Friday, May 06, 2011

What's Hot This Week

Satellite Photos Show Likely Osama Bin Laden Compound

By Staff

Satellite images of the region of Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was likely shot and killed have been released by Digital Globe, a satellite imagery provider.

New Photos Show Lopsided Galaxy Called 'Meathook'

By Staff

A spiral galaxy with a dramatic lopsided shape is featured in contrasting views from two telescopes.

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What Keeps Me Up at Night

I don't want to scare you...

But right now, the U.S. government is doing something incredibly stupid, which one man believes is likely to cause a huge crisis in America, in the next few months.

Please do yourself and your family a favor, and get the facts on this situation, before it's too late.

I've posted a full report, free of charge, here.

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