Friday, August 12, 2011

Good News from my Home Town

It is a nice day and I go for a walk.

My journey takes me from my unit in Carramar which has a good three side view of parks and creek to Fairfield. It takes me past this amazing tree in Edensor Park that was struck by lightning some eighty years ago and now has a trunk split in two, growing along the ground a bit and soaring into the sky. Perfect for children to climb. No children are there, as it is school time and there are swings that probably better match occupational health guidelines.

I pass some people pushing prams who cheerfully say hello, but who seem a little grim too. The kids seem happy, so I guess their adults have to meet some timetable. It isn't easy being a parent. There are only twenty four hours a day. Children seem to have this capacity to not sleep when it is convenient.

George, a friendly local guy whose ethnicity is a mixture of Greek and Scottish (making him nearly royal) invites me to a dinner. He is going to hear about investing. Neither of us has money, but for George it is a social thing. I decline because I don't view it as a social thing, but wish him well.

My destination is a new Thai Restaurant. Good food at a lower price, I have some standard fare of entree. Chicken sticks and satay sauce, and some curry puffs. The chicken is well prepared, not over cooked or dry. The puffs are not too greasy, as they can be when not prepared right. It isn't authentic Thai, but it tastes great.

Leaving, I pass busy people and relaxed shoppers. They are of any of many ethnicities or walks of life. Some Islam. Some Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Jehovas Witness, Mormon or even possibly Jedi Knight. I wouldn't know. But I know one thing for certain. Each and every one of us is the product of great love.
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