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“Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.”- Mark 9:35
'Terrorist' Twitter Threatens Hugo Chavez's Stranglehold on Media

The greatest threat to Hugo Chavez's future just might be the World Wide Web. Fierce and growing protests over media freedom have left at least two students dead in Venezuela, and graphic images depicting violent tactics employed by the police there have started to flood the Internet. Police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets have left students bloodied and battered in Caracas and other cities during a week of protests over President Hugo Chavez's tightening gag on the opposition press.

Russia's stealth fighter claiming to match U.S. design reportedly makes first successful flight, seen here in image made from a TV screen — months after U.S. decides to quit buying the F-22 Raptor jet

Obama: Can We Play Nice?
In face-to-face meeting with GOP lawmakers, Obama declares 'I am not an ideologue,' and urges them to work with Dems to pass economic, health care reform

Debate over right to decide life or death for critically injured loved ones lands one mother in prison for life, locks young couple in battle with doctors to keep their infant alive. - I wouldn't put the decision in Obama's hands -ed.

Pressure's On for Military Tribunal
Critics pounce on Obama's refusal to consider military tribunal to bring confessed 9/11 mastermind to justice

Mel Gibson: Obama Doesn't Have What It Takes to 'Fix' America

Never one to shy away from voicing his opinion, actor Mel Gibson has declared that he doesn't believe President Obama has the means necessary to "fix" the United States. “[Obama] is a man with an impossible task on his hands," Gibson told Pop Tarts at the Hollywood premiere of his latest drama thriller "Edge of Darkness" on Tuesday night. "He got left a mess and I wish him all the best but I don’t think he’s going to fix it in five minutes and probably not in his entire tenure." Gibson's thoughts come as no surprise, as his new film explores the dark side of politics. He stars as homicide detective Thomas Craven, who is embroiled in an investigation into the murder of his activist daughter. In the process, Craven uncovers a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence.

Filmmaker Defends Undercover Op
Conservative who targeted ACORN fights accusations of trying to tamper with Dem senator's phones

Hamas Claims Israel Assassinated Top Commander

Hamas accused Israeli agents of assassinating one of the Palestinian militant group's veteran operatives, and vowed to retaliate. The militant group identified its slain figure as Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, one of the founders of Hamas' military wing. Al-Mabhouh, 50, was responsible for hundreds of deadly attacks and suicide bombings targeting Israelis since the 1980s. - I think it was Osama Bin Laden - Weasel.

Obama to End NASA Constellation Program

On the eve of the fullest moon of the year, NASA scientists were told they won't be able to visit any longer. In his new budget, President Obama plans to eliminate the space program's manned moon missions. - Obama is an epic failure in the vision thing. -ed.

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally quizzed for McGurk corruption inquiry
NSW Premier Kristina Keneally has been quizzed over corruption allegations linked to murdered Sydney businessman Michael McGurk. Ms Keneally has submitted written answers to questions from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), which is due on Monday to begin an inquiry into the businessman's dealings. Mr McGurk, 45, was shot dead outside his home at Cremorne in Sydney on September 4 last year. While no one has been charged over the killing, a NSW parliamentary inquiry was established after it was revealed the businessman possessed a recording with alleged claims of corruption involving Labor MPs and officials. - Keneally has no power, and is helpless in the face of this inquiry, which even so appears fixed so as to make no adverse findings. The problem is with the upcoming change of government those who behave corruptly will be more answerable than they have been since the ALP were elected in '95, and maybe some are worried what will happen when they eventually face justice. - ed.

A TV company has come under fire for using strippers, including one dressed in a skimpy police uniform, at a charity function for sick children

Herman Rockefeller is dead
TWO people have been charged with the murder of Melbourne millionaire Herman Rockefeller.

Gates pledges $11.1 billion for vaccines
MICROSOFT'S Bill Gates has pledged $11.1 billion for vaccines to save millions of children's lives.

'Incest dad fathered four children''
A MAN fathered four children with his daughter over three decades of sexual abuse, a court hears.

Sailor denies kicking asylum-seeker
A navy sailor denies kicking an Afghan asylum-seeker to prevent him boarding a rescue boat.

Tiger Woods' weird and wild sex drive
RANDY Tiger Woods likes to watch and play weird sex games, a call girl claimed yesterday.

Cigarette and booze price hike
BEER and cigarette taxes are quietly going up on Monday in a tax grab that will reap the Federal Government millions of dollars.

Misleading lists lauded
NSW public schools have emerged as beacons of academic success, with the release of literacy and numeracy data showing some are out-performing private colleges. - some, predictably, are not. -ed.

China recruits volunteers for giant pandas
FOR anyone wanting to get up close and personal with a giant endangered panda, here is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hypocrisy: A Love Story
Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story' may receive Mich. tax credit despite filmmaker opposing such credits

Blair: No regrets for ousting "monster"
FORMER British PM Tony Blair tells Iraq Inquiry he has no regrets about ousting Saddam Hussein. - The incumbent PM, Brown, seems to have lots of regrets. Blair did the right thing, Brown wouldn't. -ed.
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Shades of Hitler in Mahathir’s call for a ‘final victory;’over Jews
Piers Akerman
MALAYSIA’S former premier Mahathir Mohamad has joined those in the tinfoil-hat brigade who believe the US faked the September 11 terrorist attacks as an excuse to wage war on Muslims. His proof? Hollywood’s ability to make films such as the box-office record smasher Avatar. - Today the Australian government will release a small amount of information to parents regarding their children’s progress in schools. The Education departments know lots more information they are not releasing to parents. For example, they can profile the performance of classroom teachers to see what they have failed to teach kids. That is quite a useful tool which Gillard won’t let parents have. Even so the education unions do not seem to want even this small amount of information to dribble out. They would prefer it that parents operated solely on rumor.
There is a good reason why Gillard is working to prevent parents from working with schools to improve their children’s education. The reason is related to Mahathir’s ravings. Teachers in NSW teach students that such ravings are true. Some students don’t accept these beliefs, but many are of the disposition of feeling that the issue is too complicated for them.
I raised this issue on several occasions with several officers of the Education Department and have consistently received the same advice. It is valid for students to argue this way and wrong for a teachers to contradict it. So that students may proselytize on the issue and students who don’t share these beliefs are not allowed to say so, or put of competing theory. Some militant teachers agree with the students, and as with Fort Hood, those who know better are helpless.
Soon, the issue of Hamidur Rahman will explode, but that is one issue, and it is related to this issue, and many others. The ALP make for bad teacher supervisors.
While teachers can tell students in NSW that Jews demolished the world trade centre on 9/11, and that they provoked Hitler in WW2, teachers do not have to tell students that why such beliefs are insane. But there is more. In order to justify their existence each year, some teacher support units in the poorest schools work very hard to make sure that year 7 results are poor in literacy and numeracy so as to register higher results down the track. The bonus being they can justify the work achievement of the support unit by showing the support unit’s work has effected positive change in the results of the students, and so justify the continued existence of the unit. Gillard’s school watch will not reveal this, but will celebrate it.
But it gets better. In some of the poorest schools in the state, English teachers do not have to teach English. Anything part of the literacy program is not taught so as to avoid the perception that teachers teach to a test. The result being that matching the results of high achieving numeracy students shows little correlation with their literacy scores. Gillard’s watch hides this from parents, but the education authorities can clearly see this.
Mahathir is not just a Malaysian tragedy, he is a tragedy of the NSW Education Department. - ed.
Cynical replied
You’re clutching at straws today. This whole school comparison thing is ludicrous and unnecessary. It fails to take into account the IQ levels of students which are the biggest factor. Comparing Hurlstone Agricultural to Ingleburn is daft yet you will be able to do it Statistics can make anything seem good.

Oh and I’m a nationals supporter.
DD Ball replied
Cynical, the data collected is not mere statistics. Everything I wrote I know to be true as I’m involved with that kind of work. Students at Hurlstone do not collectively have superior IQ to Ingleburn, a person with IQ 130 at Hurlstone and a student with IQ 130 at Ingleburne have similar IQ. The Hurlstone student will have to negotiate different issues in their learning, but also face common prejudice. The curriculum is the same, as is access to drugs and alcohol. Parental neglect is similar. The staff at Hurlstone are no smarter, but they are probably better conditioned at having extra work prepared.
It is easy to infer what has and has not been taught when kids get things right or wrong. At one school I worked at recently I correlated the numeracy with the literacy and found a low correlation, which is outrageous when it is considered that the English faculty took pride in not teaching for the NAPLAN test. Their best students in Math struggled with reading, and that was going to limit their achievement in later years .. even in Math. They did not have a mature reading and writing age and the English faculty wasn’t interested in increasing that age. The alleged aim being to teach higher order thinking skills, not basic skills. But basic skills allow the higher order ones. Seriosuly, the idea of teaching critical thinking is absurd when separated from basic skills. It is like teaching flying aircraft without showing the controls. You clearly do not understand the issues you are wishing to comment on. Keep voting National, Hurlstone needs the help. The ALP will probably use Hamidur Rahman’s issue to close the school after the issue escapes their enclosure.
Carl replied
Gillard’s strategy is to put State Education under Leftard Federal Control so they can screw with it to effect the policy, that State Labor messed up already. No Credibility for the ALP either State or Federal.
Do we need any more Federal Labor nonsense controlled by the ALP drafting the national curriculum?

Cynical replied
DD Ball. You are clutching at straws and your CONSTANT politicisation of that poor kids death is not only tiresome, it is offensive too!
DD Ball replied
Cynical, I know who you are. You may hide behind various masks and hope that I won’t succeed. It will also cost you, eventually, when I am successful. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to put you in this position, but you must know that you chose it, and that child’s life and the injustice endured by his parents demands justice. I am not attacking you personally, but I recognize that you feel threatened because you are so close to this. I have sacrificed my job, my career and my unit so that I might see this to the end. You aren’t going to scare me into backing off by approaching me on youtube and claiming to speak for regular members of the public, yet being anonymous. I never wanted to enter politics, I want to be a writer. However, I will run for the legislative council and I will get this issue before the public and you can choose to explain, now or later, why you made the choices you made.
I feel that parents want to know their children are safe in school, and your bungling and the subsequent cover up mean that they don’t know that. That is concerning for the public and needs to be addressed.

Is President Obama's Speech Over Yet?
By Bill O'Reilly
That was a long deal Wednesday night, was it not? But I have to say the president delivered the speech very well. He seemed relaxed and in charge.

Now because I am a simple man, I'm going to break the State of the Union down in a very basic way. And I'll do it in three minutes, not 70.

The big theme of the night was job creation. The president believes the government should spend a ton of money providing jobs for the folks who don't have them.

OK, I get that, but with the deficit so huge, my simple question is: Why not try private incentives first? Mr. Obama is proposing tax breaks for American businesses to create jobs. That's good. Tax cuts will stimulate spending, so we need more of those. And let's bend over backwards to help small companies hire people.

Private business is the backbone of our economy and always has been, so "Talking Points" opposes massive federal spending on the job front unless tax breaks don't work. Keep the federal money in reserve, Mr. President, because America's debt is as big a problem as unemployment.

No. 2, health care. Here's what the president said on that:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: If anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen Medicare for seniors and stop insurance company abuses, let me know.


OK, I am up for the challenge. Rather than spending still more government money creating an enormous bureaucracy, why don't we allow all health insurance companies to compete in all 50 states and allow judges to punish people who sue doctors and other medical personnel for stupid reasons? That's what they do in Great Britain. If you file a nuisance lawsuit, a judge can order you to pay all the costs. That is known as tort reform.

I agree with President Obama. The government should regulate health insurance companies. They can't be throwing people off the rolls when they get sick. They can't be fighting legitimate reimbursement.

Right now, some insurance companies try to wear you down when you file a claim. That's infuriating and unfair. I'm with President Obama on that.

But again, we don't need trillions of federal dollars to solve the health care problem. We already have Medicaid that gives poor people money to pay their medical bills.

So increased insurance competition, stopping crazy lawsuits and mandating strict rules for insurance companies to follow might be a partial solution to the health care debacle. That's not going to solve everything, but it's a heck of a lot more efficient than what Mr. Obama wants, which is a fiscal nightmare.

Finally, the president did not speak about the War on Terror very much, but he must – must — stop the nonsense about giving Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other Al Qaeda thugs civilian trials.

On Wednesday, New York Mayor Bloomberg said he wants the Khalid trial out of New York City because it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. But the president doesn't seem to get it:


OBAMA: I know that all of us love this country. All of us are committed to its defense. So let's put aside the school yard taunts about who's tough.


No taunts here, Mr. President. Just common sense. Let the military handle these Al Qaeda killers. Attorney General Holder is not equipped to do it. I'm not taunting. I'm just reporting.
The IPCC’s latest source: Greenpeace
Andrew Bolt
The IPCC’s 2007 report - praised and relied upon by Kevin Rudd - now turns out to have relied not just on reports by WWF activists, but by ones from Greenpeace, too:

Donna Laframboise reports:
Considered the climate Bible by governments around the world, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is meant to be a scientific analysis of the most authoritative research.

Instead, it references literature generated by Greenpeace – an organization known more for headline-grabbing publicity stunts than sober-minded analysis. (Eight IPCC-cited Greenpeace publications are listed at the bottom of this post.)

In one section of this Nobel-winning report, climate change is linked to coral reef degradation. The sole source for this claim? A Greenpeace report titled “Pacific in Peril” (see Hoegh-Guldberg below). Here the report relies on a Greenpeace document to establish the lower-end of an estimate involving solar power plants (Aringhoff).
Hoegh-Guldberg? Good heavens, we remember this notorious alarmist well, and his extraordinary record of dud predictions:
In 1999, Hoegh-Guldberg warned that the Great Barrier Reef was under pressure from global warming, and much of it had turned white.

In fact, he later admitted the reef had made a “surprising” recovery.

In 2006, he warned high temperatures meant “between 30 and 40 per cent of coral on Queensland’s great Barrier Reef could die within a month”.

In fact, he later admitted this bleaching had “a minimal impact”.

In 2007, he warned that temperature changes of the kind caused by global warming were again bleaching the reef.

In fact, the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network last week said there had been no big damage to the reef caused by climate change in the four years since its last report, and veteran diver Ben Cropp said this week that in 50 years he’d seen none at all.
In fact, I rather suspect researcher Peter Ridd, who says the Reef is actually in ”bloody brilliant shape”, had Hoegh-Gulberg in mind the other day:
ONE of North Queensland’s top marine physicists has accused fellow scientists of exaggerating the threat that climate change poses to the Great Barrier Reef…

James Cook University’s Prof Peter Ridd said global warming could actually be good for the Reef. And he accused scientists of “pushing particular lines” in a bid to save their jobs and keep their funding flowing.
(Via Watts Up With That.)
The death of the “stolen generations” myth
Andrew Bolt
Another myth crumbles - this time the “stolen generations” claim that racist Australia committed genocide by stealing up to 100,000 children from their Aboriginal parents just to wipe out their race.

Keith Windschuttle today shows how few children were actually removed from their Aboriginal parents, and that many of those in the few homes that in fact existed were actually sent there for good reasons. For instance:
In the post-war Northern Territory, 80 per cent of children in the Retta Dixon Home in Darwin and almost all those at the St Mary’s hostel in Alice Springs (the Territory’s sole institutions for part-Aboriginal children) were of school age, between five and 15. This was not surprising since the main reason for these homes’ existence was to provide board for children sent by their parents to go to school.
Windschuttle also demonstrates the brazen falsity of Professor Robert Manne’s claim that a keep proof of the “stolen generations” was that the Australian government in the 1930s had endorsed a genocidal policy to “breed out the colour”. First, says Windschuttle, Manne is talking about some proposal to discourage part-Aboriginal women from marrying Aborigines, and not about a plan to steal their children. Second:
(Manne) stopped short of revealing that the events concluded with cabinet throwing out the proposal and the minister denouncing it in parliament. To have told it all would have publicly disproved his case about the Stolen Generations and the allegedly racist and genocidal objectives of government policies in the 1930s.
The historian who invented the “stolen generations” label, Professor Peter Read, is also found out (again):
Read claimed the files of individuals removed by the (NSW) Aborigines Protection Board revealed the motives of those in charge. “The racial intention was obvious enough for all prepared to see, and some managers cut a long story short when they came to that part of the committal notice, `reason for board taking control of the child’. They simply wrote `for being Aboriginal’.”

My examination of the 800 files in the same archive found only one official ever wrote a phrase like that. His actual words were “being an Aboriginal”. But even this sole example did not confirm Read’s thesis. The girl concerned was not a baby but 15 years old. Nor was she sent to an institution. She was placed in employment as a domestic servant in Moree, the closest town to the Euraba Aboriginal Station she came from. Three years later, in 1929, she married an Aboriginal man in Moree.

In short, she was not removed as young as possible, she was not removed permanently, and she retained enough contact with the local Aboriginal community to marry into it. The idea that she was the victim of some vast conspiracy to destroy Aboriginality is fanciful.
Read the whole piece, or, better still, Windschuttle’s new book on the creation of the “stolen generations” myth and the role of academics in this great fraud.

Windschuttle concludes:
Rather than acting for racist or genocidal reasons, government officers and missionaries wanted to rescue children and teenagers from welfare settlements and makeshift camps riddled with alcoholism, domestic violence and sexual abuse. In NSW, WA and the Territory, public servants, doctors, teachers and missionaries were appalled to find Aboriginal girls between five and eight years of age suffering from sexual abuse and venereal disease. On the Kimberley coast from the 1900s to the 1920s they were dismayed to find girls of nine and 10 years old hired out by their own parents as prostitutes to Asian pearling crews. That was why the great majority of children removed by authorities were female…

Government officials had a duty to rescue children from such settings, as much then as they do now.
And should you doubt Windschuttle’s evidence that the “stolen generations” is a myth, I repeat the challenge I’ve put for years to Manne and others. You have said that between 25,000 and 100,000 children were stolen from their parents in a racist scheme to destroy the Aboriginal race. Name just 10 such children.

Manne has tried three times to answer my challenge and failed. Hundreds of thousands of Australians who were taught the “stolen generations” myth as fact in their schools must now ask what it says about our education system that it can be so hijacked and corrupted by ideologues. And what does it say about our academics that they, more than anyone else, are responsible for the manufacturing of a grotesque and completely unsubstantiated myth?
Bin Laden makes common cause with the warmists
Andrew Bolt
Osama bin Laden is naturally a global warming worrier, too, being an enemy of modernity and its freedoms:
Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has called for the world to boycott American goods and the U.S. dollar, blaming the United States and other industrialized countries for global warming, according to a new audiotape released Friday.

In the tape, broadcast in part on Al-Jazeera television, bin Laden warned of the dangers of climate change and says that the way to stop it is to bring “the wheels of the American economy” to a halt.

He blamed Western industrialized nations for hunger, desertification and floods across the globe, and called for “drastic solutions” to global warming, and “not solutions that partially reduce the effect of climate change.”
Of course, bin Laden may just be appealling for allies in his crusade to bring back the Stone Age. Interesting that he feels they may be found among global warming extremists.

And indeed:
The speech, which included almost no religious rhetoric, could be an attempt by the terror leader to give his message an appeal beyond Islamic militants.
Is bin Laden’s endorsement of global warming science what they mean by “peer review”? And what will be this joint movement’s slogan: Save the planet! Destroy America.
Monckton takes Brisbane
Andrew Bolt
Bruce McMahon of the Courier Mail shows no mercy to green colleague Graham Readfearn, who foolishly agreed to join a debate in Brisbane with climate sceptics:
Lord Christopher Monckton, imperious and articulate, won yesterday’s climate change debate in straight sets…

Aided by Adelaide’s Professor Ian Plimer, Lord Monckton cruised to victory before a partisan crowd of suits and ties, movers and shakers.

Hundreds of them were there for the sell-out, $130-a-head Brisbane Institute lunch – and scepticism was applauded.

Climate change scientist Professor Barry Brook and teammate Graham Readfearn, The Courier-Mail’s environment blogger, were stoic in argument (even if Mr Readfearn may have foot-faulted once or twice and had to be pulled into line by moderator Ray Weeks).
Readfearn has not commented on his ordeal, merely posting this audio extract and this.

Our alarmist friend Professor Barry Brook also took part in the debate, but he seems to have lost some of his old certainty.

In 2007 Brook claimed that while, yes, nature had been holding climate change at bay, ”all hell is about to break loose” from 2009, and he last month claimed ”2010 (is) looking likely to be the hottest ever”.

But in debate with Monckton and Plimer he conceded “we don’t know how much it (global temperature) is going to change in the future” (first audio clip), and urged instead that we cut our gases just in case.

Monckton’s retort to this citing of the “precautionary principle” is magisterial - that it is nonsense to consider only the risk of not Doing Something, without also considering the risks that Doing that Something involves.

If you wish to hear Monckton speak in Melbourne, here are the details:
Ballroom of the Sofitel Hotel (25 Collins St.)
At: 5:30 pm
On: Monday February 1st.
Pay $20 at the door. I’ve been asked to say something at the end.
But Obama’s trial continues
Andrew Bolt
A stupid idea reportedly reversed by a president now scrambling to put out fires:
The White House ordered the Justice Department Thursday night to consider other places to try the 9/11 terror suspects after a wave of opposition to holding the trial in lower Manhattan
That still doesn’t end the real controversy - the granting of a civilian trial, with all the attendant rights, to alleged terrorists at war with the US. Given Obama’s all-round strife as well, no wonder these rumors are building:
The chatter has increased in recent days about (Hillary) Clinton leaving the cabinet sometime in the first term, likely over some matter of principle, so that she can position herself to challenge Obama in 2012.
Clinton never really wanted to serve under the man she loathes, but was ambushed when Barack Obama announced he’d offered her the post of Secretary of State before she had a chance to refuse it. And I’m betting her mood has not been improved as the perception grew that Obama then sidelined her in the job she felt obliged to take for fear of seeming a spoiler.
Simon Crean: the green tax is a fraud
Andrew Bolt
The Rudd Government admits the great green tax is actually just another grab for cash.

Oh, a clarification. It means the British green tax, of course, not Kevin Rudd’s great green own:
Trade Minister Simon Crean has urged Britain to scrap its latest “green tax” rise on airfares, arguing it discriminates against people travelling to Australia…

“We’ve indicated to the Government that whilst this was originally said to be a duty for environmental purposes it’s now accepted that it’s just for revenue raising purposes,” Mr Crean said
(Thanks to reader Brett.)
Tim Blair
Inner-city Melbourne types protest about changes to their lives brought about by excessive regulation and bureaucracy. At the next election, of course, they’ll all vote Green …
Tim Blair
Community leader Osama bin Laden gets his Gaia on:
Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader, has condemned the US and other industrial economies, holding them responsible for the phenomenon of climate change.

In an audio tape obtained by Al Jazeera, bin Laden criticised George Bush, the former US president, for rejecting the Kyoto pact and condemned global corporations.

“This is a message to the whole world about those responsible for climate change and its repercussions - whether intentionally or unintentionally - and about the action we must take,” bin Laden said.

“Speaking about climate change is not a matter of intellectual luxury - the phenomenon is an actual fact.”
Argument by assertion, speaking to “the world”, blaming the west, a demand for unspecified “action” … this guy has read every page of his greenoid tactics manual, including the chapter on drastic solutions:
He blamed Western industrialized nations for hunger, desertification and floods across the globe, and called for “drastic solutions” to global warming, and “not solutions that partially reduce the effect of climate change” …

The speech, which included almost no religious rhetoric, could be an attempt by the terror leader to give his message an appeal beyond Islamic militants.
Among your deeper Greens, recycling bin Laden already holds a certain appeal. Now he’s just aiming for a formal Blair’s Law alignment.
Tim Blair
A shock report on tonight’s global warming debate in Brisbane:
No offence to Readfearn, but he’s struggling.
Nobody saw that coming.
UPDATE Further climate change comedy from Barack Obama:
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