Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Media Gave Terrorist $150k

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Bargaining for the right to his story, Haneef, tipped off by his brother that no one knew of his involvement .. yet, negotiated a reputed $150k.

He was detained and investigated. He was charged. Yet, after an investigator dropped dead, and the Queensland government leaked, the investigation was stopped and Haneef was released. And paid.


Anonymous said...

Haneef 'told to flee in webchat'
from news.com.au
MOHAMED Haneef was told "nothing has been found out about you yet" and advised to leave the country on a seemingly false pretence by his brother in an internet conversation following the foiled terrorist attacks in Britain.

The internet chatroom conversation between the Gold Coast doctor and his brother in India showed he had an awareness of the terrorist plot, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said today.

Mr Andrews revealed details of the online conversation conducted on the day Dr Haneef tried to leave Australia to back his decision to cancel the doctor's working visa.

He released advice from the federal solicitor-general which said information provided to him by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) was sufficient grounds to revoke Dr Haneef's visa.

"The solicitor-general has advised me that based on the material that is known now, I could make the same decision as I originally did," Mr Andrews said.

"I will not, however, release the full ... protected material as I've been advised by the commissioner of the Australian Federal Police that this would have the effect of prejudicing or jeopardising further investigations."

Anonymous said...

Alleged webchat between Mohamed Haneef and his brother
from news.com.au
THE following is a reconstruction of an alleged internet conversation between Mohamed Haneef and his brother Shuaiv on the day Haneef was arrested in Brisbane.

It is based on evidence released today by Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews. Mr Andrews said it informed his decision to cancel Dr Haneef's visa.

Shuaib: Nothing has been found out about you. When will you be getting out?

Haneef: Today.

Shuiab: Have you permission to take leave? What have you told the (Gold Coast) hospital?

Haneef: I told them my baby was born in an emergency caesarean.

Shuaib: Tell them that you have to (leave) as you have a daughter born. Do not tell them anything else.

Shuaib then went on to tell Haneef not to delay his departure and not to let anyone else use his number in Australia, or give it to anyone.

He added that “auntie” had told him that brother Kafeel (accused terrorist Kafeel Ahmed) had used the number "in some sort of project".