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Why an Orthodox Rabbi Helps Gay Men Marry Lesbian
Who would have ever thought???
I Love Seeing 25,000 Runners in Jerusalem! Jerusalem Marathon 2014
The Jews have returned to their holy city; what an unbelievable site!
israel beyond hilarious
I did not see that coming!
“Teach Your Children” by Crosby, Stills and Nash. The Palestinian Arab Way!
And the world is silent to this??? Despicable! Peace will never be achieved without an education of peace!
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We at 12Tribe Films are excited to introduce to you the 3rd episode of our newest production - the Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller Episode #3 - Holy Hebron and Sweet Hebron Hills! Never before has the beauty of Israel been showcased for the world to see in reality TV format with the mission of educating, exciting and connecting people to Israel. This new series will reshape the entire image of living in Israel into one that is exciting, inspiring, and beautiful.
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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for March 27th. Enjoy!

From the Blog

FEC letter prompts Harry Reid to reimburse campaign for thousands of dollars paid to his granddaughter

By the end of the week, Harry Reid will probably be using this as evidence that the Koch brothers secretly control the FEC...

What a… surprise: Obama administration extends ‘firm deadline’ for enrollment

It seems like only two weeks ago that the HHS said they lacked statutory authority to extend the deadline for Obamacare enrollment. Wait, it was only two weeks ago that they said that. Obama has also stressed the March 31st firm deadline...

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Luxurious 7 room cottages. 200 square meters.
Covered, private parking. Lawns and patios.
Private Entrance. High-end construction.
English-speaking community.
Great schools.
Just 10 minutes from Jerusalem.


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Today's Top Stories

• An unprecedented war of words continues at Haaretz.
• Israeli-Turkish reconciliation speeds up.
• Sari Nusseibeh steps down three days after Hamas rally at his school.

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Is it ‘Taboo’ to Defend Israel on Campus?  Events at several universities demonstrate the challenge of standing up against the BDS on campus. Read more . . .

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March 27, 2014 / 25 Adar II 5774 / Tonight Israel Changes the Clock

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Headlines & Recommended
Muslims Want Halal Food in NYC Schools – Kosher Not Option
NYC council members proposed legislation requiring NYC public schools offer Islamic-compliant food.
CAIR-NY at Muslim Day in Albany where they lobbied for a bill requiring large city school districts to provide halal food.

My Exchange With An Old Haredi Friend
One can’t only take; one must give as well. Giving – not taking – is the essence of the righteous person.
A modern-day Jewish warrior in the tradition of Abraham, Moses, Joshua and David.

First Twitter, Now YouTube, Blocked in Turkey
First it was Twitter, now Turkey has blocked YouTube.
Erdoğan's raucous style of speaking, the dismissive way he treats his political opposition, his attention to religious trappings and his activist foreign policy in the Middle East arouses concerns among his opposition that he is trying to restore the Ottoman Empire and become a modern-day sultan.

IDF Soldiers Targeted in Escalating Jerusalem Attacks
A barrage of gunfire was aimed at a checkpoint on Highway 60 north of the capital staffed by Border Police personnel at the entrance to Kalandia.
Two attacks on Israeli security personnel again raise the question of whether a third intifada is on the way.

It’s Official: Egyptian Military Strongman to Run for President
The Egyptian general who deposed Muslim Brotherhood-backed former President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013, announced late Wednesday he will run for president.
Supporters of Field Marshal Abdul Fatah el-Sisi rally in Cairo's Tahrir Square in July 2013

Donald Rumsfeld: ‘A Trained Ape’ Better than Obama Administration
For the record, Rumsfeld did not compare Obama or Kerry with apes, but that is not necessarily a compliment.
Rumsfeld understands why Afghanistan backs the Russian takeover of Crimea, but maybe things would be different if Obama hired a trained ape.

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Passover commemorates the birth of the Jewish Nation and our freedom from slavery some 3300 years ago. 

The ancient customs of the Seder tell the miraculous story of our exodus from Egypt and help re-enact those precious moments of liberation.

With the birth of the State of Israel, after 2000 years of exile, we've been blessed with the freedom to exist independently in our ancient homeland.

However, even today, our freedom comes with a steep price. Israel stands alone as a beacon of light in an unfriendly region that threatens its very existence. 

The price of our freedom is a strong military with dedicated soldiers who are willing to put their lives on the line for the citizens of Israel.

The young men and women of the IDF risk their lives to defend our freedom every day. Passover, the holiday of freedom, is the ideal time to express appreciation to Israel's freedom fighting soldiers for the holy work that they do.

Click Below to Send Passover Gifts to Israeli Soldiers

The 'Passover Partners' project connects you with the heroes of Israel who fight for peace and defend our freedom each and every day.

Many soldiers spend the Passover holiday with needy families back home. 

Please join us in sending packages filled with Passover essentials to Israeli soldiers and their families, so that they too can celebrate the Holiday of Freedom properly and joyfully. Include your personal note of blessing!

As a Passover Partner, you can receive a personalized Passover Freedom Certificate and our inspiring 'IDF Passover Haggadah' (seder recital book) that you will truly enjoy. 

Become Partners with Israel's Freedom Fighters - Click Below

Would you like to bring Jerusalem-baked matzah in your home?

As a token of appreciation, you can choose to receive special matzoh shipped directly from Israel to your home!

Thank you for becoming partners with the soldiers of Israel and their families. 

May God bless you and reward you for your kindness and generosity.

With Blessings of Peace and Freedom from the Holy Land of Israel...

We wish you a happy and healthy Passover!

The 'United with Israel' Family

Click below to Send Gifts to IDF Soldiers and their Families

Checks can be mailed to a US address:
United with Israel
PO Box 151 
Lawrence, NY 11559
United States

Checks can be mailed directly to Israel:
United with Israel
8/19 Nachal Maor St.
Box 71530
Bet Shemesh 99623

You can also reach us by phone::
+1-646-213-4003 (USA) 
+972-2-533-7841 (Israel)

Send Your Online Gift and Personal Note
Pastor Rick Warren
God gave us mouths that close, and ears that don't. What does that tell us? 
"Let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry." James 1:19 If you do the first two, the third is automatic.
On the other side of that wall you're facing is your future.
Every great comeback first requires a setback. What you're going through is a season of your life, not the end of your life.
What i find difficult to do,was what He did for me,next is your own! Be still..
I have a reason to praise the Lord. When you praise Him,He will do more….
Today, remember you came from Almighty God. He gave you life. When you choose Him, you are choosing your heavenly heritage of blessing and eternal, abundant life.
God in heaven,I thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus so that I may be saved. Today I surrender every area of my life to You. Have Your way in me; let Your will be done in my life. Thank You for making me new in Jesus’ name. Amen.
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.(Ezekiel 36:26, NIV)

In life, we all have negative things that happen to us. We go through situations that are unfair. I know people who were raised in an unhealthy environment. Their parents had issues, and now it’s making life much more difficult on them.

But here is the truth: when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, He gives you a new heart. In other words, your bloodline changes. No longer are you subject to your earthly heritage; you become subject to your heavenly heritage! His spiritual blessing always overrides the curse in the natural realm. When you understand who you are and what God has already done, then no matter what someone else did, no matter how unfair it was, no matter how you were raised, you won’t get bitter. You won’t live with a chip on your shoulder. You realize that nothing can stop you from fulfilling your God-given destiny. God bless you.
LISTEN: If you have made Jesus the Lord of your life, you have a direct connection with Him. Talk to Almighty God for Jesus had made it possible already for us. He hears your cries. He hears your hurts. He hears you loud and clear. He is willing to answer you,Amen.
Father,I thank You for preparing me to do the good works You have prepared. I am not average. I am not ordinary. I am created for greatness, and I belong to Almighty God. Thank You for Your faithfulness in Jesus’ name! Amen.
You Are Created for Greatness!
For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.(Ephesians 2:10, NIV)

Don't go about thinking that you are no body.It’s easy to go through life thinking that we’re average; we’re ordinary. “There’s nothing special about me. I’m just one of the six billion people on earth.” No, when God created you, He put a part of Himself in you. You could say that you have the DNA of Almighty God. You are destined to do great things, destined to leave your mark on this generation. The truth is, there is nothing average about you; but too many times we don’t realize who we are. We focus on our weaknesses or what we don’t have. We focus on the mistakes we’ve made or the family from which we’ve come. We end up settling for mediocrity when we were created for greatness. Change your attitude about yourself.

If you’re going to break out of average,be happy in life you need to remind yourself every day that “I have the DNA of the Most High God. Greatness is in my genes. I come from a bloodline of champions.” If you’ll have the attitude of a champion, you’ll live the life of a champion and boldly embrace the blessings He has in store for you.You are blessed.
You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 NIV.

When others look at your life, what do they see? Does your daily life win the respect of others? As believers, we are Christ’s representatives in the earth. We are called to a higher standard. The way we live our lives should bring glory to God the Father.

Notice this verse doesn’t say, “Go out of your way to do something major so that everyone will respect you.” It doesn’t say, “Win a gold medal or Pulitzer prize so that people will glorify your Father in heaven.” No, it says that your daily life should win the respect of others. That simply means to always take the high road and live a life of excellence. It means doing the right thing even when no one is looking. It means finding common ground in order to be a peacemaker. It means going out with an attitude of faith and thanksgiving.

Remember that you will become like whomever you spend the most time with. If you are committed to spending time with God the Father every day, you’ll develop His character. You’ll win the respect of outsiders and bring glory to your Father in heaven.God bless you.
Father, today I dedicate every area of my mind, will and emotions to You today. Help me live my daily life as an example of Your love. Let me honor You in all I do so that my daily life wins the respect of others in Jesus’ name! Amen.
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