Wednesday, May 25, 2011

US Campaign for Burma Prisoner Hunger Strike

Last week, seven female political prisoners started a hunger strike to protest against their unlawful detention and deplorable prison conditions. In the past week, 23 more political prisoners have joined their protests and more are expected to join.

Now we need you to join their struggle. We are not asking you to go on hunger strike. Instead, help us amplify the demands of Burma's political prisoners on hunger strike by organizing an Arrest Yourself event.

Your support is crucial not only for the success of their protest but their safety as well. Already we are hearing reports of some hunger strikers being placed in solitary confinement while others risk brutal torture and even death. In 1998, a political prisoner on hunger strike making similar demands was beaten to death by prison guards.

Conditions for Burma's political prisoners are appalling. Mosquitoes and rodents regularly infect prisoners. Many die due to lack of proper medical care, while many political prisoners are sent to remote prisons to cut off contact from their families.

Time is running out for many of the hunger strikers. It is vital that we come to their aid. We are asking our members to host Arrest Yourself events between now and June 19th, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's 66th birthday. During her 15-year detention, Daw Suu staged several hunger strikes that successfully brought the world's attention to the regime's human rights violations. As we campaigned to secure her release, now is the time to do the same for over 2,000 political prisoners.

Please do not let their sacrifice go in vain or their voices be silenced by Burma's regime. Sign up to host an Arrest Yourself event between now and June 19th to highlight the urgency of action from us and from the international community to help meet their demand and to secure their immediate release.

The more events we have around the world in the next month, the more pressure we can bring to bear.

In solidarity,

Aung Din

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