Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The sentence of Craig Thomson

Thomson has avoided justice successfully for a long time. He was defended by the ALP who needed his vote in minority government. The cost to Australia is many billions of dollars and years of corrupt government. Thomson does not bear the responsibility for that alone, there were many people willing to surrender all pretence of goodness or decency in supporting him.

Thomson has committed a crime against people he was supposed to serve. The vagaries of management are such that greater responsibility means greater accountability. As a principle it has underpinned society since before the Athenians strangled eight Generals who had defeated Sparta in an upset win. At the time, they had failed to go to the aid of drowning compatriots. Thomson has taken money from some of the lowest paid workers and returned nothing of value to them, but abusing any who asked basic questions of accountability.

Thomson's finger has pointed at successors, like Kathy Jackson, and turned her life upside down with allegations that used many hours of investigative time and cost much, probably $millions to defend. And he was aided in that by political mates.

Thomson faced as a worst case scenario for his acts, five years jail. He has never been cooperative. He has never been penitent. He has vindictively lied to cause trouble for innocent people. He has exploited the poorest workers. And somehow a magistrate excuses his acts by reducing his sentence to one year with nine months parole, giving three months to be served. And Thomson is appealing that light sentence.

One positive for union leaders. The court has established it is all right for them to spend member money on hotel porn. I live in a great nation.
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