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David Frost died today, and a lasting memory of his time on the stage he owned is his assault on Nixon. Frost claimed he had a gotcha .. but he hadn't. And so a great artist was limited by his left wing politics. He called himself balanced. But it would be more precise to say entrenched. His form of leftwing liberalism predates him and carries on to this day. It explains why George Bush and Ronald Reagan were so popular, yet so despised too. Because the entrenched criticism from a partisan media meant the media were ignored and the conservatives could cut through. But the ceaseless sniping and lies from the media eroded public trust. And so politics is cyclical, having discovered a two term office in latter days of US democracy. Carter, Clinton and Obama ran on a platform devoid of policy but supported by the press. Carter's administration was so bad that Reagan broke it off cycle. Twelve years of Republican Presidency ended when press lauded a 'come back kid.' Doormat Hilary, when questioned about his infidelity, said she believed him, and no one else should care. But that response doesn't cut it over Benghazi. 
Australia has a similar political cycle. Unlike the US, where politicians need call supporters to vote, Australia has compulsory voting and so Australian parties try to encourage votes from the other party through the centre. The Liberal party, being conservative, have been very successful since the party's creation. The much older Australian Labor Party is leftist. The names swap over from foreign understanding but the parties are analogs to the US Republicans and Democrats. Currently we are in an ALP cycle, but they have been so bad that not even the press are supporting them as well as they can. The clumsy attempts to censor the press has only been supported by some media. The ALP still have some support, but not from the centre. Greens have eaten at the ALP left wing. And so the ALP are polling 47 to 53, but it will probably be much, much worse. Still, the Queensland experience, where Anna Bligh asked the electorate not to punish the ALP too much which saw a devastating loss has taught the ALP a lesson. They aren't admitting they are lost yet. They launched their campaign with six days to election. They haven't announced policy, but instead claimed the opposition hadn't. 
How will the US respond to Syria? Obama says he will bomb something. Maybe. Many claim Rudd will go on a G20 junket in the last two days prior to election. An admission of loss if he does. 
Happy birthday and many happy returns Ibn Jubayr (1145), Edward Alleyn (1566), Johann Pachelbel (1653), William IV, Prince of Orange (1711), Engelbert Humperdinck (1854), Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875), Rocky Marciano (1923), Conway Twitty (1933), Barry Gibb (1946), Phil McGraw (1950), Zendaya (1996). On your day, Start of the Liturgical year in the Eastern Orthodox Church; Father's Day in Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand (2013); Constitution Day in Slovakia
1529 – Sancti Spiritu, the first European settlement in Argentina, was destroyed by local natives.
1774 – Thomas Gage, royal governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, ordered soldiers to remove gunpowder from a magazine, causing Patriots to prepare for war.
1880 – The army of Mohammad Ayub Khan was routed by the British at the Battle of Kandahar, ending the Second Anglo-Afghan War.
1923 – The Great Kantō earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, struck the Kantō region of Japan, devastating Tokyo and Yokohama, and killing over an estimated 100,000 people.
1983 – Soviet jet interceptors shot down the civilian airliner Korean Air Lines Flight 007 (artist's rendition pictured) near Sakhalin Island in the North Pacific, killing all 246 passengers and 23 crew on board.
The land is sanctified. The order is given. The enemy is routed. Tokyo is shaken. Try and fly straight and true, to avoid tragedy Live long, and prosper.

Lust for power wrecked Labor’s future

Piers Akerman – Sunday, September 01, 2013 (6:03am)

IN the past six years, Labor has not only trashed its own brand but it has wrought incalculable damage to the Australian political fabric.
Assisted to an enormous degree by the propagandising power of the monolithic state broadcaster, the ABC, Labor, under Kevin Rudd, then Julia Gillard, then Rudd again, has crossed so many lines that it once claimed to respect that it may take decades to re-establish any sense of public trust.
The grotesque claims made by Rudd, flanked by Treasurer Chris Bowen and Finance Minister Penny Wong, about the cost of the Coalition’s policies on Thursday were so staggeringly outrageous that three federal economic agencies - the Departments of Treasury and Finance and the Parliamentary Budget office - took the unprecedented step of publicly rejecting Labor’s falsehoods.
Rudd accused the Coalition of a “$10 billion” fraud but it rapidly became apparent that the real frauds were Rudd, Bowen and Wong.
On cue, the trained sheep at the ABC started bleating a call for the Coalition to release its own costings while, true to form, overlooking the fact that the Coalition has said it will release its costings this week and not at 5pm next Friday as Labor has done to avoid scrutiny before the last two elections.
But while this stupendous lie put out by the increasingly desperate Labor camp is noteworthy because of its sheer brazenness, it is not that singular.
It is part of the pattern of deceit that Labor has engaged in since coming to office in 2007 in an attempt to camouflage its lack of principle and the mediocrity of its leadership.
There are the massive serial lies about the non-existent Budget surpluses and there are the standouts like “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead” but the constant barrage of deception has stripped Australian political life of the essential trust and transparency necessary for democracy to function smoothly.
Ironically, the trend was set in NSW, the State which Rudd effectively told to drop dead during this campaign with his ignorant remarks about Sydney’s need for a second airport and his harebrained scheme to move the naval presence from Sydney Harbour at a cost of upward of 4000 jobs.
Bob Carr, a failed former premier and a lacklustre Foreign Minister, but nevertheless a literary bloke, would well appreciate the Machiavellian crew that he recruited and trained in Macquarie Street and set loose on the federal ALP.
Former Opposition leader Kim Beazley was felled and replaced by Rudd by the NSW thugs who were later called upon to tilt the numbers for Gillard to knife Rudd. She, in turn, was betrayed by the Victorian Bill Shorten.
That Rudd received a momentary rise in popularity when he regained the Lodge was unsurprising - Gillard’s problems with the AWU investigation, her screeching tirade against Opposition leader Tony Abbott, her fostering of the handbag hit squad (whose proclaimed feminist members not only ignored former Speaker Peter Slipper’s disgusting observations on female genitalia but also quickly deserted the nation’s first female PM) - had made herself deeply unpopular.
Rudd’s also received a tick for his backflip on illegal boat arrivals, though that didn’t last either as the PNG Solution proved as phony as the East Timor Solution, and even more importantly, as the public recognised that the “new” Rudd was basically the same monomaniacal psychopath his colleagues had rebelled against three years ago.
The naked lust for power has effectively killed the ambitions of most of the current generation of Labor MPs.
Rudd is certainly finished, no matter whether he holds his seat or not, and he doesn’t deserve to.
The ticket being talked up to take over after the election, assuming that Abbott remains the likely winner is Bowen and Butler, as in Mark Butler, the current Climate Change Minister.
The best argument mounted for this ticket is that they are both grey men, or as one senior Labor figure told me: “They wouldn’t stand out on a Sydney bus.”
The high-flyers who were once touted as future Labor Prime Ministers are either going (like Craig Emerson) or too tarnished by their disloyalty (Shorten) or association with the current or former leadership to be salvageable.
Bowen, who may struggle to hold his seat, despite the ugly smear campaign he has been running against his opponent in McMahon, the respected former police officer Ray King, would still be lumbered with considerable baggage having spent his adult like working within Labor and the union movement.
Labor knows it has lost this one, it doesn’t yet know to build for the future.


Kevin Rudd can’t even get insults right

Miranda Devine – Sunday, September 01, 2013 (11:00am)

THE Prime Minister has adopted a novel form of political attack in the dying days of the election campaign.
He takes a potent Opposition criticism - that he’s a waffler, or talks too much, or is economically illiterate, or is temperamentally unsuited to high office, or will say anything to get elected - and fires it back at Tony Abbott.
Hence, Kevin Rudd’s claim last week that Abbott was talking “waffle, waffle, waffle and waffle,” even though the last thing you could call the Opposition Leader is a waffler.
His speaking style is more staccato sound bite.
Rudd’s new tactic seems absurd to anyone with half an ear on the news, but somewhere in dirty tricks land there must be a belief it works.
The problem is that insults only sting if they contain a nugget of truth.
“Does this guy ever shut up,” ?was ?devastating ?from Abbott because of Rudd’s unrelenting verbosity.
It doesn’t work on the guy who speaks six minutes less than his opponent during a debate. But it’s no surprise Labor can’t even get its negative messaging right, after its record of the past six years.
Its own shambolic performance is what’s hurting the government, not some imaginary conspiracy involving Rupert Murdoch. If Labor wants to know where it went wrong, it need look no further than the Rooty Hill People’s Forum.
Question after question was a reproach: “How do you combat the perception that the only thing Labor is good at is spending other people’s money?”; “Do you intend to keep on borrowing?”
There was the man who made the point that if his small trucking business didn’t run a modest surplus each year he’d go broke, so why was the government any different.
The woman who asked about Rudd destabilising Julia Gillard: “Do you honestly think people didn’t see through it?”
In Labor’s lost heartland, outside the Canberra bubble of protected jobs and easy money, Abbott’s critique of the government was indistinguishable from the audience’s.
Labor is heading for a wipeout in western Sydney under Rudd, as bad as anything Julia Gillard faced, according to the latest Newspoll, with a swing three? times? worse? than? in national polls and Tony Abbott preferred as prime minister by 46 to 40 per cent.
The Oxonian Rhodes Scholar, who grew up on the affluent north shore, is the candidate who connects with Labor’s heartland.
He likes a drink, he’s a volunteer firefighter and surf club member. He doesn’t wear Zegna suits. He’s been going on holiday on the NSW south coast with the same families for 20 years.
His roots in student politics were in the old Catholic arm of Labor, the DLP, not the toffy Young Liberals. His ordinary rugged blokeyness, and his instinctively moral language, strikes a chord in middle Australia. This is why Labor fears him more than any Liberal, and why character assassination is all that’s left.
But, as the Coalition campaign flicks to positive, voters are glimpsing a man who defies the characterisation of his enemies. They hear the testimony of a survivor of the 2005 Bali bombing who credits Abbott, on holiday with his family at the time, with saving his life.
They see a wholesome wife and daughters give lie to the claim that he is a weird misogynist.
They find his colleagues regard him as a motivating “captain coach” who has led the same cohesive team through three torrid years.
It’s no accident Tony Abbott’s campaign has been heavy on high-visibility vests and factory workers.
If he is coasting to victory this week, it is thanks to the voters the Labor party forgot aren’t mugs.



Tim Blair – Sunday, September 01, 2013 (3:44pm)

Kevin Rudd looks at his watch. Sexist.



Tim Blair – Sunday, September 01, 2013 (10:43am)

Fairfax’s Sun-Herald and Sunday Age both endorse the Coalition. Lady pages correspondent Clementine Ford is still holding out, however: 
All of this will be pretty much null and void come September 7 and all the joy and happiness is sucked out of the world into the black hole that is the Coalition’s moral centre.
Why, just the thought of it makes me want to weep. 
UPDATE. Fairfax slams Labor
On Thursday, the Fairfax-owned national rural weekly The Land carried a front page headline ‘’LABOR’S EPIC FAIL’’, giving the government a ‘’F’’ grade on a range of agricultural issues, based on a survey of 1095 voters in rural areas. It said 49 per cent of people it polled intended to vote for the Liberals, and another 30 per cent would vote for the Nationals. Just 6 per cent would vote Labor, 4 per cent Independent, 3 per cent Greens and 8 per cent ‘’other’’. 


Can you trust a word Palmer says?

Andrew Bolt September 01 2013 (11:01am)

Clive Palmer today on Meet The Press claimed he didn’t hang up on ABC host Jon Faine. His mobile phone just dropped out.
It would invited tiresome legal reprisals to call Palmer, litigious head of the Palmer United Palmer, a barefaced liar. Instead, I’ll play the tape of his call and invite you to make your own conclusions on the evidence:

Mr Palmer then said ‘’goodbye’’ and hung up. Faine said that when his producers called Mr Palmer back, he told them to ‘’get stuffed’’.


The Bolt Report today

Andrew Bolt September 01 2013 (11:00am)

On The Bolt Report on Channel 10: Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon, John Della Bosca and Michael Kroger.
Plus the most stupid stunt of the campaign - drawn from a rich field.
Today at 10am and 4pm.

The twitter feed.
The place the videos appear.
ANDREW BOLT, PRESENTER: Kevin Rudd had a sudden thought this week - move the Navy base in Sydney to Brisbane. Forget the Navy is against it. Forget telling the New South Wales Premier first.
BARRY O’FARRELL: Morning, Kevin. A phone call would have been helpful. A phone call would have been helpful.
KEVIN RUDD: It’s called a national security, and – and you said-
BARRY O’FARRELL: 4,000 jobs. 4,000 jobs.
KEVIN RUDD: G’day mate.
BARRY O’FARRELL: I’m happy to share.
KEVIN RUDD: Good on you.
BARRY O’FARRELL: Your predecessor could share. You should learn to share.
ANDREW BOLT: At this week’s debate Rudd had another sudden idea - restrict land sales to foreigners.
KEVIN RUDD: I think when it comes to rural land, but land more generally, we perhaps need to adopt a more cautious approach.
ANDREW BOLT: Joel Fitzgibbon is the Agriculture Minister and joins me from Brisbane, where Labor will today launch its campaign. Joel, thanks for joining me. When did Kevin Rudd first tell you he wanted more restrictions on foreign ownership of farmland?
JOEL FITZGIBBON: Can I, first of all, Andrew, thank you for your endorsement – on behalf of the party, thank you for your endorsement this morning. Like the Murdoch papers the only thing that was missing was the AEC authorisation.
ANDREW BOLT: It’s authorised by me, and written by me.
JOEL FITZGIBBON: Who needs enemies when we have friends like you.
ANDREW BOLT: Ah, thank you. But Joel, when did you first get asked - told by Kevin Rudd that what he wanted was more restrictions on farmland?
JOEL FITZGIBBON: We have often had had that conversation, Andrew, believe it or not. He - what he did in the debate is speak his mind. And I think most people would have welcomed that. People are sick of politicians reading from the script. You know
I’ve got a view about that. Kevin expressed a long-held genuine anxiety about foreign investment in agricultural land.
ANDREW BOLT: So what is he doing about it?
JOEL FITZGIBBON: We have some policies – well, we’ve got some policies out there, Andrew, particularly the new register on foreign investment in agricultural land. And that will, for the first time-
ANDREW BOLT: A register doesn’t do anything. It just tells you - it just tells you who owns it. It doesn’t do anything.
JOEL FITZGIBBON: Well, he also – okay, well he also talked about his preferences for joint ventures and a cooperative approach to investment. That means a farmer, for example - I will give you a basic example. A farmer or pastoralist has got a large tract of land. He is looking to the dining boom in Asia, he knows he can lift his profitability by targeting Asia. But he needs about, you know, $3 million to put in some infrastructure and lift the productive capacity of his land. He can only raise half of that, so he invites in a foreign investor to venture with him to raise that profitability. I mean, that’s a perfect example of us being inviting of foreign investment while maintaining some sovereignty over our agricultural land. I think that’s a good thing.
ANDREW BOLT: Yeah, but Joel, you’re talking about actually welcoming more investment. He was talking about closing it. This is what I’m thinking, is, it seems to me a bit that-
JOEL FITZGIBBON: No, no. I don’t think he was.
ANDREW BOLT: He is making up policies as he goes along. Was bringing him back a mistake?
JOEL FITZGIBBON: No. Andrew, that question I assume is premised on the idea that we’re about to lose this election. Now, I know the polling is not fantastic for us at the moment. But they say a day is a long time in politics and a week is an eternity. And we are competitive. And we haven’t given up on this election.
ANDREW BOLT: How many seats do you think you would have lost under Julia Gillard had you not made the switch?


Wait: who asked Fairfax to join our conspiracy?

Andrew Bolt September 01 2013 (10:54am)

A Sunday newspaper backs Tony Abbott:
One of Mr Abbott’s most potent lines at the Coalition’s campaign launch was: ‘’If the people who’ve worked with Mr Rudd don’t trust him, why should you?’’… Mr Abbott, it must be said, has led a united, disciplined team for three years…
(We) say the Coalition deserves to win.

If this newspaper were owned by Rupert Murdoch Labor would scream conspiracy. 


Climate Sceptics Party warm to Labor

Andrew Bolt September 01 2013 (6:00am)

The Climate Sceptics Party says it’s against the carbon dioxide tax. Small problem:

Why then does its Senate preference flow to Labor ahead of the Liberal and National parties in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania?


Labor’s five deadly sins

Andrew Bolt September 01 2013 (5:48am)

THIS election isn’t really about the economy. That’s not why furious voters will on Saturday bury this miserable government.
It is more about sin.
Yes, sin is an unfashionable word, but no other explains why Labor is so widely despised and distrusted.
Arguments about deficits don’t explain this anger. Labor boasting how it saved us from recession won’t calm it.
Labor’s greatest failing is that has lied and cheated. It has smeared and divided. And when people protested, it grabbed their throats to shut them up. 


Galaxy - Coalition heading to a 53-47 win

Andrew Bolt September 01 2013 (5:31am)

A Galaxy poll confirms Labor is heading for a heavy defeat - with the possibility of still worse if the marginal seats swing is indeed worse than the national one:
On a two party preferred basis the Coalition is on track for a 53:47 result and a 3 per cent national swing since the 2010 election…
An exclusive analysis of Galaxy polls during the campaign suggests swings of 4 per cent to the Liberals in the marginals polled, delivering a likely majority of up to 90 seats in the 150 seat Parliament…
If the 53:47 Galaxy result was replicated on election day in a uniform national swing it would deliver an 86 seat majority in the 150 seat Parliament.
The two Labor losses originally tipped in Western Australia could be just one:

PERTH’s political iron lady Alannah MacTiernan ... won’t just hold the seat of Perth, she is set to increase Labor’s margin, according to this week’s poll…
Ms MacTiernan’s primary support - 47 per cent - is almost 7 per cent up on the result secured by Stephen Smith at the 2010 election. Mr Smith, the Defence Minister, is retiring…
The poll ...  has federal resources Minister Gary Gray in the fight of his life to retain Brand. Gray is neck and neck with Liberal candidate Donna Gordin in their contest to win WA’s most marginal seat...
(Thanks to reader Peter.)
I’m surprised Labor’s vote isn’t lower, actually. 


Mundine blasts Rudd’s “lies”

Andrew Bolt September 01 2013 (5:17am)

Kevin Rudd’s costings debacle - being called out by the heads of Treasury and Finance for lying - hasn’t impressed former Labor national president Warren Mundine:
I’m sure Rudd need only ring for more such good advice:

Rudd held up his phone and said Mundine’s number was saved in there. He would “happily” ask him for advice, Rudd said: “The door’s always open to Warren. He’s a good guy and I welcome his contribution to all sides of politics.”


Pauline Hanson could help deny Tony Abbott Senate control

Andrew Bolt September 01 2013 (5:11am)

Tony Abbott badly needs to win the Senate to keep his promise to scrap the carbon tax - without calling a double dissolution election. But:

The record number of groups with no track record makes the detailed Senate outcome impossible to forecast. But simulations by Fairfax Media and online electoral watchers using ABC analyst Antony Green’s online Senate calculator suggest that: 
- One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has a serious chance of defeating the Liberals’ intended finance minister, Senator Arthur Sinodinos, for one of the two final seats in NSW.
- Family First, which won a Senate seat in Victoria in 2004 with 1.9 per cent of the vote, could do it again, with their lead candidate Ashley Fenn rated a 50/50 chance of unseating Liberal senator Helen Kroger.
- The Coalition is odds on to lose a further seat in Queensland, probably to country singer James Blundell of Way Out West fame, running for Bob Katter’s Australia Party, but possibly to the Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party, One Nation or the Australian Christians.


Rudd cracks, staff claps

Andrew Bolt September 01 2013 (5:08am)

Big surprise. The new, reformed Kevin is just the old one:
The Fairfax Media analysis comes as reports emerge of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s behind-the-scenes fury at how events have soured for him. According to several sources, his travelling party has witnessed familiar outbursts of anger and a growing cranky demeanour from the PM, while campaign headquarters in Melbourne is at a low ebb. Staff members who have dared to voice opinions and challenge strategies have been removed, leaving a sense of distrust and insecurity among those remaining.
Frustration is also growing at how Mr Rudd and his pseudo campaign manager, Bruce Hawker, have been freewheeling on strategies and policy. “The mood is so depressed. It’s like there is no reason left to keep fighting,” one insider said.
Well, there isn’t if you stupidly think you were brought back to win. There is if you realise you were brought back to minimise the losses. A humble man would know the vital difference.
The mood is so bad in Labor campaign headquarters that drastic measures are called for:
To raise morale, staff at CHQ are encouraged to clap each other. In the event of a daily “win”, staff stand around applauding their colleagues. “It’s happening daily. It’s really weird,’’ one staffer says.
But the bosses there are not clapping but filing - keeping their notes for the reckoning to come:
It was CHQ where Defence Minister Stephen Smith was spotted on the day of the PM’s announcement he would move navy facilities on Sydney’s Garden Island to Brisbane.
Campaign staff were aghast the PM chose to announce a plan to screw Sydney - while he was actually in Sydney....
“Emails have started from campaign directors to [Labor campaign chief George Wright] laying an audit trail for the review, outlining the major flaws in communication of messaging out to seats,’’ says a Labor source. “All policy is being made up on the road, with no one wanting to disagree with Bruce or Kevin for fear of being fired.
“The message of the day sent out from CHQ to seat directors never matches what Kevin stands up and says, campaigners end up wasting their day pulling together materials and stand-ups on an incorrect message. The Canberra press office is even worse off, not even CHQ filling them in, press secretaries there are left to wander the gallery with no information on what is happening that day, relying on watching Sky News to piece the day’s message together. It’s a complete shambles.” 

David frost

VETERAN broadcaster Sir David Frost has died from a heart attack aged 74, his family says.
Sir David died on Saturday night on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, where he was due to give a speech.
Known for incisive interviews with the leading figures of his time, and perhaps most famously disgraced US president Richard Nixon, Sir David spent more than 50 years as a television star.
British Prime Minister David Cameron was quick to send his condolences and tweeted: "My heart goes out to David Frost's family. He could be - and certainly was with me - both a friend and a fearsome interviewer".
In a statement to BBC News, Sir David's family said: "His family are devastated and ask for privacy at this difficult time. A family funeral will be held in the near future and details of a memorial service will be announced in due course."
His Sunday morning interview program Breakfast with Frost ran on the BBC from January 1993 until May 2005.
In recent years he worked for al-Jazeera English and had recently interviewed F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

Read more:

RIP, I didn't like his attempted assault on Nixon, but appreciated his style. - ed










“It’s not going to be easy to reverse the forces that have conspired for decades against working Americans.”

Click for details on Obama's holiday weekend address...

#OnThisDay in 1968: Malcolm Nash to Garry Sobers: 6 6 6 6 6 6

BREAKING: Former South African President Nelson Mandela has been discharged from hospital.

The 95-year-old anti-apartheid icon will now continue his recovery at his Johannesberg home. Read the statement from The Presidency here:

#Madiba #9News

It's confirmed.

The Sydney Swans will face Hawthorn in a qualifying final at the MCG on Friday night from 7.50pm.

For ticket buying details and FAQs, visit our 2013 finals hub -

And the search is on! #whereswally?

After the administration spent days laying out the case for a strike against Syria, President Obama decides to wait for congressional authorization. 

Tomorrow, Secretary of State John Kerry joins Fox News Sunday to discuss the president's decision. Check your local listings or tune in to Fox News Channel at 2p and 6p ET.
"The last time the government was knocked off course by Parliament like this was in the 1780s when Parliament accepted that we’d lost the war of American independence and gave up America, so this is a pretty important event."

A brilliant piece. On why Labor blaming Murdoch for his news coverage is an insult to your intelligence. You don't need to agree with me, you just need to THINK for yourself and exercise your free choice.
Sunday Telegraph from cover: click to embiggen

Asking to prove who you are is racist? 

That's ridiculous,
Vladimir Putin (Владимир Путин): "Claims that the proof exists, but is classified and cannot be presented to anybody are below criticism. This is plain disrespect for their partners."
US President Barack Obama meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, Monday, June 17, 2013. (photo credit: AP/Evan Vucci)
Apparently, officials in Jerusalem were said to be unsurprised by Obama’s decision.

Were YOU surprised?
IRANIAN CHIEF OF STAFF: "The US imagination about limited military intervention in Syria is merely an illusion, as reactions will be coming from beyond Syria’s borders."

4 her
Munchausen syndrome patients tell falsehoods about themselves, but in scenarios of Munchausen by proxy, a caregiver invents medical conditions for his or her children, often inducing symptoms in them to better illustrate the lie. Because the condition extends to unknowing minors, Munchausen by proxy is typically considered a severe form of child abuse.

God’s people may suffer may even be martyred but they are sealed as his. Revelation 6:1-8:5

Phillip Jensen.


"A friend of my mother's found a tape of me auditioning for Hermione. I wanted to get really, really good at my lines. There was reel after reel, take after take, of me doing the same thing over and over again."



During a press briefing at the White House Friday morning regarding a possible attack on Syria, Barack Obama referred to the U.S. military as “my military.”
“As I have already said, I have had MY MILITARY and our team look at a wide range of options.”
Of course, Obama sympathizers were quick to defend Dear Leader on social media sites Friday night, many suggesting it was simply a slip of the presidential tongue. Sure it was. The Narcissist-in-Chief has referred to “my government” earlier in his presidency.
“My military” is sure to be a great hit with our proud men and women in uniform. Although – now O’s “I Killed Osama Bin Laden” Victory Tour makes a little more sense, doesn’t it?
Funny how Mr. Obama owns everything. Except his failures. Those always belong to someone else.


Dr. Phil
You teach people how to treat you.

Dr. Phil
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C'mon Queenslanders. Don't let me down on Sept 7..nothing worse than letting the "Mexicans" down south beat you at kicking out Labor.
Matt Granz Photography
Twilight at the Bridge, or dusk, or blue hour... whatever you want to call it, is a favorite time of day... er, or night... to shoot this legendary icon. Tonight was no exception. 

If you like this pic, please feel free to share it. It is also available as a print at:

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4 her

Wish you a very happy life 

Welcome to this world 

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My new book on the 10 Commandments has just arrived. This is the distillation of 14 years of teaching…


Praying with my son Josh as we helicopter to our 5th day of teaching seminars to pastors each morning, advising provincial leaders each afternoon, and leading national thanksgiving rallies each evening in RWANDA's 5 provinces


Allen West
In response to President Obama's empty speech, Sir, you turned your back on Americans in Benghazi, so do not pretend to lecture us about obligation. He is afraid to make a decision so is now setting up Congress for the blame. We should not commit our Military because Obama said something stupid and especially since he does not have a strategic or operational objective. Perhaps if he had not decided to "end the Iraq War" and left a residual force on the Iraq-Syrian border we would not have this situation. I guess this is not so time sensitive, but it is a confirmation of Obama's weakness. NO authorization for military action in Syria.


It's a tall order: make a material that conducts electricity, stretches like rubber, expands and contracts when hit with electric current, and is clear as glass. There have been many attempts, but they've all fallen short.
Now a Harvard University team has done it by combining a transparent hydrogel with a conductive polymer that behaves like a motor. The work could lead to artificial muscles, transparent loudspeakers and power sources that generate electricity when squeezed or stretched.
The study, led by Zhigang Suo, professor of mechanics and materials, appears in this week's journal Science.
"Suo and his team combined, in a very clever way, two known things," said John Rogers, a materials science professor at the University of Illinois, who has done extensive work on flexible, implantable devices. "The result -- a transparent, artificial muscle -- is something that is new, and potentially important as a technology for noise cancelling windows, haptic display interfaces, tunable optics and others." Rogers was not involved in this study.
Stretchable electronics have been made with networks of ultra-thin metal wires, embedding stiff conductive "islands" of electronic components in stretchable sheets, or by using carbon nanotubes. Some research teams have tried mixing polymers with metals. But none of these approaches has been ideal. They are not as flexible or conductive as materials scientists would like.
The Harvard team managed to make a conducting material that stretches as much as good rubber, up to five times its length.
To make the hydrogel, Suo and his colleagues combined a chemical called polyacrylamide with salt water. In the mixture, the polyacrylamide molecules formed a lattice, and the salt ions, which conduct electricity, occupied the open spaces. One surprise was the conductivity -- it was about as good as a typical touch screen. "Typically an ionic conductor like this is several orders of magnitude lower. They were written off as viable conductors," Suo said.
Next, they put a thin layer of the hydrogel, just 100 microns, on both sides of a piece of elastic adhesive mounting tape.
Essentially what they created was a three-layer "sandwich," with the tape serving as an insulating material sandwiched between the two conducting layers of hydrogel. Next, the researchers attached a copper electrode to each end of the sandwich.
When they ran a current through the electrodes, the sheet expanded and contracted, depending on how much voltage was applied.
This is just the way muscles work; an electrical signal from the nervous system goes to a muscle and causes it to contract or expand. And it's also how speakers make sound. In both cases, current is causing the material to change shape.
In one experiment the scientists attached the other end of the electrodes to a music player and added a current. The rubber sheet vibrated, just like a speaker diaphragm.
If the polymer sheet was squeezed or stretched, either by pinching it or when it vibrated in response to sound, it also generated a small current -- just like some types of condenser or ribbon microphones do.
Suo suggested that the transparent sheet could work as an active noise-cancelling layer on windows. The vibrations from loud noises would make the hydrogel generate an electric current, which could be be used to produce another signal to cancel out the sound.
"We're all, evidently, excited about the possibilities," Rogers said.

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makerbot, stratasys, 3D, Printer, Printing

After being adopted by rocket scientists, manufacturers and doctors for years, three dimensional printing is finally getting to the point where regular people can understand it, and now they are starting to use it in their homes.
With the help of smaller, user-friendly at-home printers and growing awareness, 3D printing is reaching new levels of adoption, allowing people for the first time since the technology's inception to buy personal printers for in-home use to make anything from basketballs and wine glasses to edible pastries.   
A report released this week by Citi (C) predicts 3D printing is on the “cusp of seeing much broader adoption” that could more than triple the current $2 billion market by 2017.
The brokerage started coverage on the major publicly-traded 3D makers – 3D Systems (DDD) and Stratasys (SSYS) -- with a “buy,” sending their stocks to new highs on Monday.
“As awareness of the technology’s capabilities evolves, we believe demand for print systems, materials and custom parts will accelerate,” said Kenneth Wong, an analyst at Citi.
President Barack Obama once called 3D printers the future of manufacturing. And now, after years of building parts for jet engines and consumer products like Invisalign (NASA even tested the largest-ever rocket engine component last week and generated a record 20,000 pounds of thrust), 3D printing is starting to make its way into the standard home.
“For the average American consumer, 3D printing is ready for showtime,” Michigan Technological University researcher Joshua Pearce said in an interview with the university, where he serves as an associate professor.
Pearce sees demand surging as real cost savings begin adding up for families that opt to use 3D printers. In a recent study around the cost of making versus buying household items, Pearce says consumers could save anywhere from $300 to $2,000 a year by adopting open-source 3D printers, with the printer paying for itself in a few months to a few years.
“The typical family can already save a great deal of money by making things with a 3D printer instead of buying them off the shelf,” he said.
Attempting to address the growing consumer market, 3D Systems now offers a suite of at-home personal computers that start for $1,399 or as much as $4,399 for more advanced ones capable of printing multiple colors and materials simultaneously.
However, Pearce warns costs will have to come down further for 3D printers to become as ubiquitous as electronic 2D printers that etch ink onto paper.
Brownie on the Spot?
Among some of the initial adaptions of at-home 3D printing will likely be on-the-spot food like pastries or entertainment items like toys, says Hod Lipson, Cornell University’s leading voice on 3D printing and the author of “Fabricated: A New World of 3D Printing.”
He says 3D printing today is equivalent to the state of computers in the early 1980s and has the potential to grow very quickly.
“Will it end up in every person’s home? I think the answer is yes,” Lipson said, though he hedged by saying they’ll likely come in many forms, some plastic, others in the cloud, similar to the way computers have transformed over the last 30 years.
For example, people illiterate in the kitchen may find the printer a necessary tool one day, enabling them to whip up meals like eggs or pastries using edible inks while working off a seemingly endless Rolodex of online recipes.
Of course, there are more than just cost challenges that linger, including educating people on the benefits of 3D printing. Most people, for example, don’t realize Invisalign see-through braces are made at a pace of roughly 50,000 a day using industrial 3D printers, according to Lipson.
In fact, 3D printing is responsible for a vast array of materials and products on the market today.
Other people won’t want to wait the few hours it takes to build something like a cup or bother with the learning curve. 
But once consumers begin to understand the real-life capabilities of 3D printing, and as prices decline, printer manufacturers like 3D Systems may be able to tap a new market of designers and entrepreneurs able to think up, design and produce new items in ways they’ve never been able to do before.
“With the exponential growth of free designs and expansion of 3D printing, we are creating enormous potential wealth for everyone,” Pearce said. “It would be a different kind of capitalism, where you don’t need a lot of money to create wealth for yourself or even start a business.”

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A 3D printer can do that? Wow! I'll have two! ed
“P. J. O'Rourke famously said that if you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free,” said Avik Roy, of the Manhattan Institute. “Once you lard on all these additional things, all these extras that insurers must provide, you have to pay for that."

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The controversial Dunkin' Donuts ad.

DUNKIN' Donuts, an American doughnut company, has apologised for the "insensitivity" of an advertising campaign in Thailand featuring a woman in blackface makeup.
The Dunkin' Donuts franchise in Thailand came under criticism on Friday after Human Rights Watch called the advertisements "bizarre and racist."
The company's chief executive in Thailand initially defended the campaign but the US headquarters quickly followed up with an apology.
"We are working with our Thailand franchisee to immediately pull the ad. DD recognises the insensitivity of this spot" Dunkin' Donuts said in a tweet posted on its official US website after complaints erupted on Twitter, in a variety of blogs and in mainstream American media.
The local franchise launched the advertisement earlier this month to promote its new "Charcoal Donut."
In posters, TV commercials and on Facebook, the campaign shows a smiling woman with blackface makeup, bright pink lipstick and a jet black 1950s-style beehive hairdo holding up a bit black doughnut. The slogan in Thai reads: "Break every rule of deliciousness."
Critics say the image is reminiscent of 19th and early 20th century American stereotypes for black people that are now considered offensive symbols of a racist era.
The New York-based Human Rights Watch said it was shocked to see an American brand name running an advertising campaign that would draw "howls of outrage" if released in the United States.
The campaign hasn't ruffled many in Thailand, where it's common for advertisements to use racial stereotypes.
Hours before the apology was issued by Dunkin' Donuts headquarters, the company's chief executive in Thailand dismissed the criticism as "paranoid American thinking."
"It's absolutely ridiculous," the CEO Nadim Salhani said in a telephone interview.
"We're not allowed to use black to promote our doughnuts? I don't get it. What's the big fuss? What if the product was white and I painted someone white, would that be racist?"
- AP
Racist or harmless? Have your say on Twitter: @newscomauHQ

Read more:

It isn't racist .. it isn't even in poor taste .. some people are hyper sensitive .. ed

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The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth. Niels Bohr (1885 - 1962)

Obama and Assad's Blood Stained Line

A line in the sand is a metaphor with two similar meanings:
  • The first meaning is of a point (physical, decisional, etc.) beyond which one will proceed no further.  
  • The second meaning is that of a point beyond which, once the decision to go beyond it is made, the decision and its resulting consequences are permanently decided and irreversible.

It is generally believed that if someone should “cross the line” than their behavior is wrong and not socially acceptable. The recent use by President Assad of chemical weapons, whose use was banned in warfare by a 1925 international treaty, does indeed cross a line, into a sort of brutality so extreme that the civilized world cannot afford to tolerate it.

President Obama left his proverbial “fly open” by making multiple “Line in the sand” threats to end the civil war in Syria. His lack of immediate response not only embarrassed himself but his has made a mockery of his administration as well. This bloody civil war has been raging for more than two years and has claimed 100,000 casualties, many of them in atrocities that shock the conscience. President Obama’s failure to enact his threats to stop this bloodshed has stained all brave Americans. It is hoped by many American's that after tonight's speech that President Obama has come to the conclusion to never make a threat if you can't carry it out. As President he needs to know that; "When placed in command — take charge." And that "Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, do without the strategy."

Like some spoiled grade school kid to the school bully he threatened President Bashar Assad, of "Red Lines" and than he stepped back. The people of the world and the Middle East now know that the US which was once feared by evil leaders as the "most powerful Democracy" is in reality a weak kneed "Paper Lion".

From my own personal experience in life I agree with the words of late Four Star General and Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Central Command of the Coalition Forces in the Gulf War of 1991 H. NormanSchwarzkopf, Jr. that; “Any soldier worth his salt should be antiwar.” And that;

"A professional soldier understands that war means killing people, war means maiming people, war means families left without fathers and mothers. All you have to do is hold your first dying soldier in your arms, and have that terribly futile feeling that his life is flowing out and you can’t do anything about it. Then you understand the horror of war.”

As an Israeli I will reiterate that I personally do not want the US to get involved in Syria because most Americans do not have the faintest idea of what makes up the Middle East.

I stand firmly behind the fact that Americans should not have to sacrifice their kids for either side in the quagmire that the Syrian Civil War has become. What with it’s two warring fractions that I term "Bad" or "Even Worst".
It is my fervent wish; I hope it is yours too, for them to murder each other in droves. The “Pro Assad” "Secular" Baath regime is being backed by the fanatically religious Shi'ite regime of Iran and their Lebanese lackeys the Hezbollah. The rebels are a confused mixture with a new and odious vicious group The Chechnian Al Qaeda.
This particularly vicious radical and fanatical Sunni Moslem religious group is involved in the fighting and they are getting stronger. For the moment they are fighting against the forces of Assad and the Hezbollah. And for once I actually agree withRussian President Vladimir Putkin and with the Ruskies that as long as the Al Qaeda’s Chechen, Caucasian fighters are getting killed and the Hezbollah are being killed we should be immensely thankful! As my Christian Lebanese friend says; “Inshallah may they continue!” 

As an American, President Obama is right on the count that he needs to know that at least the US Congress will back him up. When the US Congress reconvenes I think that it is about time that all US voters/taxpayers wipe the smirk smiles off those Arab faces. Use this “Golden Opportunity” to take immediate action to bombard your representatives, congressmen and Senators to wake up and cut off ALL foreign aid to ALL Arab countries, the UN and especially UNWRA!!!

IF the Arabs are “Laughing” at the USA than Let them “foot” the bill LITERALLY. After all the billions if not trillions in US Tax dollars spent on saving the wrong guy in Arab countries over the years. It is time for the Arabs primarily Saudi Arabia -your "US Gas Dollars at work" to police the area. AND the USA should demand repayment! Why should you Americas spend your hard owned tax dollars to protect the lavish lifestyles of the Saudi Princes? And what do YOU the US Taxpayer's have to say to this? Did I hear any of you writing your congressman about cutting US Aid to the Arabs?

I mean wouldn’t it be nice to get back the TRILLIONS wasted on protecting Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Gulf State Emirates to pay for America schools, Health Care and aging infrastructure?

American naiveté of the Middle East can be further witnessed in an interview to Al Arabiya, few days after his inauguration, Obama declared: "my job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy.  President Obama in his infamous "A New Beginning" speech in Cairo in June of 2009 embarrassed himself and the American people by trying to "make up" with Islam. At that time that Egypt was chosen because as White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated; "it is a country that in many ways represents the heart of the Arab world.

President Obama and his adviser's fiasco of not comprehending the Middle East is further exasperated in his lauding of the "Election" of the Moslem Brotherhood leadership in President Morsi. In the aftermath of what the imbeciles of the BBC and CNN termed the "Arab Spring" protests in Tahrir Square of the moderate secular middle class youth. And though the Army had supported Mubarak through his decades-long rule, it became increasingly clear that the Moslem Brotherhood had the best political operation and would likely win the popular vote in the elections of 2012 Ever-pragmatic businessmen, the military officers realized that they had to negotiate with their erstwhile enemies, to protect their own institutions, perks, and bank accounts, they would have to step in on the side of the protesters against Mubarak. When Morsi turned autocratic and the Brotherhood subverted the popular will, Egypt received little in support from the U.S. it seemed a clear message from the White House.

The extremely fanatical Islamic fundamentalist group which had been outlawed by the Egyptians, who knew what they were all about, were released from their “Pandora box”. Suddenly they took over as the Nazis did through “Democratic” elections because the Moderate and seculars “thought they had the elections in the bag” did not realize that the Moslem Brotherhood out numbered them. These Sixth Century backward uneducated  Islamic religious fanatics began to reverse Egypt, like Iran in 1979.

“Luckily” the secular Egyptian military leadership reversed all this is their coup. And for once it was a military Juanta that took control to bring sanity back to what was once a close ally to the US.  But President Obama and his advisors once again have shown their ignorance by siding with the “Democratically Elected” Mohamed Morsi and by ostracizing the Egyptian Military leader General AbdelFattah al-Sisi. As he bluntly told The Washington Post in a rare recent interview: “You turned your back on the Egyptians, and they won’t forget that.” Since the overthrow of the Moslem Brotherhood and Morsi’s, the Sunni royals of the Gulf states have secured billions of dollars in aid from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who have their own agenda in Egypt. Because of this slap in the face by President Obama the Egyptian Minister of Defense ordered that “No (US) warship has the right to pass through the Suez Canal to attack Syria

I seriously doubt that Americans are aware that Al-Sisi was selected to attend the U.S. Army War College in 2006 during a severely traumatic period in the Middle East—for Americans as well as for Arabs. It was while at the War College, al-Sisi wrote an 11-page academic paper titled “Democracy in the Middle East.” In his paper he pointed out the influence of Christianity and its culture on American government, especially in its early days, drawing a parallel with the role of Islam now in the establishment of nascent Middle Eastern democracies. Al-Sisi wrote that whereas Americans believe in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” Islamic cultures cling to principles of “fairness, justice, equality, unity, and charity,” he argued. Americans look to their republic’s Founding Fathers for guidance; Muslims cherish the memory of the ancient caliphate. It is ironic that in this paper he states that “this does not mean a theocracy will be established,” wrote al-Sisi, “rather it means a democracy will be established based on Islamic beliefs.”

And another fact  to note is that since the Camp David peace accords 1978 more than $1.4 billion a year from the United Statespours into the coffers of the Egyptian military. In order to keep its officers and soldiers loyal the Egyptian military pays out rich dividends to them. The military draws on recruits from throughout Egyptian society, a state habitually plagued by nepotism and corruption. As officers move up the ranks, they move ever-more deeply into a world intentionally isolated from the rest of the country. They have their own apartments, their own clubs, their own schools and stores. The Army has its own manufacturing empire and a vast construction business that frequently shuts out the private sector in bids for contracts with little or no public accountability.

As to the embarrassing fall of our once staunch ally in the United Kingdom. The vote in the English House of Commons shows not only the war weariness of the English people but it is a warning bell to the people of England and Europe of the spread and rise in population of their Moslem constituents and their growing political power from within.

The quagmire we live in today vis a vis the Arab world is a direct outcome of those who still cannot comprehend the hidden agenda and rise of post 9/11 radical Islam.

Since taking office, Obama stated his support for the creation of a "Falestinian" state and announced that he would engage in negotiations with Iran. He also declared he opposed Israeli settlements and wanted to revive "Falestinian" peace talks. Binyamin Netanyahu’s six-year old policy, which was oriented on engendering understanding with Barack Obama, is in ruins as Bibi now has to wipe egg off his face.

And of course yet again we in Israel have been left holding the proverbial bag and have been put in a tight spot on three counts:
1.  The hostile Iran-Syrian-Hezbollah bloc comes out strengthened;
2.  Tehran can feel free to develop a nuclear bomb without fear of resolute US interference;
3.  Hezbollah can celebrate its backing for the winning horse in Damascus.

In the meantime “Wile E. Coyote” aka Bashar Assad and his Iranian partners now have all the time in the world to line up their counter moves. And we will continue to hear the laughter from the whole Arab world of what a total fool and weak leader the US has.


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"Our security and our values demand that we cannot turn away from the massacre of countless civilians with chemical weapons. And our democracy is stronger when the President and the peoples’ representatives stand together. I am ready to act in the face of this outrage.

Today, I am asking Congress to send a message to the world that we are ready to move forward together as one nation." —President Obama in a statement today on Syria.

Watch —>
Hard to reconcile with his actions over Benghazi - ed
Kidron River
 It’s raw sewage!
The Dutch government has told a private firm not to take part in building a sewage treatment facility, because it is “over the green line” (or as Haaretz call it, the 67 border).
The Dutch government has asked the country’s largest engineering company to rethink its participation in a project with the Jerusalem municipality because the project is based on the Palestinian side of the 1967 border. Foreign Ministry officials fear that this will be a trend in Europe, not an isolated incident.
The project by Royal HaskoningDHV involves Israeli company Mati, a subsidiary of Hagihon, the municipality’s water and sewage company.
In the project, a sewage treatment plant would be built to battle the pollution in the Kidron stream, which runs from the Mount of Olives and the village of Silwan in East Jerusalem toward the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim and the Dead Sea. The plant is to be built in Area C, under full Israeli military and civilian control.
According to a senior official in the Foreign Ministry, the municipality told the ministry two weeks ago about problems linked to the project. Royal HaskoningDHV officials told the municipality that the Dutch Foreign Ministry had warned about the possible consequences of carrying out projects for Israeli companies in East Jerusalem or the West Bank.
Dutch Foreign Ministry officials told Royal HaskoningDHV that such a project would violate international law, leading the company to consider pulling out of the project to avoid financial, legal and image problems.
The Dutch, as the EU, would rather Palestinians will drink their own shit than tarnish it’s image by having a private Dutch company help the environment and the Palestinians.
Edit: this entry wrongly claimed it was the EU was the one to press the Dutch firm Royal HaskoningDHV. It was the Dutch government. J.D.

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Houston police have released surveillance photos of the three suspects involved in a deadly robbery at a west Houston Denny’s restaurant. The suspects killed in cold blood a man who was just trying to protect a child, and now that victim’s son is speaking out.
The photos, which were released late Wednesday, show the chaos that unfolded inside the restaurant late Monday night.
A day after Greig Placette was shot and killed during a restaurant robbery, his son Drue is still struggling with the reality of it.

A hate crime? ed

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By Jonathan Tobin
Rant by CLAL's Irwin Kula ranks somewhere between the musings of a Marxist high school sophomore and the product of an Occupy Wall Street tent city seminar conducted in a haze of marijuana smoke | Absent the ability to make moral distinctions, ethics is a meaningless concept. Indeed, if you can't tell the difference between, say, a despotic theocracy and a genuine if flawed democracy, you are in a poor position to claim any moral authority, let alone speak for a great religious tradition grounded in the Torah and the work of countless generations of Jewish scholars.
Yet that is the position that CLAL—The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership finds itself in today. Founded in 1974 by Rabbi Irving "Yitz" Greenberg, CLAL's main initial focus was to forge a sense of Jewish unity in an American community divided by bickering denominations and a vast array of political and religious disputes.
If today, 16 years after Greenberg retired and was replaced by Rabbi Irwin Kula, many of its efforts often might be mistaken for a faint shadow of whatever liberal conventional wisdom recently came down the pike, its slogan "The Hebrew word for inclusive" still highlights a brand that is rooted in the idea of bringing together a diverse Jewish community.
Kula has never been mistaken for Greenberg, whose centrism was not just a pose but also a genuine conviction (he was fond of saying that no matter which denomination you belonged to, you had something to be ashamed of).
Rather than tell each segment of American Jewry hard truths, Kula has specialized in telling liberal Jewish audiences what they want to hear. But while there has never been much doubt that he is a figure of the left, something he posted on his official Facebook page on Tuesday that claimed Iran's faux elections are little different from America's democratic system calls into questions not only his judgment, but his moral compass.
The post (hat tip to Alan Luxenberg of the Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute) read as follows:
Of course there is a difference and yet there is something strangely parallel how in Iran you have to be vetted by the guardian council of clerics to run for president while in the United States, while you don't have to be vetted by clerics, you have to be vetted by concentrations of private capital. With very rare exceptions unless you pass their filter, you don't enter the political system. I guess one way or another it is always clerics…the only question being just what religion they are peddling, using, distorting? to preserve and expand their power…yes yes yes i would rather live here than in Iran…
While we're glad that Kula prefers to dwell in the American theocracy of "private capital" to the pleasures of life in an Islamist state where Jews are demonized, that is about the only thought here that makes any sense. Suffice it to say that there is nothing remotely analogous about the process by which American politicians seek to raise money from citizens and groups and a system that rules as ineligible for inclusion on a ballot anyone who diverges even a smidge from the ideology of Ayatollah Khomeini.


Last week, I debated with a friend of mine who claims that Judea and Samaria are occupied territories. I disagreed, of course. Then, I enlisted my expert friend, Roger Froikin
. This is the answer he gave me. I am satisfied with it!
"Bat Zion, easy. International Law is layered. One always looks back to the newest treaties or agreements between parties for guidance as to what Law is. The governing documents are the League of nations Mandate, Parliamentary law in England as to how to handle the mandate, and the 1949 Armistice Agreements. (The UN Partition of 1947 is not a legal biding agreement because there were not two parties signing on as the Arabs refused). So, Under the provisions of the Mandate and Parliamentary Law, Palestine was to be divided along the Jordan River, with a Jewish homeland to the West, an Arab homeland to the East, and exchanges of population. When Britain illegally broke off Eastern Palestine to form Trans-Jordan as a gift to the Al-Husseini tribe, that violated the Mandate and British law (but then King Hussein ibn Talal al-Husseini declared that Jordan was Palestine when he became King). In 1949, after 1 1/2 years of war, the British commanded Jordanian legion and Irai troops controlled parts of Jewish Palestine. An Armistice was signed between all parties which stated that the status of those lands not controlled by Israel, but West of the Jordan, would be negotiated as to final disposition. Jordan would be caretaker of the areas occupied until that point. Jordan, a Foreign nation (at that point) occupied territory, and proceeded to violate the Geneva Conventions (I-V) and the provisions of the Armistice, by expropriating all jewish property, destroying Jewish property, desecrating Jewish sites, and banning Jews, even from jewish holy places, and by periodically firing on Jews in Western jerusalem (including me in 1963). In 1967, Jordan joined a war in which the Arab states threatened in repeated broadcasts was to kill or exclude all the Jews. Israel won. That ended the Armistice Agreement of 1949 because now the only legal sovereign nation in palestine - Israel, controlled all lands that were originally to be part of the "Jewish Homeland" per the Mandate provisions. hereford, Israeli control of Judea and Samaria and all of jerusalem is legal, and repatriating all Jewish property expropriated illegally by Jordan is perfectly legal." >


The questions that ought to have been answered before any statements were made by the likes of Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel have barely been raised in the public arena. The most important of those questions are: What US interests are at stake in Syria? How should the US go about advancing them? What does Syria’s use of chemical weapons means for the US’s position in the region? How would the planned US military action in Syria impact US deterrent strength, national interests and credibility regionally and worldwide? Syria is not an easy case. Thirty months into the war there, it is clear that the good guys, such as they are, are not in a position to win.
Syria is controlled by Iran and its war is being directed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and by Hezbollah. And arrayed against them are rebel forces dominated by al-Qaida.
As US Sen. Ted Cruz explained this week, “Of nine rebel groups [fighting the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad], seven of them may well have some significant ties to al-Qaida.”
With no good horse to bet on, the US and its allies have three core interests relating to the war. First, they have an interest in preventing Syria’s chemical, biological and ballistic missile arsenals from being used against them either directly by the regime, through its terror proxies or by a successor regime.
Second, the US and its allies have an interest in containing the war as much as possible to Syria itself.
Finally, the US and its allies share an interest in preventing Iran, Moscow or al-Qaida from winning the war or making any strategic gains from their involvement in the war.
For the past two-and-a-half years, Israel has been doing an exemplary job of securing the first interest. According to media reports, the IDF has conducted numerous strikes inside Syria to prevent the transfer of advanced weaponry, including missiles from Syria to Hezbollah.
Rather than assist Israel in its efforts that are also vital to US strategic interests, the US has been endangering these Israeli operations. US officials have repeatedly leaked details of Israel’s operations to the media. These leaks have provoked several senior Israeli officials to express acute concern that in providing the media with information regarding these Israeli strikes, the Obama administration is behaving as if it is interested in provoking a war between Israel and Syria. The concerns are rooted in a profound distrust of US intentions, unprecedented in the 50-year history of US-Israeli strategic relations.
The second US interest threatened by the war in Syria is the prospect that the war will not be contained in Syria. Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan specifically are threatened by the carnage. To date, this threat has been checked in Jordan and Lebanon. In Jordan, US forces along the border have doubtlessly had a deterrent impact in preventing the infiltration of the kingdom by Syrian forces.
In Lebanon, given the huge potential for spillover, the consequences of the war in Syria have been much smaller than could have been reasonably expected. Hezbollah has taken a significant political hit for its involvement in the war in Syria. On the ground, the spillover violence has mainly involved Shi’ite and Shi’ite jihadists targeting one another.
Iraq is the main regional victim of the war in Syria. The war there reignited the war between Sunnis and Shi’ites in Iraq. Violence has reached levels unseen since the US force surge in 2007. The renewed internecine warfare in Iraq redounds directly to President Barack Obama’s decision not to leave a residual US force in the country. In the absence US forces, there is no actor on the ground capable of strengthening the Iraqi government’s ability to withstand Iranian penetration or the resurgence of al-Qaida.
The third interest of the US and its allies that is threatened by the war in Syria is to prevent Iran, Russia or al-Qaida from securing a victory or a tangible benefit from their involvement in the war.
It is important to note that despite the moral depravity of the regime’s use of chemical weapons, none of America’s vital interests is impacted by their use within Syria. Obama’s pledge last year to view the use of chemical weapons as a tripwire that would automatically cause the US to intervene militarily in the war in Syria was made without relation to any specific US interest.
But once Obama made his pledge, other US interests became inextricably linked to US retaliation for such a strike. The interests now on the line are America’s deterrent power and strategic credibility. If Obama responds in a credible way to Syria’s use of chemical weapons, those interests will be advanced. If he does not, US deterrent power will become a laughing stock and US credibility will be destroyed.
Unfortunately, the US doesn’t have many options for responding to Assad’s use of chemical weapons. If it targets the regime in a serious way, Assad could fall, and al-Qaida would then win the war. Conversely, if the US strike is sufficient to cause strategic harm to the regime’s survivability, Iran could order the Syrians or Hezbollah or Hamas, or all of them, to attack Israel. Such an attack would raise the prospect of regional war significantly.
A reasonable response would be for the US to target Syria’s ballistic missile sites. And that could happen. Although the US doesn’t have to get involved in order to produce such an outcome. Israel could destroy Syria’s ballistic missiles without any US involvement while minimizing the risk of a regional conflagration.
There are regime centers and military command and control bases and other strategic sites that it might make sense for the US to target.
Unfortunately, the number of regime and military targets the US has available for targeting has been significantly reduced in recent days. Administration leaks of the US target bank gave the Syrians ample time to move their personnel and equipment.
This brings us to the purpose the Obama administration has assigned to a potential retaliatory strike against the Syrian regime following its use of chemical weapons.
Obama told PBS on Wednesday that US strikes on Syria would be “a shot across the bow.”
But as Charles Krauthammer noted, such a warning is worthless. In the same interview Obama also promised that the attack would be a nonrecurring event. When there are no consequences to ignoring a warning, then the warning will be ignored.
This is a very big problem. Obama’s obvious reluctance to follow through on his pledge to retaliate if Syria used chemical weapons may stem from a belated recognition that he has tethered the US’s strategic credibility to the quality of its response to an action that in itself has little significance to US interests in Syria.
And this brings us to the third vital US interest threatened by the war in Syria – preventing Iran, al-Qaida or Russia from scoring a victory.
Whereas the war going on in Syria pits jihadists against jihadists, the war that concerns the US and its allies is the war the jihadists wage against everyone else. And Iran is the epicenter of that war.
Like US deterrent power and strategic credibility, the US’s interest in preventing Iran from scoring a victory in Damascus is harmed by the obvious unseriousness of the “signal” Obama said he wishes to send Assad through US air strikes.
Speaking on Sunday of the chemical strike in Syria, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned, “Syria has become Iran’s testing ground…. Iran is watching and it wants to see what would be the reaction on the use of chemical weapons.”
The tepid, symbolic response that the US is poised to adopt in response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons represents a clear signal to Iran. Both the planned strikes and the growing possibility that the US will scrap even a symbolic military strike in Syria tell Iran it has nothing to fear from Obama.
Iran achieved a strategic achievement by exposing the US as a paper tiger in Syria. With this accomplishment in hand, the Iranians will feel free to call Obama’s bluff on their nuclear weapons project. Obama’s “shot across the bow” response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons in a mass casualty attack signaled the Iranians that the US will not stop them from developing and deploying a nuclear arsenal.
Policy-makers and commentators who have insisted that we can trust Obama to keep his pledge to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons have based their view on an argument that now lies in tatters. They insisted that by pledging to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power, Obama staked his reputation on acting competently to prevent Iran from getting the bomb. To avoid losing face, they said, Obama will keep his pledge.
Obama’s behavior on Syria has rendered this position indefensible. Obama is perfectly content with shooting a couple of pot shots at empty government installations. As far as he is concerned, the conduct of air strikes in Syria is not about Syria, or Iran. They are not the target audience of the strikes. The target audience for US air strikes in Syria is the disengaged, uninformed American public.
Obama believes he can prove his moral and strategic bonafides to the public by declaring his outrage at Syrian barbarism and then launching a few cruise missiles from an aircraft carrier. The computer graphics on the television news will complete the task for him.
The New York Times claimed on Thursday that the administration’s case for striking Syria would not be the “political theater” that characterized the Bush administration’s case for waging war in Iraq. But at least the Bush administration’s political theater ended with the invasion. In Obama’s case, the case for war and the war itself are all political theater.
While for a few days the bread and circuses of the planned strategically useless raid will increase newspaper circulation and raise viewer ratings of network news, it will cause grievous harm to US national interests. As far as US enemies are concerned, the US is an empty suit.
And as far as America’s allies are concerned, the only way to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power is to operate without the knowledge of the United States.

Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick is an Adjunct Fellow at the Center for Security Policy. She is also the Senior Contributing Editor of The Jerusalem Post and Director of the Israel Security Project at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. She serves as adjunct senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., and is the author of Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad (2008). She holds a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University, served as Assistant Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1997-98, and regularly briefs senior administration officials and members of Congress on issues of joint Israeli-American concern. She lives in Jerusalem. A former officer in the Israel Defense Forces, she was a core member of Israel's negotiating team with the Palestinians and later served as an assistant policy advisor to the prime minister. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, the widely-published Glick was an embedded journalist with the U.S. Army's Third Infantry Division. She was awarded a distinguished civilian service award from the U.S. Secretary of the Army for her battlefield reporting.






4 her

A few years ago I was desperate. I was certain to lose my home I had no job and no prospects of getting one in the near future. I got myself baptised at Jesus Family Centre Cabramatta, and the very next day my money worries were gone. But that was three years ago. And I face a similar situation again. But I'm not asking for no money worries .. I will go where the Lord sends me. But I want to be younger so that I can start a family. I am 46 and have never dated in my life. Until now. And the Lord is answering my prayer .. I am losing weight and my blood is better than it has been in over 20 years (He operates on me, but I still gotta exercise and eat right). Please pray for me. ed
God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains; it is His…
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Stoning Attack on Israeli Car
Last week there was another Jewish car stoned by Arabs!
The Jewish People are under attack again in Israel. Simple things like driving home from work have become dangerous in areas where young Arab men have begun to express their anti-Jewish hatred – with stones intended to kill and wound – only targeting cars that are identified as carrying Jewish drivers. The spirit of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel is simply amazing as the brave men and women refuse to give in to acts of terror in order to hold onto their anscestral Holy Land.
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International law is on Israel's side. Watch the video to understand why!
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1973 Tank Battles-red
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Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 11.28.17 PM
FULL MOVIE: Against All Odds: In The Search of Miracles

In this 1:41 minute film, experience the modern miracles of Israel through the eyes of a seasoned journalist, Michael Greenspan, and explore the question: Why has Israel survived against all the odds? The reenactments are top-quality and the riveting stories will have you glued to your seat as you watch miracles occurring in the Holy Land of the State of Israel!
Battlefield Detectives - Six day War
Battlefield Detectives – Israel’s Six Day War

This 45 minute film will blow you away! At 7:45 a.m. on June 5, 1967, Israel launched the most successful preemptive air strike in military history. How did this tiny state manage to overcome an Arab enemy that had twice as many soldiers, three times as many tanks, and four times as many airplanes? With firsthand testimony from combatants and military planners plus access to key figures in the intelligence world, gain insights into the meticulous preparations that the Israeli military undertook in the 1960s.
Screen shot 2012-06-28 at 12.34.00 PM
A 12+ minute film about the Jewish People, an eternal nation. The spiritual revival of the nation is happening today in Israel. This is one of Ari and Jeremy's best videos this year.
The Joy of the Soul
On April 2, 2009, an Arab terrorist with an axe killed Shlomo Nativ, a 13-year old boy in a small Jewish community in Gush Etzion. This film, made by the Nativ family, highlights one of the most unique and mysterious capacities of the Jewish Soul -- the capacity to turn the most awful tragedies into powerful wellsprings of vitality and joy. 
This film helps us experience a mystery beyond words that resides deep inside each one of us.
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Today is a special Father's Day for us. We could not be more proud of our Dad. You know the public figure Tony Abbott, but we know him as Dad.

Growing up he has always been there for us. He is more than just a politician. He cares passionately about all people and sees the great potential in everyone.

He always taught us to be grateful and kind to all of those in our lives. He taught us the value of hard work and education.
He often volunteers as a firefighter and surf life saver. He doesn't like to bring this up on the campaign, but this is one of the many ways that he enjoys giving back to the community. Take a look at the latest video and hear from people who have worked alongside our Dad.

Our Dad looks out for everyone, and he will look out for you. Please take a minute and watch the new video.

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September 1: Start of the Liturgical year in the Eastern Orthodox ChurchFather's Day in Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand (2013); Constitution Day in Slovakia
HL7442, the Boeing 747 traveling as Korean Airlines Flight 007


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“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care. Today, if only you would hear his voice,” Psalm 95:6-7 NIV
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon


"On mine arm shall they trust."
Isaiah 51:5
In seasons of severe trial, the Christian has nothing on earth that he can trust to, and is therefore compelled to cast himself on his God alone. When his vessel is on its beam-ends, and no human deliverance can avail, he must simply and entirely trust himself to the providence and care of God. Happy storm that wrecks a man on such a rock as this! O blessed hurricane that drives the soul to God and God alone! There is no getting at our God sometimes because of the multitude of our friends; but when a man is so poor, so friendless, so helpless that he has nowhere else to turn, he flies into his Father's arms, and is blessedly clasped therein! When he is burdened with troubles so pressing and so peculiar, that he cannot tell them to any but his God, he may be thankful for them; for he will learn more of his Lord then than at any other time. Oh, tempest-tossed believer, it is a happy trouble that drives thee to thy Father! Now that thou hast only thy God to trust to, see that thou puttest thy full confidence in him. Dishonour not thy Lord and Master by unworthy doubts and fears; but be strong in faith, giving glory to God. Show the world that thy God is worth ten thousand worlds to thee. Show rich men how rich thou art in thy poverty when the Lord God is thy helper. Show the strong man how strong thou art in thy weakness when underneath thee are the everlasting arms. Now is the time for feats of faith and valiant exploits. Be strong and very courageous, and the Lord thy God shall certainly, as surely as he built the heavens and the earth, glorify himself in thy weakness, and magnify his might in the midst of thy distress. The grandeur of the arch of heaven would be spoiled if the sky were supported by a single visible column, and your faith would lose its glory if it rested on anything discernible by the carnal eye. May the Holy Spirit give you to rest in Jesus this closing day of the month.


"If we walk in the light, as he is in the light."
1 John 1:7
As he is in the light! Can we ever attain to this? Shall we ever be able to walk as clearly in the light as he is whom we call "Our Father," of whom it is written, "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all?" Certainly, this is the model which is set before us, for the Saviour himself said, "Be ye perfect, even as your Father who is in heaven is perfect;" and although we may feel that we can never rival the perfection of God, yet we are to seek after it, and never to be satisfied until we attain to it. The youthful artist, as he grasps his early pencil, can hardly hope to equal Raphael or Michael Angelo, but still, if he did not have a noble beau ideal before his mind, he would only attain to something very mean and ordinary. But what is meant by the expression that the Christian is to walk in light as God is in the light? We conceive it to import likeness, but not degree. We are as truly in the light, we are as heartily in the light, we are as sincerely in the light, as honestly in the light, though we cannot be there in the same measure. I cannot dwell in the sun, it is too bright a place for my residence, but I can walk in the light of the sun; and so, though I cannot attain to that perfection of purity and truth which belongs to the Lord of hosts by nature as the infinitely good, yet I can set the Lord always before me, and strive, by the help of the indwelling Spirit, after conformity to his image. That famous old commentator, John Trapp, says, "We may be in the light as God is in the light for quality, but not for equality." We are to have the same light, and are as truly to have it and walk in it as God does, though, as for equality with God in his holiness and purity, that must be left until we cross the Jordan and enter into the perfection of the Most High. Mark that the blessings of sacred fellowship and perfect cleansing are bound up with walking in the light.

Today's reading: Psalm 132-1341 Corinthians 11:17-34 (NIV)

Today's Old Testament reading: Psalm 132-134
A song of ascents.
1 LORD, remember David
and all his self-denial.
2 He swore an oath to the LORD,
he made a vow to the Mighty One of Jacob:
3 "I will not enter my house
or go to my bed,
4 I will allow no sleep to my eyes
or slumber to my eyelids,
5 till I find a place for the LORD,
a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob."

Today's New Testament reading: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Correcting an Abuse of the Lord's Supper
17 In the following directives I have no praise for you, for your meetings do more harm than good. 18 In the first place, I hear that when you come together as a church, there are divisions among you, and to some extent I believe it. 19 No doubt there have to be differences among you to show which of you have God's approval. 20 So then, when you come together, it is not the Lord's Supper you eat, 21 for when you are eating, some of you go ahead with your own private suppers. As a result, one person remains hungry and another gets drunk. 22 Don't you have homes to eat and drink in? Or do you despise the church of God by humiliating those who have nothing? What shall I say to you? Shall I praise you? Certainly not in this matter!
Methuselah, Mathusala

[Mētho̅o̅'se lah] - a man of the javelinor it shall be sent (deluge). The son of Enoch, and grand-father of Noah, who lived longer than any other man recorded in history (Gen. 5:21-27).

The Man Who Lived the Longest

The Bible represents human life as vastly prolonged before the Flood. Afterwards it grew rapidly briefer. The longevity of the antediluvian races proves that the constitution of man was different from what it is today. With the Flood a change took place so that now the duration of human life is rarely over one hundred years. No strength of constitution, temperance or vegetable diet can add years to such a limit. The instructive register of Genesis five shows that the man who lived for the shortest period lived for 365 years, and the one who lived for the longest period lived for 969 years.
The remarkable longevity served a useful purpose in that it made possible the reception and preservation of ancient traditions. Perhaps Adam lived for about 113 years after the birth of Methuselah, and Methuselah could not have been more than 369 years old when his grandson Noah was born. Thus, Noah conversed with one who had conversed with Adam and Enoch had the privilege of conversing with Adam. God knows how to preserve His truth for the guidance and sanctification of succeeding generations.
Although Methuselah, whose name was fitting for a time when the earth was full of violence, lived for almost a millennium, nothing whatever is recorded of his long life save the birth of his children. What an immense influence he could have exerted through the years if only, like his father Enoch, he had walked with God! It is not the length of a life that counts, but thequalityof it.
Why did Methuselah die thirty-one years short of a millennium? Has God reserved the privilege of living for one thousand years for the millennial saints? During our Lord's millennial reign, life is to be prolonged again, so that one hundred years shall be the duration of childhood, and a grown man's ordinary age shall be in the age of a tree (Isa. 65:20, 22).
August 31, 2011
Silent Longings
Today's Truth
She (Hagar) gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: 'You are the God who sees me,' for she said, 'I have now seen the One who sees me' (Genesis 16:13, NIV).
Friend To Friend
Everyone wants to be noticed, to be cared for, to be loved. How my heart breaks with David's words, "No one cares for my soul" (Psalm 142:4 ). He is crying out during one of the darkest times in his life and felt all alone in his struggle to survive. We might expect to hear those words from the crowded city streets as men and women scurry about in their power suits off to make the next deal. We wouldn't be surprised to hear those words from a vagrant huddled under a bridge with all his worldly possessions stuffed in a plastic grocery bag. But would we expect it from the person sitting beside us in the church pew, the co-worker in the next cubicle, or the mother of three next door?
While flying from the east coast to the west coast, I watched an in flight movie, a cleaned up version of What Women WantstaringMel Gibson. Mr. Marshal (Mel Gibson) worked at an advertising firm with a host of busy men and women bustling about in their own little self-absorbed worlds. In a strange twist of events, Mr. Marshal is "electrically altered" when he slips in the bathroom and falls into the bathtub, along with a hair dryer. When he regains consciousness after his shocking experience, he has the ability to read women's minds and hear their thoughts. With his new perceptive powers, he lands a huge Nike advertising account and wins the heart of the leading lady...of course. But there is one poignant sideline of the movie that grabbed my heart.
In the movie, one young nondescript woman in his office had thoughts that stopped Marshal in his tracks. What if I just jumped out the window? Would anyone noticeI could be gone for days and no one would notice...until the files started piling up. Then they'd say, 'Where's the geek with the glasses who carries the files?'
No one did notice the errand girl who refused to make eye contact with her fellow employees, except Marshal, who could hear her thoughts.
One day, the young women (who we learn is named Erin), doesn't show up for work?
"Where's Erin?" Marshal asked as he notices a pile of files sitting on her desk.
"I don't know," someone replies. "She didn't show up for work today."
Fearing the worst, Marshal locates Erin's address and dashes out to stop her from ending her life.
Bursting into her apartment Marshal sees a suicide letter lying on the table and his heart sinks. A startled Erin walks into the room.
"Mr. Marshal, what are you doing here?"
"I'm glad I got here before you hurt yourself?" he replied.
"What makes you think I was going to hurt myself?"
"I just sensed it," he answered.
"Really? You sensed it? That's not good."
Then Marshal brilliantly changes course. "The real reason I'm here is to offer you a job. You know we got the Nike account and we were wondering who would be a real spitfire to work on this project..." Marshal offers Erin a job and rescues her from the despair of feeling unwanted, unloved, and unimportant.
I'm not suggesting that you watch the movie. After all, it was a cleaned up airline version. However, I am suggesting that you ponder the situation. I believe that men and women walk past us every day, just like Erin in this movie, who feel that they have no significant purpose in this world. Like Erin, I know that there are many who feel that their sudden disappearance would cause little fanfare or concern. It might be the woman who passes you in the hall at work, the rebellious looking teen who shuffles by you at the mall, or the businessman dashing to his next appointment. It takes so little to let someone know that they are significant. We have the ability to give someone hope by offering a simple word of acknowledgement.
Dr. David Jeremiah wrote, "We are shaped by those who love us or refuse to love us, and by those whom we love or refuse to love" (Dr. David Jeremiah, The Power of Encouragement(Sisters, Oregon: Multnomah, 1997), p. 13) . It is an amazing opportunity given to each of us as we walk through our day to shape and mold those around us with a simple word of encouragement, acknowledgement, or appreciation. The world is crying out for love - a positive word, a tender touch, a morsel of praise. Sometimes a simple "hello" can be a boost to someone starving to be noticed. Many people are so lonely that any token of attention is like a drop of rain on dry parched ground.
Jesus met a woman who felt very insignificant - bone weary and bone dry. As he talked to her by a well, He said, "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life" (John 4:1314 NIV). Yes, Jesus is the living water that people need. Isn't it amazing that He allows us to hold the cup - to offer the only drink that will satisfy.
Let's Pray
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You that you always see me and notice what I'm going through. You know every hair on my head! Help me to never loose sight of the fact that I am very significant in Your eyes. You loved me so much that You gave Your Son, Jesus, so that I might have eternal life with You. I praise Your Holy Name.
In Jesus' Name,
Now It's Your Turn
Let's go back up to today's truth. Hagar was a woman who felt ignored and all alone. But then God showed up.
Go back and read her amazing story in Genesis 16.
What do You learn about God from this story?
Hagar was not one of God's chosen people, and yet, He cared for her. The Hebrew name that she gave God was El Roi, the God who Sees. Remember today that God sees you!
More From The Girlfriends
For most of us, we get to a point in our lives where we realize life has not turned out like we thought it would. But would you dare to dream again? God has great plans for you! Grab His hand and go to the place that He planned all along. To discover God's amazing plan for your life, see Dreams of a Woman-God's Plans for Fulfilling Your Dreams by Sharon Jaynes and begin to dream again.
Seeking God?
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how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Girlfriends in God
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Renee Swope
August 31, 2011
Living Beyond the Shadow of My Doubts
Renee Swope
"You are a chosen [woman], a royal [priest], a holy [daughter], God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light." 1 Peter 2:9 (NIV)
I stood in front of my bathroom mirror getting ready for a large event while begging God to zap me with confidence, or send Jesus back before it was time for me to speak. I had been struggling with paralyzing self-doubt that week, and it was making me question everything.
Although I was honored when the event leader called months before, now I questioned why I'd accepted the invitation. And my internal dialogue was relentless...What if I forget what I'm going to say? What if my points aren't that powerful? What if they don't connect with my stories or laugh at my humor? What if...?
When I turned around to put something in my suitcase behind me, I noticed a huge nine-foot shadow on the wall. I was surprised how big the shadow was and how much it distorted the image of my five-foot, two-inch frame.
All of a sudden, I realized my uncertainty had also created a huge shadow-a shadow of doubt. It was distorting my thoughts and overpowering my emotions.
As I stood there looking at the humongous shadow, I sensed God whispering to my heart: Renee, you can only see the shadow because you have turned away from the light. Turn back toward the light.
Slowly I turned back toward the lights above the mirror, and realized I was no longer standing in the shadow. And, I also realized I had created the shadow by blocking the light.
Shadows are created all around us when something blocks light. And so it is with the shadow of doubt. When we focus on ourselves and how inadequate we feel, or what others are thinking about us, we cast a shadow of doubt in our minds and block the light of God's Truth in our hearts.
Yet, we were not designed to block the light or to be the light.
We were created to live in the Light, by focusing on what God thinks about us instead. I love how John the Baptist is described as "a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe. He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light." (John 1:7-8, NIV)
The same is true for us. Jesus said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." (John 8:12b, NIV) When we follow Jesus closely in our thoughts, we find our confidence in Him.
As we shift the focus from our feelings of inadequacy to His promises of all-sufficiency, we can exchange our lack of self-confidence with lasting God-confidence. And in doing so, our lives become a witness, testifying of the One who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light (1 Peter 2:9, NIV).
Are you ready to become a more Jesus-dependent, God-confident woman whose assurance is found in Him alone? If so, when you find yourself standing in the shadow of self-doubt, instead of wishing for more self-confidence, pray for lasting God-confidence! Then turn towards the Light so your heart can focus on and live in the security of His promises:
• When you feel inadequate, remember God says: You are CHOSEN.
"'You are my witnesses,' declares the Lord, 'and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he.'" (Isa. 43:10a, NIV)
• When you feel unable or unstable, God says: You areABLE.
"The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights." (Hab. 3:19, NIV)
• When you feel unworthy, remember God says: You areLOVED.
"You are precious and honored in my sight, and...I love you." (Isa. 43:4a, NIV)
Lord, Your Word says I am a chosen woman, a royal priest, a holy daughter, a woman belonging to You. Help me remember that You have called me out of the shadows of my doubts to tell others about the Light and hope I've found in You. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
Related Resources:
You can download a list of more powerful promises fromRenee's blog where she's also giving away a series of Confident Heart conference calls. Click here to find out more and enter to win!
We're celebrating the release of Renee's new book, A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself & Live in the Security of God's Promises. To find out more about this life-changing message or order a copy, click here.
Join Melissa Taylor's FREE Confident Heart online Bible study based on Renee's book, A Confident Heart. It starts September 19th! Sign up here.
When you purchase resources through Proverbs 31 Ministries, you support the many areas of hope-giving ministry we provide at no cost. Thank you for each and every purchase you make with us!
Application Steps:
What are your most common thoughts of self-doubt and how do they make you feel? (inadequate, uncertain, indecisive, etc.) Click here for a list of powerful promises to replace them.
"When we focus our attention on ourselves, we turn our attention away from God. We leave no room in our thoughts to listen to what God is thinking about us, because we have given that place away to be occupied by other people's opinions." - from A Confident Heart
Power Verses:
Luke 24:38, "Why are you frightened?" [Jesus] asked. "Why are your hearts filled with doubt?" (NLT)
Romans 8:6, "The mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace." (NASB)
© 2011 by Renee Swope. All rights reserved.
Proverbs 31 Ministries
616-G Matthews-Mint Hill Road
Matthews, NC 28105

Immediate Impact: Unsolicited fame finds Jesus

Today's reading: Mark 1
Mark 1:28: News about him spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee.
Although the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all cover basically the same ground, each one looks at Jesus' life from a unique angle. For example, Matthew and Luke begin with historical background, taking pains to verify Jesus' Old Testament connections. Mark plunges right in to report on Jesus' actions.
After John the Baptist fans enthusiasm for Jesus-so much enthusiasm, in fact, that John lands in jail-Jesus openly announces his ministry. He has some surprises in store for the eager audience. For one thing, Jesus goes, not to Jerusalem, the natural center of activity for any aspiring leader, but to small towns in the hill country of Galilee.
New Style of Prophet
Jesus has spent his childhood in Galilee, in the obscure town of Nazareth, which leads some sophisticates to scoff, "Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?" (John 1:46). Except for festival times when he travels to Jerusalem, Jesus shows a marked preference for small towns and rural areas, especially in the remote northern region of Galilee.
In other ways, too, Jesus does not fit the expected image of a prophet. His cousin John personifies the severe ascetic image: He lives in a desert, eats insects and preaches a harsh message of judgment. But Jesus lives in the midst of people, dines in their homes and brings a message of "the good news of God."
Although Jesus may not be a conventional leader, as soon as he begins healing people, his reputation swells overnight. News of his miraculous power spreads, even when he tries to hush it up. The word about an amazing, unconventional kind of prophet gets out.

Life Question

  • Considering what you have read about Jesus so far, what characteristic about him surprises you most?
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