Thursday, July 12, 2007

'ABC screening rubbish to satisfy critics'

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From Media Watch thru the Chasers War on Everything the ABC seems to only screen programs to satisfy critics. Often these programs are thinly veiled assaults on conservative leadership.

The ABC should be a valuable asset to Australia, but it is captive to minority cultures and decadent in lifestyle, extravagant in claim.

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Anonymous said...

THE ABC has been accused by the Australian Democrats of screening discredited "nonsense" on climate change in a bid to counter conservative critics' constant accusations of bias.

The national broadcaster will tonight screen The Great Global Warming Swindle, a documentary by filmmaker Martin Durkis which challenges the mainstream scientific view that greenhouse gases produced by human activity are behind global warming.

Several scientists have written to Australian newspapers in recent weeks pointing out the one-hour program and its claims have been widely discredited.

Democrats leader Lyn Allison said today the program simply fed "conspiracy theorist sceptics'' and was a flawed attempt to pacify conservative critics of the broadcaster.

"The ABC has fallen into the trap of screening patent nonsense in a bid to prove how unbiased it has become,'' Senator Allison said in a statement.

"The consensus of the world's most respected scientists is that climate change threatens our very existence.

"This is not the time to be giving oxygen to those in denial and whose answer to crisis is to plunge their heads into the sand.''