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inspiration quote of the day, 'by 3 methods we may learn wisdom: 1st by reflection which is noblest, 2nd by imitation which is easiest & 3rd by experience, which is the bitterest' -confucius.
For Jan's funeral ..
I went to your funeral today. It had your spirit, beautiful and gruff. I cried a little, but my heart is full of love and thanks for your life. We finished on this number and you were carried out. But like all such things and love, you will never completely go. You are resting in the lord. This song, like your choice to follow Jesus, is blessed.
...Labor, which condemned third party processing in opposition, is in
talks with PNG on reopening Australia's detention centre on Manus
Island, which closed in 2004.... Backflip with Pike ending up as a Belly
THE Coalition - which has for years demanded a return to the Pacific Solution - has signalled it may not support Labor's push for a detention centre in Papua New Guinea.
Australia's international embarrassment strikes again.
FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd has been drawn into an ugly international dispute over intelligence revelations, which Pakistan says could have disrupted the top-secret US operation to kill Osama bin Laden.
Take back Obama's peace prize?
Just days after President Obama successfully ordered the killing of the man at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted list, a U.N. chief wants to make sure the killing was done legally.
He is dead, and his plans will crumble as time goes on. Terrorism does not involve community building.
Some of the first information gleaned from Usama bin Laden's compound indicates al-Qaeda considered attacking U.S. trains, but U.S. officials say they have no recent intelligence indicating such a plot is active.
Common sense.
RELIGIOUS schools will be able to reject teachers belonging to different faiths under Baillieu Government changes to Victoria's equal opportunity laws.
Let him negotiate this face to face with god ..
RIOT squad police are outside the Sydney court where three people are about to be sentenced for black magic sex offences.
great invention .. can it be hooked up to babies?
A GROUP of students from the University of Canberra have developed a system that can read people's thoughts and translate them into words on a computer screen.
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Information about Obama's hidden past is finally coming out due to the diligent research of and Donald Trump's investigation into Obama (And it's NOT about the birth certificate issue.). This video, recorded from The Power...

some excellent observations
I’ll believe it when I see it. This is a problem. It didn’t used to be. It used to be a totally fine strategy to work your way through life only believing what you could see and touch, only caring...

Tell children, eat the Greens, but avoid the Brown.
THE jostling and lobbying amongst the Greens over who is to replace Bob Brown continues in earnest.

Second article today I haves read some idiot call Osama an advocate for Islamic peoples. His vision was less noble than that. He shared a spirit with Che. Violent. Desperate. Hurtful, but ultimately unhelpful to any. He was a loser and a monster.
AS a Muslim, I am relieved that Osama bin Laden has been brought down and his reign of terror brought to an end.
I hope he makes it to the verdict. I despise his post modernist defense of his men weren't following orders.
A 97-YEAR-OLD once called world's most wanted Nazi claimed innocence on the opening day of his trial.

Obama has handled this badly.
PAKISTAN'S military has admitted some "shortcomings" but demanded the US cut its troop numbers to a minimum.
My wife will have a Ball
WOMEN are taking a more traditional approach to marriage and increasingly adopting their husband's surname after nuptials.
I am not.
THE average Australian household is $23 a day better off than it was five years ago.

It is like an ALP election promise.
THE typical basket of food in Melbourne costs $600 more annually than it did five years ago, but the biggest slug to the family budget has been a $1327 leap in electricity, water and gas bills.
Charge Bligh first, for negligent homicide.
A GRANTHAM man who lost his wife and two of his children in the January floods has claimed that police are preparing to charge him with the death of his family.
She waited for over 200 to die, first.
THE Federal Government is poised to revive Papua New Guinea's mothballed Manus Island detention centre in a bid to solve its asylum-seeker woes.
It is all waste. They wanted to spend millions, but they are on an austerity drive.
THE Federal Government will spend almost $250,000 on hotel rooms alone for bureaucrats and MPs to attend a climate change conference in South Africa in November.
I look forward to this guy getting removed from office.
SMARTCARDS would be needed to play poker machines in all large pubs and clubs by 2014 and smaller venues by 2018 under Labor and independent MP Andrew Wilkie's pokie reforms to be unveiled today.
Clover Moore has plans for a bike track to Garden Island?
IT'S a top-secret tunnel, lost in time beneath Sydney's Garden Island naval base. These images reveal a hidden piece of our city's military past.
The problem with corruption is that good people become compromised.
PREMIER Barry O'Farrell has sacked the electricity company directors appointed by former treasurer Eric Roozendaal to rush through the botched power sale last December.
A bomb is a clue as to how some feel.
IMMIGRATION chiefs were warned that the Villawood detention centre was ready to "explode" months before detainees rioted and set fire to a large part of the complex, staff members claim.
Fierce battle of wits between two unarmed opponents.
FORMER prime minister Paul Keating unleashed a scathing attack on Lord Mayor Clover Moore accusing her of standing for "sandal-wearing, muesli-chewing, bike-riding pedestrians" yesterday.
Four more years of this idiot?
SYDNEY Council has put its money where its mouth is with a $180 million investment to run light rail down the city's spine and clear cars out for good.
ALP lied in election. They then hurt workers. No surprises there.
MORE than 3000 public servants are set to pocket a lucrative taxpayer-funded golden handshake of up to 90 weeks' pay under controversial State Government cuts.
A child can be any color or race, they are still a child.
THERE is no pause button on Matthew Zhou. His young life is lived at warp speed, his mind a quirky collage of thoughts that bellow out of an unfenced mouth.
Self determination of Saudi Arabia? Of any of many Islamic nations? The spring is doing a far better job.
THE rest of the free world might have vilified Osama bin Laden but the dead al-Qaeda leader still has the support of New Zealand's most controversial politician.
Al Qaeda must be being hollowed out about now.
MORE than 24 hours after one of Pakistan's top generals left Australia, Defence finally released this photo.

Two highly influential fools
AFTER one of the most memorable weekends in both their lives - for very different reasons - Barack Obama and Prince Charles got together yesterday for a debrief in the White House.
With the evidence collected from Osama's compound, I expect many such operations will fail.
INDONESIAN police have found six unexploded bombs which they say appear to have been prepared for a wave of suicide attacks.
They can save a lot removing the idiot minister.
THE Federal Government will shave 1000 civilian jobs from the Department of Defence and boost its efficiency dividend from 1.25 to 1.5 per cent to save $60 million a year.
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Information about Obama's hidden past is finally coming out due to the diligent research of and Donald Trump's investigation into Obama (And it's NOT about the birth certificate issue.). This video, recorded from The Power...

Gone, but not forgotten. Love lasts.
THE guns of war fell silent on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, and now the last of the combatants has fallen silent in the 11th year of the new century.
Forensics is king
THE breakthrough in the Lin murder investigation came when Detective Inspector Chris Olen answered his phone in January this year.
The tragedy gets sadder
POLICE believe the two youngest victims of the Lin family slayings may have been woken by the sound of their family members being bashed to death before they, too, were killed.
A modern tragedy, but a very old story.
THE man charged with the murders of the Lin family left a teenage relative alive, giving him care of her and influence over the estate she stood to inherit, police will allege.
Miranda Devine is a leading columnist with The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun.

David Daniel Ball recommends a link.
Piers has been one of The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph's best-read columnists since 1993. One of the nation's most respected journalists he has worked in New York, London, Washington and Los Angeles.
I'm glad the police haven't gone to sleep
FEDERAL police have dealt organised crime a "massive blow'' with nearly a quarter of a tonne of ice seized in a record bust.
David Daniel Ball was tagged in Zeg Editorial Cartoonist's album.
G'day, fair dinkum, what is going on in the heads of some people. From stupid and moralistic pious dribble from the usual useful idiots of the left, about how Bin Laden should have been captured and convicted of a crime via trial, like the MASS MURDERER ha...

Your premier, and your chance to have a say in your community
Premier Takes Cabinet to Western Sydney - Western Sydney - News NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell has chosen Western Sydney as the first region of the State to host a Community Cabinet meeting. Mr O'Farrell and his ministers will visit the Macarthur region on M
Obama does not deserve the endorsement. Let him give explain why there was no trial for Osama.
I did not agree with President Bush on his Iraq policy among other issues but as a Republican, two-term president he is a leader who represents our country at a time where unity is important.


Tim Blair – Friday, May 06, 11 (04:51 am)

Responding to a reader who is unimpressed by his latest ridiculous column, tax-funded Osama weeper Bob Ellis makes an offer he may regret:

My columns have cost you, thus far, two dollars and four cents. Give me your address and I will send this back to you. My offer is open to anyone else so enraged.

It’s time to cash in! Send your invoice for $2.04 here. Include your name and address and the above quote, which Bob posted at the ABC’s Drum site at 9:27am on May 5. Use the phrase “Thanks for the money, Bob!” in the subject line.

Note: this offer is open to anyone, so foreign types should also take advantage of Bob’s generosity. Bloggers and other online folk: please circulate this windfall opportunity as widely as possible. Help Bob to help the world, $2.04 at a time.



Tim Blair – Friday, May 06, 11 (04:48 am)

Protectionist Labor senator Doug Cameron supports a carbon tax, but his anti-trade mates clearly don’t:

I get emails every week from working people who tell me that having seen free trade policies destroy manufacturing jobs, they are not about to support a carbon tax.

The great national convergence continues. Besides protectionists, the tax is already rejected at various levels by Rio Tinto, Alcoa, dairy farmers, barley growers, insurance companies, local councils, state governments, CFOs, food and grocery producers, miners, union members, Gerry Harvey, G&S Engineering, Sam Gadaleta, BHP and Queensland Labor members – and now by the Noosa Chamber of Commerce, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Northern Territory parliament.

UPDATE. The big end of town rolls up for their charm offensive – and encounter someone who’s paying the bill.

UPDATE II. A powerful claim from Julia Gillard’s carbon buddies in the Greens: We’re more responsible than Andrew Wilkie!



Tim Blair – Friday, May 06, 11 (04:09 am)

It took 20 years and $50 million to perfect Ford’s Crown Victoria for taxi use in New York City. Those long-wheelbase, bump-smoothing Fords – one of the delights of visiting NYC – are now to be replaced by minivans from Mars.



Tim Blair – Friday, May 06, 11 (04:08 am)

President Barack Obama visits Ground Zero:

Speaking to a firefighting chief who received Obama, a member of the media actually asked him this question:

“Did you have concerns about the men’s behavior in a formal setting?”

(Via Currency Lad)



Tim Blair – Friday, May 06, 11 (04:03 am)

Sohaib Athar, the guy who inadvertently live-tweeted the raid on Osama bin Laden’s death hut, speaks on behalf ofmany:

Interviewer: Should the photo, and perhaps the video, of bin Laden’s demise be released?

Athar: Yes, definitely. The world deserves to see it.

Additionally, the Obama administration needs to reveal it. They’ve done a great job so far of screwing up the bin Laden after-party, as Jim Treacher acidly observes. One or two Dillinger-style farewell snaps might begin to set things right.



Tim Blair – Friday, May 06, 11 (12:45 am)

Paul Keating’s insults rarely make much sense, but at least he’s aiming at the right targets:

Former prime minister Paul Keating has labelled Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore a supporter of “sandal-wearing, muesli-chewing, bike-riding pedestrians” ...

Regarding Moore’s beloved bike lanes, add another line: child-endangering.



Tim Blair – Thursday, May 05, 11 (11:36 am)

Irreverent Chaser gagster Dom Knight is surprised by a certain news event’s humour potential:

Jon Stewart, who is one of my comedy heroes, was very triumphant about this and said: “Should I care about the arbitrary assassination of some guy in another country? In this case, no.” He was sort of enjoying it. He admitted he had no perspective because he’s a New Yorker, but, um, it’s been an absolute comedy bonanza which I think is really a bit unexpected, actually.

Back to cutting-edge jokes about the monarchy, then. Another ABC comedian is upset by the media’s “orgy ofcelebration”:

… including, disappointingly, Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

What did he expect? A minute’s silence?


Now the story is that four unarmed men were shot dead

Andrew Bolt – Friday, May 06, 11 (03:17 pm)

The post-operation spin has been terrible, and getting more unspun by the day:

Four of the five people killed when US Navy SEALs stormed Osama bin Laden’s hideout were unarmed, contrary to America’s original version of events, it has been disclosed.

The al-Qaeda chief had weapons - an AK47 assault rifle and a pistol - within arm’s reach but did not get to them before he was shot, officials said.

The blood-stained floor is visible in this photograph of one of the rooms in Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound.

The White House had insisted that US forces had been “engaged in a firefight throughout the operation” when they attacked the compound in Pakistan on Sunday night, local time.


To recap, the following claims by the White House’s deputy counterterrorism advisor and press spokesman have all turned out to be false:


He was engaged in a firefight … here is Bin Laden who has been calling on these attacks, living in this million dollar plus compound, living in an area that is far removed from the front, hiding behind women.. who were put in front of him as a shield..


We expected a great deal of resistance and were met with a great deal of resistance.


Gillard reinvents the Pacific Solution she damned

Andrew Bolt – Friday, May 06, 11 (11:13 am)

With more than 6000 people now in detention and up to 200 drowned at sea, we should not laugh.

Yet it will be, say, interesting to see how the Greens would justify staying in effectively a coalition with the Gillard Government after this astonishing backflip:

THE Gillard government is poised to revive one of the most controversial elements of the Howard government’s Pacific Solution, with Port Moresby expected to agree to host a refugee processing centre in Papua New Guinea....

The Australian has been told the PNG cabinet will meet at 10am today to consider the formal Australian government request, which has yet to go to the Gillard cabinet, to set up a centre, either by reopening the Lombrum naval base on Manus island - which was used in that role from 2001 to 2004 - or by establishing a new centre. The Lombrum centre was administered, as part of the Howard government’s Pacific Solution, by the International Organisation for Migration, as was the centre on Nauru…

The decision to approach PNG is a major about-face for Labor, which was scathing of the Pacific Solution when in opposition.

This scrambling for the credit is also delightfully interesting:

It is understood that Mr Rudd last month visited PNG Prime Minister Michael Somare in Singapore, where he is still recovering from heart surgery, and won his backing for the reopening of an Australian-run processing centre…

However, there was dispute about the degree of influence attributed to the Foreign Minister, with senior Australian government sources insisting that although Mr Rudd discussed the idea with with Sir Michael, the deal was effectively done by Mr Metcalfe, who secured in-principle agreement during his visit.

Then there will be more interest in the backpedalling.
Here’s Julia Gillard last year:

Processing was then undertaken on Manus Island and Nauru. That’s not my approach...

Here’s Immigration Minister Chris Bowen last year:

Of the 1637 people detained in the Nauru and Manus facilities, 1153 or 70 per cent were ultimately resettled in Australia or other countries… The Pacific solution was a cynical, costly and ultimately unsuccessful exercise introduced on the eve of a federal election by the Howard government. The Rudd Government pledged to dismantle the Pacific solution. It has been done and there is no intention to return to that shameful period.


Is Gillard’s hoped-for centre at Manus Island open yet?

ANOTHER asylum seeker boat has been intercepted off the coast of Western Australia.
Personnel from the HMAS Launceston boarded the boat - believed to be carrying 63 people - about 16 nautical miles north of Broome yesterday afternoon


Through thick and thin, through betrayal and failure:

Greens leader Bob Brown said the use of Manus Island ... would also create serious hardship and punish asylum-seekers.

“It is part of the Labor Party drifting across to the Tony Abbott, John Howard solution,” Senator Brown told ABC TV.

However, the Greens would continue to support the Gillard government because the Coalition’s stance on the issue was worse, Senator Brown said.


Rudd accused by Pakistan intelligence of big-noting

Andrew Bolt – Friday, May 06, 11 (06:54 am)

The allegation seems improbable and is denied, however:

FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd has been drawn into an ugly international dispute over intelligence revelations, which Pakistan says could have disrupted the top-secret US operation to kill Osama bin Laden.

Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency claims Mr Rudd “shattered” a confidence by publicly confirming the arrest of Bali bomber and al-Qa’ida acolyte Umar Patek (in Abbottabad, bin Laden’s sanctuary) in late March.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s most senior official, secretary Dennis Richardson, yesterday dismissed the claims as “untrue and absurd”....

The spokesman said they were dismayed when Mr Rudd, on March 30, confirmed the arrest at the end of a Bali Process meeting he co-chaired with Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa....

Mr Rudd ... declared it “a potential major step forward in the fight against terrorism”.

However, Mr Natalegawa refused to confirm the arrest, citing operational concerns, and appeared annoyed by Mr Rudd’s announcement.

“Not wanting at the same time to reject what Kevin, Mr Rudd, has said, I cannot confirm that fact,” Mr Natalegawa said.


No problem, says Minister for blindfolds

Andrew Bolt – Friday, May 06, 11 (06:49 am)

Kotsiris should remember he’s not an apologist but a Minister, and has a duty not to misrepresent crime statisticsor ignore the sexisim, rejectionism and social alienation represented by a burqa:

MUSLIM women who choose to wear the face-covering burqa should be entitled to do as they pleased, says Victoria’s multicultural affairs minister.

Nick Kotsiras has also praised the Sudanese community who have come under scrutiny in the aftermath of outbreaks of street brawling after a youth beauty pageant last month.

‘’We have not got a Sudanese problem in Australia - or in Melbourne. There are 8000 Sudanese living in Victoria, the vast majority are hard-working, law-abiding citizens ‘’...


So who will now listen to the workers?

Andrew Bolt – Friday, May 06, 11 (06:31 am)

Labor Senator Doug Cameron, the former Australian Manufacturing Workers Union boss, admits:

I get emails every week from working people who tell me that having seen free trade policies destroy manufacturing jobs, they are not about to support a carbon tax.

But what would such riff-raff know:

In the next year or so, overcoming the politics of fear and disinformation on climate change and mining taxation will be fundamental to the short term political future of the Party. This is a challenge we should embrace with courage, conviction and energy.

Labor’s stopped listening.

(Via Tim Blair.)


First course was with some woman at the gate

Andrew Bolt – Friday, May 06, 11 (06:00 am)

Julia Gillard invited business leaders to dinner at Kirribilli House on Wednesday to talk them into backing her carbon dioxide tax.

The night didn’t start well. While the business bosses sure got an earful, it wasn’t just from the Prime Minister.

(Thanks to reader Adam.)


Unexplored meaning

Andrew Bolt – Friday, May 06, 11 (12:02 am)

Ramazan Acar has pleaded guilty to stabbing his toddler, Yazmina, to death after first ringing her mother to say what he was going to do - and to taunt her with a few last words from her daughter.

As Yazmina slowly died, Acar sent his ex-fiance gloating texts. Earlier, he sent this:

U wanted to convert ma kid do it u wanted to lock me up I did it u wanted 2 b indapendant do it u take full custdy do it u wana kill me il do it wat eva makes u happy nw tel me

Convert? Professor Bunyip wonders why this angle wasn’t covered in the media , and notes the picture of the grieving mother, and her necklace:


(No comments for legal reasons.)


NT says no to Gillard’s tax

Andrew Bolt – Thursday, May 05, 11 (07:48 pm)

Opposition swells to the Gillard Government’s carbon dioxide tax:

THE Northern Territory’s Legislative Assembly has passed a motion calling for the territory to be exempted from a carbon tax for at least 50 years, or until a global consensus is been reached on reducing carbon emissions…

The Country Liberal Party motion was passed last night after crossbench independent Gerry Wood spoke in its support…

Mr Wood, who supports Labor in a minority government arrangement, said a carbon tax would be potentially damaging to the NT economy.

“We eat meat and we need to grow food, and if we are going to be penalised for growing food because we have got long distances to our markets, then I think that that is certainly a backwards step,” he said.

“Transport is by diesel. Diesel will be taxed.”


Now give us cash

Andrew Bolt – Thursday, May 05, 11 (06:32 pm)

The war is at a stalemate, despite the UN-backed intervention, and now come the demands for cash:

LIBYA’S rebel government is asking international donors for up to $US3 billion ($A2.7 billion) in loans, warning that without the cash injection it will be unable to pay civil servants and provide food and medicine to civilians.

Please, Prime Minister, do not let Kevin Rudd fly anywhere near that begging bowl.


Gillard to restore the Pacific Solution?

Andrew Bolt – Thursday, May 05, 11 (06:17 pm)

With more than 6000 people in detention and up to 200 drowned at sea, the Gillard Government seems to have given in and restored the Pacific Solution it dismantled just three years ago:

The Federal Government has flagged an announcement on regional processing for asylum seekers and has not ruled having struck a deal with Papua New Guinea.
The ABC has confirmed a detention centre in Papua New Guinea is a live option...

“We’ve made progress in terms of the international framework and regional processing, and we’ll have more to say about it when it’s appropriate,” Immigration Minister Chris Bowen told Sky News.

Immigration Department secretary Andrew Metcalfe was in Papua New Guinea this week for high-level talks…

The Manus Island detention centre was part of the Howard government’s so-called Pacific Solution that was dismantled under former prime minister Kevin Rudd.

Flashback to February last year:

With facilities on Christmas Island at crisis point, opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has called on the government to consider using Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea to detain asylum seekers…

Immigration Minister Chris Evans said the Pacific Solution was a costly failure and did nothing to foster regional co-operation on people smuggling.

The Rudd government pledged to dismantle the Pacific Solution. It has been done and there is no intention to return to that shameful period,” Senator Evans said.

Current Immigration Minister Chris Bowen will also have some rowing back to do from this, in 2008:

The Rudd Labor Government was elected on a platform that included a commitment to reform and a more humane treatment of those seeking our protection. We quickly ended the Pacific Solution – closing the offshore processing centres on Nauru and Manus Island.


There must be some kind of law against shooting a terrorist

Andrew Bolt – Thursday, May 05, 11 (01:49 pm)

Remember that Moira Rayner was once an Equal Opportunity and HREOC Commissioner, handing out “justice”. Here she deplores the killing of Osama bin Laden:

I do not argue that (President Barack) Obama is an international criminal, but that the laws of civilised behaviour must apply to every actor in every circumstance… Politically, Obama had every reason to do what he did, but in the process he committed his people to a legal and ethical mistake which will be a continuing obstacle to the West’s integrity in its pursuit of freedom and democracy, internationally recognised standards of justice and human rights, and lasting peace.

On the other hand, he may have saved thousands of lives.

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