Saturday, May 07, 2011

Shout to the Lord

For my friend Jan who passed recently. She is resting in the lord, but chose this number. I left in my practice mistakes as I think that is something that would appeal to her humor.

"Shout to the Lord" is a popular worship anthem, written by singer/songwriter Darlene Zschech in 1993, published by Hillsong Music Australia.

It has also been covered by many other CCM artists including Carman, Don Moen, Rich Mullins, Michael W. Smith, John Tesh and Diante do Trono (portuguese version "Aclame ao Senhor")

It was the closing song on Idol Gives Back on 9 April 2008, sung by the remaining 8 contestants of American Idol and a gospel choir. The lyrics of the song were altered, changing the word "Jesus" to "Shepherd" in the first line. The song was performed again at the opening of the next show the following night, this time using the original lyrics. Due to strong download sales through iTunes Store, the studio version of the performance charted at number 43 in the Billboard Hot 100, based on digital download sales alone.

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