Monday, July 30, 2007

Some Lyrics I'm Proud Of

Hammy, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

Losing My Art: An Ode to Job

The wind cuts my cheeks
The sun burns my flesh
The rain blocks the sun
And tears flood the rest
I’ve lost my power
Not given a start
And my prayers go unanswered
I’m losing my art

The crops have all withered
Friends don’t understand
They say I’m wandering
In a stranger’s land
They challenge my faith
And my god does that too
They’re playing on stage
Where I don’t have a part
My prayers go unanswered
I’m losing my art.

Where are the hands
That washed my face?
That wrote those tales?
Proffering hope and grace
Where are my legs
I’d had from the start
And won all my races
I’m losing my art.

I gave up my love
To those now gone
My friendships squandered
My enemies squared
I’d surrender my life
So we are no longer apart
But I haven’t the strength.
I’m losing my art.

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