Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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No politics

Andrew Bolt – Tuesday, August 30, 11 (12:01 am)

No politics until further notice. Principles to weigh up. Faith to keep. Sorry.


Afrer discussions, I now feel free to speak my mind. So I shall. In tomorrow’s column. I apologise for the mysteriousness, but I did not want to act in anger or before matters had been resolved. I had to be fair to my employer and to my readers, and I apologise if you think I’ve had the balance wrong over the past 24 hours.

Thank you to everyone who has rung, emailed or commented on this post, here and on radio.


The clash

Andrew Bolt – Monday, August 29, 11 (10:18 pm)


Prof. Peter Morici
University of Maryland
Smith School of Business
College Park, MD

Dear Peter:

In your guest blog-post yesterday at CNBC you argue that the destruction caused by hurricane Irene will spark a “process of economic renewal [that] can leave communities better off than before” (“Economic Impact of Hurricane Irene“). Central to your argument is your claim that, because of the rebuilding, “the capital stock that emerges will prove more economically useful and productive.”

In other words, whenever assets still in use are destroyed, wealth will thereby be created – that is, people whose assets are destroyed will be made richer – because these destroyed assets are replaced with ones that are newer and more productive.

I hereby offer my services to you, at a modest wage, to destroy your house and your car. Act now, and I’ll throw in at no extra charge destruction of all of your clothing, furniture, computer hardware and software, and large and small household appliances.

Because, I’m sure, almost all of these things that I’ll destroy for you are more than a few days old (and, hence, are hampered by wear and tear), you’ll be obliged to replace them with newer versions that are “more economically useful and productive.” You will, by your own logic, be made richer.

Just send me a note with some times that are good for you for me to come by with sledge hammers and blowtorches. Given the short distance between Fairfax and College Park, I can be at your place pronto.

Oh, as an extra bonus, I promise not to clean up the mess! That way, there’ll be more jobs created for clean-up crews in your neighborhood.

Donald J. Boudreaux

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And in Israel, the agriculture industry is reportedly on the rise. An exhibition held last week in Tel Aviv featured the latest innovations, attracting visitors from all over the world. Our Israeli team has more. With an average of 20,000 visit...

Our federal government is so bad people are afraid to shop
RETAIL king Gerry Harvey has warned "retailers will have the hardest Christmas in their lives" this festive season as consumer confidence hits an all time low.
Better yet, imagine if Obama were President of Kenya.
Imagine if Barack Obama had replaced Rick Perry as governor of Texas.

The future is nuclear power
Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory have designed a suitcase-sized nuclear plant that can power up to eight normal-sized homes.
Obama shows more than hubris. He has no problem smearing the great man.
The Justice Department is refusing to release legal memos the George W. Bush administration used to justify his warrantless surveillance program, one of the most contentious civil liberties issues during the Republican president's time in office.
Is that part time?
A green jobs program in one of America's greenest cities is being called a bust 16 months after a $20 million federal grant to weatherize homes in Seattle ended up putting just 14 people to work in mostly administrative jobs and upgrading only three homes in the area.
Is there something not bungled by Obama?
ASTRONAUTS may need to temporarily abandon the International Space Station in November, NASA said overnight.
Horrible mistake. A transplant means reducing the bodies immune defenses.
ONE of Taiwan's best regarded hospitals has transplanted organs from an HIV carrier into five patients.

Arrest him and ask him about Obama
MUAMMAR Gaddafi and two of his sons are hiding in a town south of Tripoli, according to a report citing "authoritative" sources.
Coward and his handler escape justice thanks to UN
THE only man convicted for the Lockerbie bombing is drifting in and out of a coma, his brother claims.

An ALP inspired death. Won't they give him the ultimate tribute?
RYAN Smith died trying to spray the ultimate tag, a graffiti signature that would earn him credit among his mates.
Similar people's .. What has changed?
SUCCESS rates for refugee claims have leapt from 30 to 70 per cent in just six months, sparking accusations the government is encouraging boatpeople by virtually guaranteeing them visas.
The mobiles don't work as advertised. The word cap is meaningless
STUDENTS are being forced to get part time jobs to pay back shock mobile phone bills.
Works without the high
THE illicit drug ecstasy could be to treat blood cancers, Australian research has found.
Slogan .. Death by pancake.
IT has served as an express route to the afterlife and a pancake restaurant but Sydney's grand funeral station now needs a new role to gain a new lease of life.
Send a signal that it isn't all right to shoot people
A GUNMAN was "motivated by hatred and revenge" when he fired 12 bullets into the car of a Sydney man who he blamed for his own brother's murder, a court heard yesterday.

Ivy should be shut for patron safety
A THIRD security guard will face court next month charged over the alleged assault of a teen in the basement of Sydney's trendiest bar, Ivy.
He is making excellent changes to public transport. I could have caught a direct train to Penrith from Cabramatta on Sunday. Or to lidcombe from Carramar. The stations are cleaner and have modern signage.
FIVE months after appointing himself Minister for Western Sydney, the message for Barry O'Farrell from the people is clear: The time to act is now.
The killer will serve less time than for murder
HE held his wife, kissed her bloodied face and begged her to fight for life as she struggled through her last breaths.
They aren't of good character. That is an ALP law which has failed.
TWO taxi drivers accused of sex offences against children have been allowed to keep working on Sydney's streets after a tribunal overturned a ban by authorities, ruling the child sex allegations shoul...
It is only money. Will insurers believe them?
IT might be the last time he ever offers to take out the trash.
Science is discredited by Global Warming
CHOCOHOLICS are rejoicing but medical experts are at war after new research showed eating chocolate could reduce the risk of heart disease by more than one-third.
Needs to be done
DOG inspectors will be sent on a "search and destroy" mission to rid Victoria of thousands of pit bull terriers.
Mordant deserves better than a stunt
BREAKER Morant could finally get justice. Attorney-General Robert McClelland is to intervene in the controversial debate about a pardon for the executed Australian Boer War officers Lieutenants Harry ...
Bad, cold and heartless policy brought them here.
ASYLUM seekers threatened with deportation under the Malaysian deal are being offered up to $4000 in grants to return home instead.
DENISE Morcombe says family members are steeling themselves for the moment they will finally discover what happened to her boy.
GYPSIES are expanding their criminal activities into drug dealing, linking up with outlaw motor cycle gangs.

So many unanswered questions. If Thomson lied about the $90k to the papers and parliament has he also lied to the tax office? Who else is he covering for?
THE Health Services Union paid tens of thousands of dollars to Craig Thomson in a settlement last year despite him facing an investigation into the alleged use of union funds for prostitutes.
Stewart is a real prince, isn't he? I don't follow that sport.
THE NRL yesterday hit back hard over Friday night's Brookvale brawl, issuing a record 11 charges against 10 players involved in the melee.
Ha ha
Footage of a Chinese general discussing sensitive spying cases has been leaked onto video sharing site YouTube.

A terrorist and a practiced liar.
FORMER Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks has denied fighting for the Taliban, saying he was tortured and beaten during his detainment.

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