Monday, September 02, 2013

Arguing with uneducated

Obama drew the red line, now he dithers. The master ditherer is thinking about asking Congress for direction. If he decides to Do Something, We will keep You informed. Hundreds of thousands of people have left Syria. About a hundred thousand have been estimated dead from the civil war in the last few years. Obama has done nothing to date about the atrocities. A related observation is the terrorist rocket activity into Israel. Obama has demanded Israel release terrorists and killers back into the community as incentive for other terrorists to sign a peace treaty. So we know Obama doesn't merely dither, he can act too, if not wisely.
In Australia, the polls, which favoured the LNP yesterday 53 to 47, favour the LNP today 54 to 46. At that rate, the actual poll on Saturday will be 59 to 41. ...See more
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  • Syriana Sos There's no civil war in Syria we were invaded by 150,000 sex crazy jihadists! 
    Our dictator is brutal but not evil al Qaeda beheading and raping us! 
    Y doesn't Obama care to discuss atrocities of the rebels as funded and supported by him and the west?
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  • David Daniel Ball I get it you have a position .. it is a similar one once held by some under Saddam .. and in other places too .. but if you feel that Assad is 'not that bad' you are wrong. He is not an Al Qaeda terrorist .. but he is definitely a terrorist. He has been able to keep stores of chemical weapons for a long time. Ask yourself, how has he been able to do that .. he wouldn't be using his own locks and keys .. how can he trust those who have these devices?
  • Syriana Sos I understand people like u as well! Americans are the biggest terrorists and no one gives a shit about them! 
    Bush got rid of saddam! Yippee the Iraqis are still dying from terrorist attacks til this day
    As the 12 year old sivern Suzuki said in 1991 to
     the UN if u don't know how to fix it stop breaking it!
    Precisely the world needs to do this.
    U broke Iraq, killed over a million civilians, but that's ok their dictator is gone! U killed gadafi and now crucifixes in cemeteries are banned while the country is in worse state ever! U locked up
    Mubarak thanks Americans they are at peace now! Lets not start on Afghanistan! 
    Fact is American created am Qaeda and still fund them today and want the world to believe they are policing to protect civilians! Y don't they take care of their own civilians first? They kill the biggest terrorist of all time bin laden and expect the world to except no images! Every American president for the past 65 years has been pro Israel, except JFK of course and we all no wat happened to him, who is the real dictator? Y is America allowed to invade, use chemical weapons, drone, sanction and threaten their enemy in the name of humanitarian concern?
  • Syriana Sos Just so u know I'm no Assad supporter! I'm just pro peace and when u have 2 evils and no other choice u tend to stick with wat kept u alive!
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  • David Daniel Ball The figures you throw around aren't right. And you excuse the inexcusable out of your dislike for the US. I get it your opinions are heartfelt, but do you get it that your grasp is shaky? The US is more nuanced in terms of what her Presidents do .. Obama is no friend of Israel, neither were Clinton or Carter. I shed no tears over the loss of dictators like Mubarak, Gaddaffi, Saddam et al
  • David Daniel Ball As for Nixon .. he didn't like Jews ..
  • Syriana Sos I shed no years either but what have they left for the people of that country with? At least when France ruled Syria and lebanon they built and taught not destroyed and pissed off! 
    They may not like Jews but their foreign policies did!
  • Syriana Sos Tears
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  • David Daniel Ball It is quite hard. There are two reasons for the widespread suffering in the Middle East .. none of which has anything to do with Israel, where anyone can go in peace .. The two things are the Islamic power bases that trade off the suffering, the other problem is the populations themselves that, through no fault of their own, have not had the education to deal with their problems.
  • Syriana Sos Ha no comment
  • Syriana Sos Have u been to the Middle East?
  • David Daniel Ball The US has no where in the world sought to rule, unlike France, or build an empire .. they are involved for security .. they avoided the issues and the twin towers resulted .. and yes, I have been to the Middle East I have friends throughout the Middle East. I work with refugees of all faiths ..
  • Syriana Sos Y do they fund al Qaeda in Syria if there concern is security?
  • Syriana Sos They avoided the issues they created al Qaeda
  • David Daniel Ball US doesn't. CIA might have .. different reasons depending, of which you are aware
  • Syriana Sos If there concern is security y they killed innocent Iraqis? Y use depleted uranium?
  • David Daniel Ball CIA worked with AlQaeda in the '80s against Soviet Union .. they never owned it ..
  • Syriana Sos So CIA are allowed to decide when it's right to use force to kill? But dictators not?
  • Syriana Sos No they never owned it but they gladly work with the devil when it suits them for security purposes please
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