Sunday, May 01, 2011

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An invitation to crooks to fill their tanks ..
WA'S 5,800 police officers have been issued with a union directive banning high speed pursuits - a move condemned by Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan as a recipe for "anarchy" on the roads.
Devine is brilliant and even handed. I denounce what she calmly observes about ALP policy, but her reach is extended to show the hypocrisy of Gillard et al. Hicks disgusts me. I am ashamed I contributed to his legal defense when I gave to amnesty international.
YOU would think that the lefty meddlers who style themselves as the saviours of refugees would realise they have done enough damage to the people they claim to be helping, even if they don't care abou...
Cardinal Pell nails it.
THIS year Easter came as late in the year as possible and a friend claimed the juxtaposition with Anzac Day occurs only once every 80 years.
It is hard working in welfare under ALP. They promise much and then divert essential funds to pork.
THEY'RE overworked and under-resourced, so it's hardly surprising health and community service workers have the most stressful jobs in the country.
Ridiculous complaint about a non issue. They are overstating things to appear relevant. Such passive surveillance coils save their lives.
EMPLOYERS are spying on electricians, plumbers, pool cleaners and childcare workers through secret surveillance cameras, mobile phone and road toll records.
WAYNE Swan will unveil a budget forecast of 500,000 new jobs on May 10, with welfare to work to form the centrepiece of his reform agenda.
I thought prohibition failed
PRE-MIXED alcoholic energy drinks could soon be banned in Australia as the national food regulator considers prohibiting their sale.
Prosperity breeds hope.
SYDNEY'S sluggish property market has bottomed out and will improve despite the threat of higher interest rates.
They were useless.
UNION leaders will no longer be automatically put on the boards of state-owned electricity companies.

A necessary step, as is building new coal power stations.
WASTEFUL spending by power companies - on everything from sponsoring the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to unnecessary substation upgrades - will be reined in, with an independent taskforce set up to help ...
Much better than the ALP alternative. At least Principals won't be placed in opposition to teaching staff with welfare concerns. Still, I bet idiot Principals that support the ALP will oppose it.
EXPELLING students won't stop bullying with Education Minister Adrian Piccoli instead planning to build more suspension centres for badly- behaved children.
Global warming theory failed to predict this
ENDLESS rain has besieged Sydney for the past week, with the wettest start to a NSW autumn in 21 years. And it will continue for the rest of the week.
My strongest defense against criminals is not to associate with 'em
CRIMINALS in NSW are arming themselves with a growing range of do-it-yourself weapons, from key-ring firearms to homemade machine guns.
We all die, but the blessed have children.
IT was a decision no father should ever have to make: choose between saving his wife or their unborn baby.

Raised with a food disorder is a lifelong battle
CHILDREN as young as four are being hospitalised for eating disorders after refusing to eat and going on dangerous diets in their quest to be thin.
More broken promises courtesy of the ALP
PRIVATE schools fees will rise under a Gillard government plan to scrap the "no disadvantage" funding guarantee, the Coalition has warned.
A weak US dollar does not help China trade.
THE Aussie dollar could hit US $1.30 within a year, but shoppers aren't reaping any benefits as retailers fail to pass on savings.
Much can be achieved by good government.
A NEW Sydney Harbour-based crime squad has been set up to tackle the abundant levels of cocaine and illicit drugs flowing in through NSW ports, after claims federal authorities have been preoccupied w...
Seriously, does that line ever work?
PRINCE Harry could not resist a cheeky play for his new sister-in-law's sister, Pippa Middleton, leaning over at the wedding ceremony and whispering: "You do look very beautiful today seriously."
But for god, I don't believe in perfection. Yet it was very good.
IT was a day of sublimely perfect touches. From the stunning maid of honour to the raffish brother; from the crazy cousins to the unscripted antics of the flower girls.
A modern choice suggestive of responsibility.
THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shocked the world last night when they announced they would not leave for their honeymoon immediately
Beautiful tradition.
THE new Duchess of Cambridge's wedding bouquet was returned to Westminster Abbey and placed at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier as tradition dictates.
Not that there are only three, but three examined in detail.
President Obama may have pivoted towards the center after the election, but the officials he put in place to direct his administration have not changed. Across government today we have virulently pro-union, pro-environmental and anti-business activists in place.
I am wondering at the competing pressure to give him support.
President Obama is facing increased pressure to call for the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad as his government continues a violent crackdown on protesters that activists say has killed more than 450 people.
horrific display of raw air power.
It was bad enough that a tornado obliterated Derrick Keef's house. Worse still was the heartbreaking scavenger hunt for his most priceless possessions strewn across the devastated neighborhood.
I refuse to believe all foster carers are evil. Something must be happening to make this situation worse.
Children whose families are investigated for abuse or neglect are likely to do better in life if they stay with their families than if they go into foster care, according to a pioneering study.
Rudd called the Chinese worse things .. and he is now Australia's top diplomat.
DURING a speech hinting that he'll enter the 2012 US presidential race, real estate mogul Donald Trump called China's leaders motherf------.
This has happened because of failed ALP policy.
A ROOFTOP protest at Villawood's detention centre that lasted more than a week has ended with all those involved now off the roof
I am glad her case is being competently prosecuted in the US. It wasn't in Australia.
DON Valeska likes to get his man. He has successfully prosecuted 10 death sentence cases - more than any other serving Alabama prosecutor.
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Obama's Birth Certificate: The "copy" the White House released is not a copy. It is manufactured. This video goes through the proof, and it's much more than the Illustrator "breadcrumbs" that others have found and talked about. You've been ha...
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    • David Daniel Ball The information surrounding his birth has been interfered with by George Soros's people. It has become impossible to know anything for sure. I think something is being held back, but I don't think it is the citizenship. I think it is the being raised as a muslim that is being held back because of the Islamic sensitivities to apostate muslims.
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Tim Blair – Saturday, April 30, 11 (04:51 pm)

Michael Pascoe, a warmy, considers Labor’s carbon tax progress:

The ineptitude is so blatant, one might almost wonder if the government is serious about pricing carbon. In a reasonably rational world, getting a carbon tax off the ground shouldn’t be the impossibility the government seems determined to make it. The performance so far only makes sense if it’s an attempt to ensure the independents in the lower house vote against it.

For a start, carriage of the carbon tax proposal has been left to the Department of Climate Change, not an organisation to inspire confidence. Replacing Penny Wong with Greg Combet as the relevant minister doesn’t change the climate or the department’s credibility; this is the same mob that couldn’t administer the installation of Pink Batts and came up with the fuzzy and failed green loans scheme.

Meanwhile, Rio Tinto and Alcoa join dairy farmers, barley growers, insurance companies, local councils, state governments, CFOs, food and grocery producers, miners, union members, Gerry Harvey, G&S Engineering, Sam Gadaleta and BHP in either questioning or directly opposing the dioxide doom tax.

UPDATE. Add Queensland Labor members to the list:

One veteran Labor activist reports that the carbon tax is friendless among party members.

(Via handjive)



Tim Blair – Saturday, April 30, 11 (03:35 pm)

Fox News commentators are unimpressed by Julia Gillard’s royal wedding costume:

It’s not quite so odd as Princess Beatrice’s hat, which now has its own site. Also, here’s some background on that sensational T-Mobile parody:

(Via royal reporters Julian and Andrew)



Tim Blair – Saturday, April 30, 11 (03:03 pm)

Clive James, a friend of this site, is presently battling several illnesses, including leukemia. Being Clive, he is doing this with remarkable charm and wit.


Queen Quentin

Andrew Bolt – Sunday, May 01, 11 (07:27 am)

Governor General Quentin Bryce, the unelected Queen’s representative in Australia, is getting rather above herself. First she played at being a politician. Now she’s playing at being the Queen herself:

Bryce is subtly continuing the Australianisation of the office. She decided she would break with two centuries of vice-regal precedent and stopped writing traditional semi-annual letters to the monarch. The customary reports on developments in the imperial dominions were a pointless anachronism, she decided. A governor-general has no responsibility to brief the Queen on Australian affairs…

In another small but significant step, Bryce will be present in her own right when the Queen visits Perth in October for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

It is understood that the Prime Minister’s office has agreed with the Governor-General’s office that Bryce will attend part of the proceedings and host some sort of event in her own right… It has been customary that, when the Queen turns up, the governor-general, as her representative, no longer has any role and is “extinguished’’…

“She’s very good because she’s played at being an Australian queen,” says Professor Wayne Hudson of the University of Tasmania, an expert on Australian republicanism. “She wears beautiful clothes, she gives very well-written speeches, she’s very regal.”

“Regal” is another word for it, I guess.


Recipe for trouble

Andrew Bolt – Sunday, May 01, 11 (06:56 am)

Dennis Atkins says Julia Gillard cannot afford to drop her carbon dioxide tax, even though it’s loathed by even Labor voters:

One veteran Labor activist reports that the carbon tax is friendless among party members.

“I’ve been out door-knocking our people in one of the state electorates where we’ve got a pre-selection under way and anyone over 40 hates the idea,” said the party figure. “And the older they are, the more they hate it.”

(Via Tim Blair.)

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