Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thoughts on Rumble's Maximum Choppage 2

Having just seen the film, I can say it is funny and exciting and fresh. Low budget cinema with big budget effects. I'm sure Craig Anderson deserves some credit for that, but I'm also sure the Rumble crew deserve the lions share. The character rolls were well defined and Tim Ly plays his star roll well, but Maria's dual rolls are electric. She can fight and she has a voice for her character. Rob Trieu (Rob Da Fob) has his mannerisms down pat so well I feel I know him. Roxie plays an excellent chick with attitude. Masterful comic genius Ryan Peters got his mug in there too. Ryan has just finished the shooting of the tv series Downunder Rumble where has has direction credit.
The fights were considered and inspired. Swords and cricket bats and umbrella all play their roll. Such drama can be one dimensional without background that is meaningful. The book that propels the action is a bible. Scenes are shot at temples. Storylines are introduced and finished.
I want some more.
Present at the evening were former Australian of the Year Khoa Do, Federal Member Jason Clare, Producer Craig Anderson as well as local council functionaries and members. Also, the Jesus Family Centre's Pastor David Boyd, his wife and Peter King who was a significant donor.

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