Friday, July 20, 2007

The Truth About Economic Management

Peter Costello
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel
Mr Costello and Mr Howard are not at odds with each other, much as their enemies would like them to be. Nor is the current round of reports correct in historical assessment, which would be disappointing for their enemies.

The truth about the Australian economy circa 1983 is that Howard critic, then PM Malcolm Fraser attempted center left policy in order to keep government from the ALP. Fraser's policy was less of a failure than Whitlam's far left excess had been, probably because Howard applied some good judgement .. which Fraser criticises to this day.

Former Liberal leader Hewson also gets to throw mud. A party with him and Fraser might not be fun, but would be dirty.

Meanwhile, ALP get to apply their old accuse the leadership of division trick. It certainly seems to apply to the ALP.
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