Monday, July 16, 2007

David left work today for the last time

Potter Gang
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Thirteen years as a teacher at that school.

Handed keys to an incoming permanent teacher whose wife was a student.

One boy in year 12 is of the same family of students who first greeted David at the end of 1994. One year 8 girl is the niece of a girl who was in year 8 in David's first class in 1995. One year 7 boy is the son of a former student. It was time.

David has resigned in order to protect his students from the harassment he has experienced. One year 7 girl was verbally assaulted by a teacher supervisor for no reason other than being in David's class. A class of students in year 12 lost marks from their trial exams last year for no other reason than that they had been in David's class. Those incidents were not isolated.

There were no farewells or goodbyes

Now hard questions may be asked of the NSW Dept. of Ed. and the NSW Government as to why the harassment was allowed to continue, and was never dealt with.
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