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Welfare creates a poverty of values

Piers Akerman – Sunday, August 14, 11 (09:11 am)

Quicker than a brick through a window, the navel-gazers were blaming everything and everyone for the British riots except those smashing the glass and looting.

That pinpointed one of the real issues at the heart of the problem, the refusal to nail those actually responsible for the murder and mayhem, the hooded young men and women out for a little excitement during the long twilight of the northern hemisphere summer.

Listening to the hand-wringers and the Left-wing academics queuing to be interviewed the problem was disenfranchisement. A failure by the broader society to keep the young people engaged.

How anyone can hope to engage anyone when they have their ear phones locked into their iPods and their minds firmly lodged in the intricacies of a video game is another matter.

The heart of the problem is not engagement or lack of engagement, it has more to do with the utter nonsense that has taken the place of responsible child rearing over the past 30 years.

I feel responsibility for the riots needs to be taken by UK Labor. The kids after they are turned in say as much. The empty gestures and broken promises of UK Labor have created a mixture of dissatisfaction and entitlement responsible people are appalled by.

There are many similarities between those riots and ALP inspired Cronulla, Macquarie Fields, Redfern and Democrat inspired LA.

Also there is a hatred for police which is part and parcel of the underclass. A belief among lefties that police need to be tethered.

DD Ball of Carramar/Sydney (Reply)
Sun 14 Aug 11 (09:22am)

The problem of a fatherless society

Miranda Devine – Sunday, August 14, 11 (09:09 am)

The fact that Penny Wong’s female partner is to have a baby is a cause for private celebration for them. But why are so many people exhorting the rest of us to celebrate as if this were some major milestone in human civilisation?

You’d think no politician had ever had a child before.

We are supposed to ignore Tony and Margie Abbott’s three daughters because every time he is seen with them it is some sort of unfair snub to Julia Gillard and reflection on her marital status.

The traditional heterosexual norm of a nuclear family and children is something to be kept in a closet like an embarrassment.

Tolerance has gone back to front. It is no longer good enough to accept without criticism female politicians in de facto or lesbian relationships. Now we have to downplay traditional marriage for fear of causing offence. No one can be a wife or husband any more. Everyone is a “partner”.

The unorthodox situation of a lesbian artificially inseminated with the sperm of a male “acquaintance” we are supposed to laud as if it were the Second Coming, the wonderful precursor of what the New York Times once lauded as the “post-marital” future.

I have just read an article about a person who needed a maternity bed but there was nothing available. The girl was 13 years old. Census statisticians might need to include that fact while looking at where to build more.

It is wonderful for Penny and her significant other that they are to be a family. I wish them well. But I wish to add the truth that modelling works to show others what is acceptable behavior and aspirations. I despise rich leading licentious lives and using money to dig themselves out of scrapes that others can’t. A mum and dad can care for a child on modest means.

Right now we are being challenged to lead more modest lives for Climate Change. How about this example?

DD Ball of Carramar/Sydney (Reply)
Sun 14 Aug 11 (09:32am)




Being on vacation with my son, Thomas – we’re at the big Star Trek convention at the Rio in Las Vegas – I have less time than usual to blog. In particular, I’m way behind on my “Some Links” and “Quotation of the Day…” features.

But I steal this opportunity to offer one link from Mark Perry’s Carpe Diem; it’s to a post of Mark’s entitled “Using Value-Added Trade Estimates, We Have a +$32.25B Trade SURPLUS with China for 2011.” The title should be sufficiently intriguing to click on the link and read the entire post. Here’s the opening:

According to research at the San Francisco Federal Reserve, 36% of the value of imported goods goes to U.S. companies and workers, and for Chinese imports it’s much higher: the U.S. content of “Made in China” is close to 55%. Reason? The SF Fed explains:

“The fact that the U.S. content of Chinese goods is much higher than for imports as a whole is mainly due to higher retail and wholesale margins on consumer electronics and clothing than on most other goods and services.”

And apropos nothing save one of the general themes of this blog, I use this opportunity also to report that, during his time on stage this morning at the convention, actor John de Lancie (who portrayed the god-like character “Q” in several Star Trek episodes) speculated that his character “Q” is interesting because it combines “infinite power with no responsibility.” De Lancie quite properly suggested that this combination is a very bad one indeed.

So I ask: what is the state if not an institution that permits those who manage to get their hands on its levers of control to exercise vast (altho’, of course, hardly unlimited) power with virtually no responsibility? The responsibility that matters, of course, is personal responsibility – responsibility of those flesh-and-blood individuals who actually decide and act. To say that “the state” as an institution is “responsible” for something – say, the welfare of society – and to point to formal documents in which that responsibility is trumpeted, is neither to create nor to identify genuine and meaningful responsibility.

Barney Frank, for instance, might work for an institution that professes that it is – and is alleged to be – “responsible” for this and that aspect of American governance. And in so working for that institution in the high and exalted capacity in which he works for it, Mr. Frank is indeed invested with real and vast power. But the same institution that gives him his power simultaneously shields him from taking responsibility for the very consequences of his exercise of that power.

And as Bryan Caplan explains far better than I ever can, the same is true – though to a much lesser degree – for each and every voter.


A Heinous Anniversary



Today is the 50th anniversary of one of history’s most infamous, yet appropriate, monuments to statism: the Berlin Wall.

It was a wall – guarded by armed men – meant to keep people from voting with their feet. It was a nearly impervious barrier that embodied collectivism’s sophistication (brute and brutal force) and collectivism’s ethos (individual human beings must live for the collective – in practice, for the state – and deserve to die if they refuse).

Soviet-style communism was among history’s most barbarous manifestations of humankind’s fatal attraction to collectivism. As such, it was also among history’s most honest and revealing manifestations of this attraction. The Berlin Wall was concrete, solid, visible. The armed-guards’ guns were metal, loaded, visible.

I am not among those who believe that society loses its civility and sacrifices its right to call itself free merely because the state that lords over it is more intrusive and powerful than a night-watchman state. I am not among those who believe that a state more intrusive and powerful than a night-watchman state necessarily, or even likely, condemns the citizens of the territory over which it rules to a future that can appropriately be called “tyranny” – at least as long as we have the actual historical benchmarks of the various People’s Paradises engineered by the likes of Stalin, Mao, and Castro.

But I also am not among those who believe that just because the governments of, say, the United States and of France are not as brutal as were the governments of the U.S.S.R. and of China, that the obligations and prohibitions that Washington and Paris foist on their citizens are not properly described as manifestations of “force.”

That Uncle Sam does not use force as consistently, as openly, and brutally as did the government of the U.S.S.R. does not thereby excuse most of the force that Uncle Sam’s does unleash in his effort to interfere with people’s peaceful choices and actions. Nor does it make Uncle Sam’s many uses of force something other than of force.

These facts aren’t altered significantly by the fact that Americans enjoy (if that’s the right word) a wide franchise.

One of the many dangerous delusions that too many people suffer today is the delusion that tells them that as long as ‘their’ government is democratically elected – and as long as ‘their’ government largely refrains from using brutality openly and of the sort that was routine in 20th-century hells such as the U.S.S.R. and East Germany – then ‘their’ government is largely civilized and an agent for Good for The People.



Tim Blair – Sunday, August 14, 11 (07:47 pm)

A beautiful Blair’s Law confluence in presidential politics:

So why is [Matt] Damon’s name being mentioned in the context of the 2012 race for the White House and a possible liberal challenge to Barack Obama? The simple answer is to blame leftwing firebrand Michael Moore.

Between them, those three should be able to solve just about anything. Let’s hear from the future President:

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Ezra Levant talks to Mubin Shaikh on Toronto's Muslim Terrorists

Betrayal of trust does not show more starkly.
A WOMAN in Sydney has been charged with involvement in child prostitution.

Being a parent is an emotional roller coaster at the best of times. Good luck, Yvanna
WITH her rosy cheeks and easy laughter, baby Yvanna seems the picture of health.

My eyes grow every time I see her ..
WHETHER it is life on Mars or aliens on the moon, our views on sci-fi are totally out-of-this-world.

Scientists predicting heat in summer ..
A new startup has created a system that promises to deliver warning of coming heat waves and extreme weather events well in advance of current methods -- and it warns of a blistering end to August.
9 hours ago via Fox News · · · Read more
Still close. I am waiting for Palin.
Rep. Michele Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll Saturday, affirming her status as a top-tier candidate in the Republican race to challenge President Obama in 2012.
Theft and vandalism is never having to say sorry
London riots video collage Aug 2011 with song London's Burning from Bad Habits (original song by Red Butane and Glo Butane) dedicated to the people who suffered devastation and the most intolerable thug like behaviour London has ever witnessed. L...

A good pilgrimage buttressed with good questions. The best answer being faith in god.
MOUNT Sinai is tucked away near the most southern point of the Sinai Peninsula in Eastern Egypt.
Keep them out
ONE of Sydney's most notorious and violent street gangs - the Muslim Brotherhood Movement - has been "ripped apart" after a series of undercover police raids.
All it would take is one decent honest ALP member to cross the floor.
A LABOR MP was forced to telephone constituents to apologise after becoming hot under the collar at a public rally against his government's proposed mandatory pre-commitment scheme.
Blame Weatherburn for hiding the real stats.
ONLY seven per cent of car thefts and break-ins are solved each year, with an understaffed police force admitting it doesn't have the resources to successfully combat crime.
Why is Gatsby great?
HOLLYWOOD superstar Leonardo DiCaprio will arrive in Sydney this week in preparation for his role in Baz Luhrmann's highly anticipated film The Great Gatsby.
‎13 yo? There is more than the tragedy of limited health care.
A 13-year-old girl was forced to give birth on the tarmac at a cold and windy rural airport in an appalling indictment of the state of NSW's maternity services.
Conservatives listen
DOZENS of outback maternity units could be reopened under a plan to reverse 15 years of closures that left thousands of women without basic care.
ALP party is over
A HIGH-RANKING policeman could face serious criminal charges over his alleged cocaine abuse.

Magistrate is in the wrong business. Politics is not an acceptable career path for them. They agreed to be impartial.
A MAGISTRATE has criticised a state MP for standing up for a mate facing a drink-driving charge.

Councils should still pay for the labor. Money should go to the jail, not the prisoner.
CASH-STRAPPED councils are turning to prison chain gangs as free labour to do maintenance work around NSW suburbs.
A natural drug
IT'S been hailed a medical miracle - scientists may have found a cure for the common cold, flu, HIV and almost any other virus you can think of.
Greer isn't responsible. That is the problem.
MODERN-day Aussies have completely forgotten their manners - with swearing, tardy dressing and shoddy eating habits all the "norm".
Except education is generally improving
THOUSANDS of girls with a serious behavioural disorder are not being detected in schools and treated properly because they don't disrupt the class like boys.
Gillard needs to go now.
AUSTRALIA'S birth rate is predicted to fall as cash-strapped couples rethink the number of children they have.
Gillard needs to go now
HOUSEHOLDS could have their televisions, airconditioners and fridges switched off remotely by power companies during peak times under plans to rein in the insatiable demand for electricity.
But the owners didn't love them anymore
PET breeders could face tougher controls after the State Government revealed 158,000 dogs and cats have been put down in the past five years.
Children who shouldn't be on it are leaving?
WHAT has been dubbed "Facebook fatigue" is prompting droves of Australians to abandon the social networking giant, with experts saying the site may have reached its peak, both here and overseas.
My sick leave was a result of persistent harassment and abuse. ALP managers are pretty bad.
PUBLIC servants are taking more than twice as much sick leave as the average Aussie worker, costing the nation billions in lost productivity.
No place in the navy for such behavior.
A NAVY sailor accused of sexually assaulting a junior female colleague onboard the notorious HMAS Success has been charged by police.
They know who did it and how. Sick em Rex.
POLICE are on the brink of an arrest in the Madeleine Pulver bomb hoax case, confident they have identified a key "person of interest".
I never knew him, but I thank god that he gave us that cheeky grinning child. I want all those who participated in hid abduction, murder and disposal jailed for life, or lost in mental health.
ONE of Australia's most baffling child abductions has finally ended with the arrest of the suspected killer of missing schoolboy Daniel Morcombe - a crime that has gripped a nation for the past decade...
Zero tolerance works
Prime Minister David Cameron's office says former New York Police Commissioner William Bratton has agreed to act as an unpaid adviser to the British government.

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