Saturday, September 06, 2008

Live Science News Headlines

Strongest Hurricanes Getting Stronger
Warming oceans increasing wind speeds of strongest hurricanes. - this is not science, but an activist article. It isn't happening. -ed.

Mammoth Mystery: The Beasts' Final Years
Out There: People Who Live Without TV
Thinking Makes Us Pig Out
Dead For Years, Ferrets Finally Become Fathers

Top Features
Volcano's Eruption Colors World's Sunsets
New Bread Packaging Thwarts Mold
Deep-Voiced Deer Lucky in Love
Study: Zen Meditation Really Does Clear the Mind

Watch Robots Play Soccer
Smart Sunglasses

Image of the Day
Acoustic System Saves Manatees
Aside from watercraft collisions, the highest incidence of human-caused mortality to manatees is due to entrapment in floodgates and canal locks.

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