Sunday, May 29, 2011

here is the top 10 list of signs you are a Greenie :

10. You’re furious that pounds kill pets, so you support an organization which kills pets.

9. You think coal pollution is better than nuclear waste, and then you complain about the quality of our air.

8. You think “risk assessment” is a board game.

7. You constantly complain about layoffs, but you think losing millions of jobs (and billions of dollars) is okay if it helps reduce the air temperature by a fraction of a degree. You think people promoting the alternative of sound technological solutions are crackpots.

6. You’re pissed off when people serve you meat, but you act surprised when people blast you for wanting to enforce veganism on your future innocent babies.

5. You think the precautionary principle is AOK, except when it’s applied against you. Then it becomes a matter of principles.

4. You get mad when anyone says you think other animals are more important than people, but you cheer when hunters die or animal researchers are threatened with their grandmother's corpse.

3. You think “The Tragedy of the Commons” is a Shakespeare play.

2. You say we should respect all life, then you gulp antibiotics. The hypocrisy of this doesn’t register in your mind at all.

1. You’re so concerned about third-world hunger that you campaign to ban life-saving GM foods from Africa.
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