Thursday, May 19, 2011

US Campaign for Burma HBO Premiere

Burma Soldier is premiering on HBO2 tonight! This powerful documentary film explores the grim chronical of the life of Myo Myint, a former Burmese soldier, former political prisoner, and democracy activist. Gather your friends and family and tune into HBO2 for the film's premiere at 8:00pm (EDT).

Last week, Acting UN Special Envoy to Burma, Mr. Vijay Nambiar visited Burma and reiterated the international community's demand that Burma's so-called civilian government prove to the world that it is sincere about reform by releasing all 2,061 political prisoners. As a slap in the face, Burma's regime announced this week that it would grant a one-year reduction to every prisoners' sentence and commute death penalty sentences to life imprisonment. 14,600 prisoners were released, only 47 of them were political prisoners - representing only 2% of all political prisoners.

The joke on the streets in Burma today is that if Mr. Nambiar's visit could only secure a mere one-year deduction of prison terms, then he would need to start booking airplane tickets to Burma for several hundred visits in order to secure the release all political prisoners. In the case of Bo Min Yu Ko, who is serving 104 years imprisonment, Mr. Nambiar would need to visit Burma more than 100 times.

This highlights the urgent need by the international community to ramp up pressure on the regime to free the remaining 2,014 political prisoners in Burma.

Help secure the release of all political prisoners by hosting an Arrest Yourself event. Arrest Yourself events aim to raise critical awareness about Burma's political prisoners while raising funds for us to fuel our ongoing advocacy efforts to secure their immediate and unconditional release.

Tune in this evening on HBO for the premiere of one of the most powerful documentary films I have ever seen, Burma Soldier.

In solidarity,

Aung Din

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