Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stan Zemanek Dead at 60

Stan Zemanek
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Diagnosed with terminal cancer (brain tumour) in may 2006, Stan has lost his fight.

Known as a 'shock jock,' a term he carried with pride, Stan was an entertainer of the airwaves. He'll be missed.

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TV's Beast Stan Zemanek dies
TELEVISION host and radio shock jock Stan Zemanek, who made his name as a personality listeners loved to hate, has died of a brain tumour in Sydney at the age of 60.

The provocative and often amusing "shock jock'' had battled the brain tumour since May last year.

He is survived by his wife Marcella, two daughters, Gaby and Melissa, and two grandchildren.

Mr Zemanek began his broadcasting career in 1987 and spent the majority of his time at Sydney station 2UE.

He made his name on controversy, trading insults with callers and being argumentative but always passionate.

Mr Zemanek will also be remembered as host of TV talk show Beauty and The Beast, for which he was the 13th and longest serving "beast''.

He was unashamed of his right-wing political leanings and made polarising opinions his trademark, along with on-air terms such as "numb nuts'' and "halfwit''.

He retired from radio in December last year to spend more time with his family.