Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dominos Fail

Ordered a wagyu beef pizza and various other things. I was light ten cents, or had a ten dollar note for change.
ANY 3 PIZZAS + GARLIC BREAD & 1 FREE SIDE. Choose from Garlic Bread, 1.25L Coke or Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse. FROM $29.95* QUOTE CODE: 30062. DELIVERED. CHOOSE ANY TRADITIONAL, Chef's Best OR VALUE PIZZAS. *Conditions apply. Selected stores only. Online only. $2.95 extra for Good Choice Range, Chicken and Prawn pizzas. Not Valid for Wagyu pizzas. Valid until 26/03/14.
I ordered. a few odds and ends. As the order was due, I got a phone call from the delivery group apologising for having an issue with the oven. They would recook my items.

I got a phone call from the driver at the two hour mark, they had gone to the wrong address. I told them the correct one and they repeated it. I got another call, they had gone to another wrong address. Again they repeated the correct one.

They rounded up the charge. I shortchanged them the ten cents instead, explaining, but they cut me short and ran away.

Then I found the chocolate dipping sauce was missing.
Wagyu beef tastes good. I'll have that tomorrow. The driver left an extra garlic bread. I'd have preferred something I could refrigerate.
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