cuppa, I’m ROTFL. You ASSURE me, anonymously, that you are a different person to Tony. But you agree with everything he(she) says, although even he(she) admits none of the things he(she) said initially are correct. This is a riddle. I guess the answer is you are schitzophrenic and part of you is Trogg using Trogg computers and then running an hour away to an ALP left computer to type in some more assurances. It is Rudd’s policy which has failed, and Rudd or the ALP have to address it. Mr Howard had fixed Hawke’s and Keatings’ failures.
I get it that you don’t like the principled stance of ending the White Australia Policy, as the Libs did, and you look to the glory days of Whitlam when half of boat refugees died en route and Timor was grist for the mill. You claim to like that because you find people that are not ethnically similar to yourselves as repellant and difficult. I find that unacceptable and would never condone public policy made under such vile beliefs. I want Rudd to correct his mistake before more people die.

Unicorn replied

Many thanks for the very interesting link that you provided to the document “ Australia and Refugees, 19012002: An Annotated Chronology Based on Official Sources”.

It is certainly very comprehensive but I can’t see any confirmation of your claim of 1,000,000 Chinese refugees following Tiananmen in June 88. You are correct in saying that the PRC students who were here at the time were allowed to stay here if they wished. From your link it appears that the total number of such students here in 1990 was 20,000 but not all of these would have chosen to stay. You are also correct in saying that later they were allowed to bring in close family members. However, there is no reference in the document to the offer being available to “new students” or “basically any Chinese” as you claim.

Bearing in mind the one child policy it seems that the number of people eligible under the scheme was about 30-40 thousand rather than one million.

The ABS web site contains data from the 2006 census. Among the tables is “Country of Birth of Person by Year of Arrival in Australia “. This shows that the total number of Chinese born people living here in 2006 was 206,590 of which only a very small fraction would have been Tiananmen refugees. Admittedly a small number of such arrivals would have died prior to 2006 and not be included in the census but the overwhelming conclusion is that your claim of 1,000,000 is grossly inflated.

Well! The year is over and we can all sit back and reflect for moment on 2009. Sorry if the cartoon is a little dark and cynical but that's the way I see it all and I guess the truth hurts some folk.

Sure, there were good things that happened in 2009, I mean we managed to be one of the only first world economies to remain away from recession and I guess you have worked out that it wasn't all due to Rudd's vote buying, I mean, stimulus payments. Of course not!.... it was the very driven and thoughtful efforts of the Costello treasury and the restraint of the conservative Howard government that was the true reason behind our fiscal salvation.

I guess there were one or two success stories in the world of politics and certainly one of my top ten events was the overthrowing of the soft left, small L Liberal Party leadership of Malcolm Turnbull and Joe Hockey. Certainly a real coup for true conservative voters in this country, because now we have a team that will fight hard in opposition.

Ever been to a footy game and both sides as so evenly matched that no one scores or really tries to beat the other side? Pretty boring and senseless really, but now we have a game, a real game of opposing teams and this year is the GRAND FINAL because this year we have a Federal Election and that is why I say "Bring it on" because I have a great feeling about 2010.

I think a lot of that feeling is based on a belief that Rudd reign of spin, waste, big government and spending will be ended by the voice of conservative Australia, Tony Abbott.

Have a happy and safe celebration and I wish all of us, a safe, successful and prosperous 2010, no matter what on side of the political or ideological fence you sit..... except for Communists, you have a bad year, OK!
We Are ONE!?! - ZEG

32 days ago a frustrated and desperate New South Wales Monaro district grazier, Peter Spencer, took the most drastic of all steps and threatened to end his life, as protest, in a slow and painful way by starving to death. He obviously took this path as all other avenues for his plea and that of his fellow farmers, had fallen on deaf ears in the offices of the bureaucrats who created a law, THE NATIVE VEGETATION ACT, that single handedly steals land from a land owner so that some wild native growth can flourish and reclaim the hard worked, productive land of the farmer , regardless of ownership or right.

The same bureaucrats that will not listen to common sense or logical reason and still listening too and pandering too the crazies in the Socialist/Leftist Green Party who are determined also top prove that human beings are a subordinate species on this planet and that animals and vegetables are equally at the top of the evolutionary ladder.

The last time I checked, this free and democratic country was is need of the labours of our rural community. I am sure that food is not manufactured in a lab in a suburb in a local city, thus bringing me to the logical conclusion that farmers and the rural communities of Australia are now considered as no longer needed because the return to the dark ages has started and it will only finish in us all eating selected food from other countries, or what we are permitted to grow in our backyards and taking cold showers as we walk another 30 kilometres to work in the candle factory.

That sound a little far fetched? well if you had told me 10 years ago, that any farmer, the backbone of the nation, was to be ever treated like this because the Government believes that vegetation is now more important than his livelihood or the nation's food source, then I might have agreed with you that it is all a mad conspiracy theory.... but what a difference a socialist movement makes in such a short time!

Is NSW ALP Premier number four, Kristina Keneally, doing anything about this? NO, instead she is playing Santa Claus and PR games as a co-host radio announcer on the Sydney airwaves, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

If this brave man is forced to die for this worthy of all causes then it will be the Rudd and state Labor Governments that will have the blood of Peter Spencer on their hands and no matter of spin will wash it off, EVER!

I would suggest that you put down your beer and pick a pen or log onto the net and write a letter to your local member of parliament to advise them that you too will not stand by and watch an Australian farmer die because he didn't believe that any Government had the right to steal his land. That you demand that your voice is heard via the member's representations and that if it is not done today, then that member will never expect your vote again.

Australians, we are one....well let's prove it again shall we!
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