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Promoting New Music Thor's Day 4th September

Beautiful Sunset
Biko (Acoustic Version)
by Garni

I don't expect this to do much to be honest, just me, very raw and my guitar playing, nothing adjusted simply how it came out on 1st take.

Garni: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Beautiful Sunset
by particledots

Judas (by Kari Kraakevik)

A friend of mine Kari, asked me to help her mix some music that she was working on as part of her music degree. So she turns up at my house about 6 weeks ago with a midi file, a PDF score and said 'see what you can do with this'

The midi file was the music you hear here sans drums, bass and vocals.

The first thing we did was to re-do the instrumentation replacing the sounds in the midi file with the East-West Symphonic Gold orchestral sounds. We did the orchestral sounds on Logic 5.5 on the PC and then bounced them down and transferred them to Logic 8 on the Mac.

Immediately I found the tricky thing for me was the tempo changes that Kari had programmed into the midi file (either on pro tools or finale)

Next step was the vocals. We recorded them about 4 weeks ago - doing many takes. From these we created a composite of all the best bits. A little bit of tweaking in Melodyne and we had our vocal tracks.

At this point, Kari asked if we could add guitar, drums and bass - something I hadn't accounted for at the beginning of this project and it was something I knew I was going to find extremely difficult to do.

This was for 3 main reasons - the aforementioned tempo changes meant that it was impossible just to drop loops into the track. The fact that this is a style which I have absolutely no experience with put me outside of my comfort zone. The final reason was to do with a limited amount of time I had available due to a forthcoming trip to England. This meant I had to work to a very strict deadline as well as try to fit in a number of other projects I am concurrently working on not to mention other non music related obligations.

I tried to add guitar but failed miserably so I decided to focus on drums and bass (using Battery 3 and the ES1 synth in Logic). I played every drum beat manually - snare, hi hat, kick etc...and then painstakingly pulled and pushed them in to place using the matrix editor.

The bass was done similarly.

After hearing a mix with these additions, we realised the vocals were now in need of extra timing pushes. So out came the digital scissors and more cutting and splicing took place.

Kari had heard some of the other pieces I am working on at the moment and fell in love with mellotron sounds I used on some of those tracks (which are yet to be posted). So she asked if she could try it in this track and added some mellotron sounds this morning.

Today we worked on the overall mix levels of the track and corrected a few outlying drum, bass and vocal timing issues.

We added the reverbs we wanted and little bit of vocal delay effect on one vocal section.

So given the fact that 'I' have run out of time for any more work on this, here is the final mix in its imperfect glory of Kari Kraakevik's 'Judas', probably the most un-bibanova/particledots-like track you will ever hear from me

It is something we may tweak in future after I get back from the UK in Sept, but it is very unlikely.

Step aside Andrew Lloyd Weber

Music, Lyrics, Vocal Performances, Mellotron sounds and arrangement by Kari
Production in Logic Audio 5.5 and 8.01, attempts at drums and bass on a tempo fluctuating track by me.

(many thanks to Cat for the helpful suggestions over the last few weeks and also to Feter for his support and comments each week as new mixes were posted)
Beautiful Sunset
Orchestration Tutorial
by georgeptingley

Our good friend pete was wondering how we orchestrators learn our craft. Speaking for myself, I study excerpts by the great classical masters. In this tutorial, I have microscoped into and expanded an 8-measure excerpt by Franz Schubert taken from his Symphony in C. This is what you will hear:

1. Schubert's original oboe melody
2. Schubert's original string accompaniment without double basses
3. Schubert's original violin and viola parts
4. Schubert's original violas, cellos, and double basses
5. Schubert's complete excerpt - oboe and strings
6. I substitute flute (8va) and bassoon (8vb) for original oboe;
I also introduce pizzicato into the double basses.
7. Now I add some sustained French horns into the accompaniment.
Listen also for the clarinet sandwiched in between the
flute and bassoon (in effect, the melody is now heard
in three different registers - low, medium, and high).
I also add timpani to punctuate the very end.

P.S. I noticed after uploading that the exposed oboe solo (#1) has a bit too much vibrato (modulation) although this is not so apparent when accompanied by strings (#5).

Tutorial ddedicated to pete. Hope you like.
Beautiful Sunset
Glass Feedback
by Storkaas

Playing a bit with with Native Instruments..

© Copyright Rune Storkaas 2008 - 0693#2

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