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A year ago the hate media were doing pretty much the same as now. Sarah Hanson Young lied to impugn radio host Ray Hadley. Her reason for doing so was reasonable to her. She doesn't like him. An Age writer thought it funny he publish that he wanted to blow torch Abbott's genitals. But we know he wasn't serious, as he would have needed to remove his tongue from Gillard. 

Today, the Bolt Report was back and an hour long. Abbott. Costello. Henderson .. lots of compelling watching. Important questions need to be answered, like who will replace Shorten? Will Conroy be disciplined by an ALP leader? How bad will be the Abbott Government's good decisions? How much will the ABC get away with? Interesting contrast with Insiders, which I saw had David Marr and so I didn't watch it. 

On this day in history, communication was revolutionised in 1791 with the invention of mechanical semaphore. Fourteen years on, it provided one of the greatest, most stirring speeches never spoken by Horatio Nelson at Trafalgar. Nelson had wanted to say he confided in his men that he knew they would try. But the semaphore software engineer pointed out that was hard, forcing him to spell out letters in words, but a few substitutions would make the same message. The reconstructed message met with Nelson's approval. "England expects every man will do their duty." England won. 

1797, England issued one pound and two pound notes. 1807, US Congress banned the importing of slaves, and so compassionately maintained steady work for domestic slaves. 1877, Rutherford Hayes won the presidency despite his opponent Democrat winning the popular vote. The resultant compromise meant that southern states embraced Democrats and have largely done so ever since. 1882, some idiot tried to kill Queen Victoria. 1955, the Cambodian king abdicated for his father. 1965, LBJ began carpet bombing North Vietnam. Press didn't work out that was wrong until Nixon was elected.


The Bolt Report today

Andrew Bolt March 02 2014 (11:31am)

The Bolt Report returns today - longer and better.
Joining me - Prime Minister Tony Abbott, former Treasurer Peter Costello and former NSW Treasurer Michael Costa. 
And our new NewsWatch segment, this week with Gerard Henderson.
Repeated on Network 10 at 4pm.
The videos of today’s show are here.
The transcript of my interview with the Prime Minister:

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My liking for Albanese is challenged

Andrew Bolt March 02 2014 (5:35am)

Judith Sloan does not share my liking of Anthony Albanese:
I have a few friends who actually rate Albo – at least, they rate Albo ahead of Shorten.
This assessment seems to ignore the series of absolutely catastrophic government policies for which he had carriage while he was minister for transport and infrastructure, policies which were always very favourable to his union mates.  To name a few:

The ‘reform’ of coastal shipping to effectively eliminate cabotage and impose other restrictions, in order to push up the obscene pay and conditions of MUA members – note this is a union shop, not a closed shop;

The federal takeover of heavy truck regulation – an absolute disaster with the Heavy Vehicle National Law supposedly in place earlier this month;
The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, which is just a union racket to ensure that mums and dads can’t undercut the featherbedded and OTT paid truck-drivers employed by the big companies, who all do deals with the TWU;
A series of very strange infrastructure decisions, including giving the go-ahead to projects known to fail cost-benefit tests.  The Moorebank intermodal project, for example, should never have been given the nod as there was perfectly good private sector proposal in the offing which did not require taxpayer funds.
All the while, Albo was appointing Labor mates to the governance arrangements – yes, stop that guffawing, everyone – of these projects. (Bruce Baird, chairman of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Board????, Kerry Schott, Chair, Moorebank Intermodal).
And now we have Albo’s laughable and extraordinarily weak performance when it comes to Qantas.
No, Labor couldn’t possible support the scrapping of the Qantas Sale Act.  Does anyone want a Flying Panda or a Flying Camel?  Really, Albo, you can do better than this display of xenophobia.
You would have to amend the Air Navigation Act 1922, says Albo.  So what?  Just get on and do it…
The real reason is that Albo is opposed the rescinding of the Qantas Sale Act is that he is doing the bidding of his union masters.
Albo himself does not have union masters, but I get the point. 

Why Bill needs Steve who needs Bill

Andrew Bolt March 02 2014 (5:24am)

Sam Maiden on Bill Shorten’s tangled ties with Stephen Conroy, the man he should probably sack:
Conroy’s outburst in Senate estimates was not out of character. The Victorian factional powerbroker has elevated attacks on witnesses at Senate estimates and public figures under parliamentary privilege as something of an art form…
Conroy and Shorten have always had a complex relationship.Toxic disagreements between the two men as Conroy plotted and meddled in local preselections after Kevin Rudd was reinstalled as Prime Minister appear to happily coexist with Shorten popping him back in as deputy Senate leader and on the frontbench.
Why is it so? One factor is the terrible prospect that would loom if Shorten was to fall under a bus: Tanya Plibersek.More photogenic than Anthony Albanese and much loved by the ALP membership, Plibersek would present (a diabolical) threat to any future Right candidate for the leadership.
This chilling prospect is enough to unite Labor’s Right faction around Shorten, regardless of the balkanised, dysfunction of the Victorian Labor Party which is regarded as infected with Labor’s NSW disease — minus the corruption.
(Thanks to reader Peter.) 

Therese Rein wants more compassion for boat people now her husband isn’t in charge

Andrew Bolt March 02 2014 (5:16am)

Her husband reopened the detention centre at Nauru and said all boat people would be sent there. But Therese Rein waits until Tony Abbott implements the policy - and properly - before protesting:
Australia must find its compassion in dealing with refugees and increase the number of asylum seekers it accepts, Therese Rein says...
‘’I know this has become a highly politicised, deeply divisive debate and I think it’s time that we looked to our humanity and compassion,’’ she said
You’d never think her husband’s “compassionate” decision in 2008 to scrap the tough border laws of the Howard Government had lured more than 1100 people to their deaths.
Some people don’t learn much. 

Palmer tries to con gullible voters

Andrew Bolt March 02 2014 (5:07am)

Clive Palmer is selling moonshine, treating voters like idiots:

MAVERICK Queensland MP and businessman Clive Palmer believes Holden, Ford and Toyota should all build cars at the same location in South Australia to try and cut costs and make the industry more competitive.
Mr Palmer was in Adelaide on Saturday to launch the state election campaign for the Palmer United Party and said it was “a national disgrace’’ that the car industry was being allowed to die.
He advocated more government funding to try and save the industry. 
“It might be bringing the three auto companies together and making South Australia the hub of vehicle production, not for 90,000 vehicles but for 222,000,’’ the member for the federal seat of Fairfax said.
A reality check from last year:
After Mitsubishi’s local assembly line closed in 2008, (Prime Minister) Rudd had former Victorian premier Steve Bracks review the industry. He found the minimum efficient scale of an assembly line was 300,000 to 400,000 vehicles, or more than three times the largest Australian plant…
The latest global production figures show China makes 19 million vehicles a year. There are another 10 countries making more than two million, or 10 times Australia’s output. We rank 29th among carmakers, just ahead of Pakistan and Uzbekistan. At that end of the league table, production survives because of large state subsidies ... It’s time to move on.
(Thanks to reader Peter from Bellevue Hill.) 

Russia threatens to invade Ukraine

Andrew Bolt March 02 2014 (4:57am)

This is getting very dangerous:
RUSSIA’S parliament has given President Vladimir Putin the go-ahead to send troops into Ukraine, despite a warning from Washington that such a deployment would results in “costs’’ for Moscow and alarm among Western nations including Australia, sparking a UN Security Council emergency meeting this morning.
The stark escalation of the ex-Soviet country’s three-month-old political crisis came amid growing instability in Ukraine’s predominantly Russian peninsula of Crimea that has housed Kremlin navies for nearly 250 years.
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said last night she was gravely worried about reports of a possible Russian military presence in Ukraine.
Her comments came amid reports of masked troops in Crimea, including at its international airport, and after the Australian government increased its travel warning for the strife-torn nation, with tourists urged to exercise extreme caution.
Ukraine risks being divided into two. The big question is how many people will die in the dividing.
Obama’s statement is what you’d expect from an auditor, not an arbiter:
As reports are coming in that Russia has placed 2,000 troops in Crimea, within the borders of Ukraine, President Obama said that ”the United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine.”
Charles Krauthammer responded on Special Report tonight saying, “The Ukrainians, and I think everybody, is shocked by the weakness of Obama’s statement. I find it rather staggering.”
Krauthammer thinks Obama’s statement is about “three levels removed” from actual action. He explained: Obama said “we will stand with the international community — meaning we are going to negotiate with a dozen other countries who will water down the statement — in affirming that there will be costs — meaning in making a statement not even imposing a cost, but in making a statement about imposing a cost — for any military intervention.”
“What he’s saying is we’re not really going to do anything and we’re telling the world,” Krauthammer said.

Another fine mess Conroy dumped Shorten into

Andrew Bolt March 01 2014 (5:14pm)

The press conference afterwards was excruciating, with Shorten struggling to explain his about face without mentioning the words “bloody Steve Conroy”:
BILL Shorten has dashed to Darwin to join an official welcome home to the troops after accusations Labor was snubbing returned servicemen by failing to send a senior representative.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has flown to the Northern Territory for the event which will today honour more than 300 recently returned servicemen and women.
But after declining an invitation from the Chief of the Army David Morrison in January, Mr Shorten changed his mind last night after television reports of his no-show.
He caught the last flight to Darwin last night leaving Melbourne at 9pm.
Shortly after 6pm Mr Shorten’s office contacted the Northern Territory Government to inform them he would now travel to Darwin overnight and join the parade.
The change of heart follows a week of controversy over the decision of Labor’s Defence spokesman Stephen Conroy to accuse the head of Operation Sovereign Borders of engaging in a political cover up over asylum seeker policy.
Sure, Shorten’s judgment has been bad and he looks a goose. But the man who dumped him in this is Stephen Conroy - by both being unpardonably rude to Lieutenant General Angus Campbell and then refusing to apologise. Why has he not been sacked? 
=== From last year ===

4 her

Lunch with the guy who is like her father figure. I tell him I'm thinking it is time I talked with her about how I felt. He can't speak for her. He is concerned for her welfare. He points out she has blocked me on FB, not spoken to me in years and has never shown the least affection. I'm still too old .. by the new social rule of acceptability of the female half the males' age, +7, I'd need to wait another twelve years. And there I have it. I don't need to face her. The kindest thing I can do is disappear. Sometimes, I'm a bit slow .. - ed
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

- Dr. Seuss.



Tim Flannery preaches that due to global warming; "even the rain that falls will not fill up the dams" – so Julia Gillard appoints him Climate Commissioner, on a salary of $180,000 (for a 3 day week)

Now Gillard is saying the Commonwealth should pay $50 million to raise the wall on Warragamba Dam by 23 meters (because when the rain falls the dam could overflow).

But it will cost $800 million to raise the dam wall by that height.

No wonder the Labor Government have been compared with the Benny Hill Show.

With such clarity of thought and consistency of message, is it any wonder that Labor are facing complete annihilation in Western Sydney ?


- "Palestinian" is a made up identity.

- Palestinian Arabs are Muslims.

- Muslims don't believe in the nation state, only 'umma' (worldwide Islamic community)

- The Intifada is a jihad.


Allow me to introduce myself .. I'm hungry - ed


Farewell to a news legend: Peter Harvey has died at age 68 after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. Vale Peter Harvey. Australia has lost a giant.
He was blessed many times over .. his children had grown well .. - ed



James on working hard

Andrew BoltMARCH022013(5:14am)

Clive James is not dead yet, which is just as well for those of us who love Dante, too: 
Maybe so, but James has three books coming out this year: a translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy, a reissued essay collection and a new book of poems. “If I fell off the twig tomorrow,” he tells me, “it would still look as if I was very busy.”
James explains:
How did I get so much done? I wanted to. I learned to use my time well. In TV, when you’re out on location there’s a lot of waiting. I learned to use that time reading or writing. I can work on a piece of writing in the middle of chaos. I don’t have too many things in common with Dante, but he was famous for being able to go on composing his poem in the middle of a battlefield. I don’t need ideal conditions. My parents’ lives had been ruined by the war. My father never came back. I think I felt I owed it to them to get something done.

Dawkins ducks

Andrew BoltMARCH022013(5:24am)

Professional athiest Richard Dawkins talking on European television, 2010:
I regard Islam as one of the great evils of the world… there’s a kind of closemindedness which is, I think, less present in the former Christendom, perhaps because we’ve had long - I don’t know quite why - but there’s more of a historical tradition of questioning.  There are people in the Islamic world who simply say, ‘Islam is right, and we are going to impose our will.’
Dawkins talking to a Muslim interviewer on Al Jazeera, 2012: 
In a recent Al-Jazeerah interview, Richard Dawkins was asked his views on God. He argued that the god of “the Old Testament” is “hideous” and “a monster”, and reiterated his claim from The God Delusion that the God of the Torah is the most unpleasant character “in fiction”. Asked if he thought the same of the God of the Koran, Dawkins ducked the question, saying: ”Well, um, the God of the Koran I don’t know so much about.”
Hmm. Dawkins does go on to link Islam to suicide bombings, but the evasion is there.
One other question. What is the difference between these two statements, and why does the Left demonise only one of the two men?
RENOWNED atheist Professor Richard Dawkins received a surprise standing ovation in the traditionally Christian community of Stornoway last night…

The 71-year-old described Islam as “one of the great evils of the world” in his lecture… Members of the audience cheered loudly as Prof Dawkins used the appearance to attack Islam, while stressing that the “vast majority of Muslims” were not evil, only their religion was…

“It is a disgrace a religion prescribes death for leaving it.”
Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. The best example is that if any person, any Muslim wants to leave Islam, then the penalty is death… However, there are moderate and non-moderate Muslims, I acknowledge that. As a matter of fact the majority of the Muslims living in our society are moderate people. But don’t make the mistake that even though there are moderate and radical Muslims that there is a moderate or a radical Islam. There is only one Islam, and that is a totalitarian ideology that has no room for anything but Islam.

McTernan once wanted credit. Now he wants no blame

Andrew BoltMARCH022013(6:14am)

The plan was that if Julia Gillard miraculously won the next election, John McTernan would take lots of the credit.
But right now it seems he wants no credit at all for Gillard’s latest strategy, which says plenty about how badly she’s going.
THE time has come to defend John McTernan.

McTernan is beginning to assume the role of a scapegoat, an excuse for the Gillard government’s failings and a convenient whipping boy whose influence and responsibility is exaggerated…

Political operatives and media advisers can only be as good as their bosses…

The bottom line is that many of the fundamentally damaging decisions Labor made ... came into being long before McTernan got his 457 visa and moved into the Prime Minister’s media office in Parliament House at the end of 2011.

Those decisions were made by his boss and Wayne Swan, and their colleagues. The decision to do a deal with the three big miners to create a new, flawed minerals resource rent tax was Gillard’s first great negotiating success in 2010; the Greens’ alliance was another Gillard strategy; the Greens-friendly carbon tax was announced by Gillard in February 2011; the promise to deliver a budget surplus was set in cement by the time McTernan arrived.
Well, fair enough. But what about the latest bungles?
Labor MPs, especially those critical of Gillard, are suggesting McTernan “be sent back” as a climate of blame grows, and even those supporting the PM begin to accept that he is responsible for the two most recent errors of judgment: calling the election early and going to western Sydney for a week of “listening"…

As one senior Labor MP tells Inquirer: “This western Sydney stunt has finished her out there; she is now the subject of ridicule.”
More excuses, and telling:
Although Gillard says the idea for nominating the election date of September 14 is hers and that the western Sydney trip has been planned for a while, McTernan is being blamed for both. Gillard is said to have decided to announce the election early while on family holidays in Adelaide over Christmas. McTernan was back in Britain visiting his family at the time.
Wasn’t there, guv’nor.
Maybe so, maybe no. Maybe phone cords don’t reach to Britain any more.
But there is one miscalculation McTernan cannot escape blame for: unleashing a vindictive, shrill “real Julia”, who most notoriously accused Tony Abbott of hating women. McTernan sold that last lie as a brilliant success, but long-term it has worked out as I predicted at the time - as a deeply polarising gamble that offended many men and left Gillard looking divisive, shifty and nasty. I warned McTernan several times he needed to project a woman of warmth, doing constructive things. He was misreading Australia.
In the end, though, Gillard had the choice of which advice to take. She is responsible for those choices.
And her deepest failures are entirely her own. They were made most manifest by her needless decision to break her promise not to give us a carbon tax. After that there was no saving her.  McTernan is just an excuse.

Age writer dreams of tasering Abbott’s genitals

Andrew BoltMARCH022013(6:56am)

Author Anson Cameron tells Age readers there will be an upside to Tony Abbott’s win. Rage will finally force him to write stuff a lot better than what he serves up today.
Age readers and editors had better hope so: 
BY CHRISTMAS, Rupert will have smiled proudly and murmured: ‘’That’ll do, prigs. That’ll do.’’ And Andrew Bolt, Janet Albrechtsen, Greg Sheridan, Piers Akerman and the other shepherds of the right will breathe out, their work done, the flock guided through the booths. Labor seen off ...
It will start as a relaxing Christmas for the conservative voices. I imagine Alan Jones lounging poolside being handfed cress sandwiches by a valet carrying a urinal puck in each pocket for ambience. I imagine Bolt in Stubbies and thongs, fussily running a pair of secateurs over his private privet, turning it into a life-size topiary Ayn Rand, calling to the kiddies: ‘’Come see, come see, young things, daddy’s made a herbaceous saint.’’ I imagine Albrechtsen with her battery-powered Howard … No! Stop! Suffice to say they will be feeling good.
Pardon? This childish stuff - complete with the misogynistic sexual humiliation of Albrechtsen - is served up today in The Age as socio-political analysis? A symbolic rape of a conservative columnist now passes for intellectual debate?
But, as I said, Cameron’s consolation is that Abbott’s victory will magically transfer my creativity to him through the soles of his feet, much as Labor’s win magically transferred my taxes into grants for Cameron to visit France:
For the conservative commentators won’t know yet that their zeal is leaching from them over the festive season and flowing across town and up through the soles of the spruikers of the left. They haven’t realised that by early 2014, the progressive commentators will be taking energy from an infuriating status quo the conservatives had hitherto got fat on…
Every writer feels a gratifying eloquence when impassioned...The conservative columnists have had disappointment and frustration to feed off since 2007… For belief is never so powerful as when it is disempowered. That hated woman has drawn from them the best they will ever give.
But by Christmas, she and hers will be gone. And there will stand Tony Abbott… Imagine the vitality David Marr, Robert Manne, John Birmingham, Mungo MacCallum, Guy Rundle, et al will take from his ascension. In honest moments they’d admit to being excited by Labor’s fall … I’ll have a prick against which to kick at last. It’s finally my turn to point the Taser at Tony’s Y-fronts and pull the trigger.
We can only hope Abbott’s win does indeed improve the writing of Cameron and the soggy five he names. It astonishes me that standards on the Left have fallen so low that The Agecan print articles fantasising over conservative women masturbating and conservative men having their genitals tasered.
What the hell are the paper’s editors thinking? Consider: if I was so low as to write sado-masochistic fantasies about the genitals of Labor leaders and their media supporters, what condemnation would The Age rightly - and gleefully - hurl at me?
Here’s more proof that Labor’s fall marks not just a failure of Gillard. It marks the intellectual decline of the Left.
But Anne Summers simply cannot see what happens in the very Fairfax news empire she writes for. Again today, it’s only Gillard who is the victim, thanks to wicked conservatives:
So [journalists] feel free to mock [Prime Minister Julia Gillard] in ways that would have been inconceivable with other leaders and, as recently as a year ago, even with her.
Gillard has always had to put up with intense, often unfair and sometimes cruel commentary about her clothes, her voice, even her body shape. As I have documented, since she became Prime Minister Gillard has been subjected to vile sexual and at times pornographic vilification of a kind that is new to our political vocabulary (and which still continues).

Hanson-Young refuses to apologise for false smear

Andrew BoltMARCH022013(7:37am)

I’ve listened to Ray Hadley’s show to find the “racism” that Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young says needs to be punished by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.
As I said last night: it just isn’t there. She’s just made it up.
But will she apologise - either for her foul smear or for calling in the thought police? Hell, no:
GREENS Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has refused to apologise for an attack against broadcaster Ray Hadley on the ABC’s Lateline program - despite the show’s presenter Tony Jones defending Hadley yesterday.

Ms Hanson-Young accused Hadley of a “horrid” display of “irresponsibility” in his commentary on asylum seekers during her appearance on Lateline on Thursday night.

“Hadley ... went on air saying these people are doing these bad things,” Ms Hanson-Young said.

“These people obviously referring to the entire community of asylum seekers on bridging visas rather than understanding that this was one particular incident.”

The “incident” she referred to was the sexual assault of a Macquarie University student, allegedly by a Sri Lankan refugee.
Hadley angrily refuted Ms Hanson-Young’s claims on his program yesterday.
“Never, in any stage, did I say these people are doing these bad things,” he said. “(Ms Hanson-Young) you lied to Tony Jones last night… “…
Yesterday, Jones told The Daily Telegraph he had reviewed the material and found “no evidence of (Hadley) making racist remarks” during an on-air interview with opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison…
Hadley yesterday demanded an apology from Ms Hanson-Young, who refused to provide it.
“The person who needs to apologise is Ray Hadley,” she said. “People are responding to his comments on radio even just this morning, saying that the only good refugee is a dead one.”

A spokesperson for Ms Hanson-Young later said the comment about dead refugees was not said on air, but was emailed to the senator’s office. He was not able to provide detail on how Ms Hanson-Young had linked the email to Hadley’s show.
Being Green means never having to say sorry, and especially not for falsely claiming others are racist. Take also Hanson-Young’s vilification of Morrison: 
TONY JONES: Alright. Let’s go very precisely then to the case of the - Scott Morrison interview with Ray Hadley on 2GB. What was said by either party that in your view falls into the category of vilification or whipping up fear and hatred?

SARAH HANSON-YOUNG: It was about the fact that it was linked directly to this one incident of alleged sexual assault, and both parties, both Ray Hadley and Scott Morrison, believed that this then meant that an entire community of refugees and asylum seekers on bridging visas therefore had to be considered criminals, that they had to be under this police watch, that people had to know if these - “these people”, that was the constant terminology - whether “these people” were living next door to you. That is the type of fear and hatred…

I’m simply saying that ACMA has a code of conduct they are meant to uphold and it goes to not inciting hatred ... That’s what this is. It is racism at play.
In fact, Morrison didn’t actually discuss on Hadley’s show any plan to tell residents “whether ‘these people’ were living next door”.
He did that on Sky News, and what he said was much more limited that what Hanson-Young suggests: 
Well I think especially say in the case of what we saw with Macquarie University that certainly the residents of that same facility should be aware of something of that nature happening in the place where they live.

Where someone’s charged with an offence?

No, no what I’m talking about is if that facility is taking on asylum seekers on bridging visas into that residential complex then I think there’s a simple courtesy that needs to be provided to other people, that they simply know that that’s taking place.
Hanson-Young is a sanctimonious witch-hunter prone to vilifying others on the basis of crooked or non-existent evidence. She is an enemy of free speech and a proponent of lethally dangerous border policies. The sooner the child senator leaves politics, the healthier for public debate. With luck, that day will come at the next election.
(Thanks to readers Peter and CA.) 


Tim Blair – Saturday, March 02, 2013 (3:50pm)

If these three tilted any further, they’d fall off the cover:


The tilt sisters come off as more than a little smug in the Monthly‘s shot, don’t they? Meanwhile, the magazine’s feud with rival niche publication Good Weekend continues
Journalist Paul Barry, who has written regularly for Good Weekend, disputes van Tiggelen’s argument that Naparstek is a “f--king dalek” who does not have his own ideas.
Barry says Naparstek suggested detailed profiles of Gina Rinehart and Andrew Forrest well ahead of the rest of the media pack. 
Really? Here’s a Forrest profile from 2008, when Naparstek was still one year away from being named the Monthly‘s editor. And this profile of Rinehart first aired in 1997, when Naperstek was just 11 years old. 
“He has had ideas that I thought were good at the time then three months later I’ve realised they were fantastic ideas and regretted I didn’t do them.” 
Well played, Paul! Your supply of dalek dollars is safe.

Unions blow dog whistle and ALP jumps to respond

Piers Akerman – Saturday, March 02, 2013 (7:25pm)

THE Julia Gillard-led Labor Party has embraced the worst of the trade union movement in its vain attempt to win back its dwindling core of rusted-on voters. 
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MADU Odiokwu Pastorvin
Father, today I declare that I trust You. I trust Your faithfulness. I trust Your goodness. I know that You are working things out in my favor and in Your timing. I declare that through faith and patience, I will inherit every promise You have for me in Jesus’ name! Amen.
The Scripture says,"Imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.”(Hebrews 6:12, NIV)
In our culture today, people are used to getting things right away. People don’t like to wait. But the scripture says, “It’s through faith and patience that we inherit God’s promises.” When you pray, can you say, “God, I not only believe for big things but I trust Your timing? God, I’m not going to get discouraged if it doesn’t happen immediately. I’m not going to give up because it’s taken a week, a month or five years. I know the set time is already in my future, so I’m going to wait with faith and patience because I know that it’s on the way.” Remember, through faith and patience we inherit His promises. Trust His Word, trust His timing, and trust that your answer is on its way.God bless you.
Rainstorm is Coming!
Then Elijah said to Ahab, ‘Go get something to eat and drink, for I hear a mighty rainstorm coming. (1 Kings 18:41, NLT)
In First Kings 18, the Samaritans had been in a great famine. For three and a half years, there had been no rain. The prophet Elijah showed up and said to King Ahab, “I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.” When he said that, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, yet he chose to believe what he heard in his spirit in spite of what he saw in the natural. With his eyes, he saw drought, famine and barrenness; but inside, he heard the sound of the abundance of rain.

Look,I tell you today that this is what faith is all about. You’ve got to believe what you hear in your heart even when you see just the opposite. God is saying, “There’s about to be an abundance of favor in your life. The drought is coming to an end. You’re going to see healing, restoration,financial break through,a spouse is coming, new opportunities, new growth.”

Soon after, that rainstorm came. And just like Elijah, you have to believe that your rainstorm of blessing is right around the corner. No matter what anyone says, no matter what happens, keep believing and keep declaring because soon you will be watered by the Almighty.God bless you.
Pastor Rick Warren 
If you're in debt and worried about your finances join me LIVE ONLINE NOW as I'm teaching.
Forgive me Jesus, for spending more time talking about you than talking with you.

Brilliant .. it features the finale to Les Miserables .. We can run anywhere. I choose to walk. - ed===
Pope Pius XII




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“Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” - Psalm 73:25-26
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon
March 1: Morning
"Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out." - Song of Solomon 4:16
Anything is better than the dead calm of indifference. Our souls may wisely desire the north wind of trouble if that alone can be sanctified to the drawing forth of the perfume of our graces. So long as it cannot be said, "The Lord was not in the wind," we will not shrink from the most wintry blast that ever blew upon plants of grace. Did not the spouse in this verse humbly submit herself to the reproofs of her Beloved; only entreating him to send forth his grace in some form, and making no stipulation as to the peculiar manner in which it should come? Did she not, like ourselves, become so utterly weary of deadness and unholy calm that she sighed for any visitation which would brace her to action? Yet she desires the warm south wind of comfort, too, the smiles of divine love, the joy of the Redeemer's presence; these are often mightily effectual to arouse our sluggish life. She desires either one or the other, or both; so that she may but be able to delight her Beloved with the spices of her garden. She cannot endure to be unprofitable, nor can we. How cheering a thought that Jesus can find comfort in our poor feeble graces. Can it be? It seems far too good to be true. Well may we court trial or even death itself if we shall thereby be aided to make glad Immanuel's heart. O that our heart were crushed to atoms if only by such bruising our sweet Lord Jesus could be glorified. Graces unexercised are as sweet perfumes slumbering in the cups of the flowers: the wisdom of the great Husbandman overrules diverse and opposite causes to produce the one desired result, and makes both affliction and consolation draw forth the grateful odours of faith, love, patience, hope, resignation, joy, and the other fair flowers of the garden. May we know by sweet experience, what this means.
"He is precious." - 1 Peter 2:7
As all the rivers run into the sea, so all delights centre in our Beloved. The glances of his eyes outshine the sun: the beauties of his face are fairer than the choicest flowers: no fragrance is like the breath of his mouth. Gems of the mine, and pearls from the sea, are worthless things when measured by his preciousness. Peter tells us that Jesus is precious, but he did not and could not tell us how precious, nor could any of us compute the value of God's unspeakable gift. Words cannot set forth the preciousness of the Lord Jesus to his people, nor fully tell how essential he is to their satisfaction and happiness. Believer, have you not found in the midst of plenty a sore famine if your Lord has been absent? The sun was shining, but Christ had hidden himself, and all the world was black to you; or it was night, and since the bright and morning star was gone, no other star could yield you so much as a ray of light. What a howling wilderness is this world without our Lord! If once he hideth himself from us, withered are the flowers of our garden; our pleasant fruits decay; the birds suspend their songs, and a tempest overturns our hopes. All earth's candles cannot make daylight if the Sun of Righteousness be eclipsed. He is the soul of our soul, the light of our light, the life of our life. Dear reader, what wouldst thou do in the world without him, when thou wakest up and lookest forward to the day's battle? What wouldst thou do at night, when thou comest home jaded and weary, if there were no door of fellowship between thee and Christ? Blessed be his name, he will not suffer us to try our lot without him, for Jesus never forsakes his own. Yet, let the thought of what life would be without him enhance his preciousness.
[Ăhăsū ē'rŭs] - king or mighty man.
1. A Persian monarch, to whom accusations against the Jews were brought, bore this name (Ezra 4:6).

2. It was also the name of a Median king, father of Darius (Dan. 9:1).

3. A Persian king who became the husband of Esther (Esther 1:2-19).

Today's reading: Numbers 20-22, Mark 7:1-13 (NIV)

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Today's Old Testament reading: Numbers 20-22

Water From the Rock
1 In the first month the whole Israelite community arrived at the Desert of Zin, and they stayed at Kadesh. There Miriam died and was buried.
2 Now there was no water for the community, and the people gathered in opposition to Moses and Aaron. 3 They quarreled with Moses and said, "If only we had died when our brothers fell dead before the LORD! 4 Why did you bring the LORD's community into this wilderness, that we and our livestock should die here? 5 Why did you bring us up out of Egypt to this terrible place? It has no grain or figs, grapevines or pomegranates. And there is no water to drink!"

Today's New Testament reading: Mark 7:1-13

That Which Defiles
1 The Pharisees and some of the teachers of the law who had come from Jerusalem gathered around Jesus 2 and saw some of his disciples eating food with hands that were defiled, that is, unwashed. 3 (The Pharisees and all the Jews do not eat unless they give their hands a ceremonial washing, holding to the tradition of the elders. 4 When they come from the marketplace they do not eat unless they wash. And they observe many other traditions, such as the washing of cups, pitchers and kettles.)

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