Thursday, September 11, 2008

Promoting New Music Thor's Day 11th September

In memory of those who died, their lives taken senselessly in 2001.
Beautiful Sunset
Dancing Until the End of Times (for collab)
by Ziur
My first upload on iC4. I hope you enjoy this.
Beautiful Sunset
The Blue Angel
by dirigent
An a cappella tribute to Marlene Dietrich
From the 1930 movie "The Blue Angel"
"Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt"

Vocals: Dirigent
Beautiful Sunset
You Don't Know What Love Is
by Bass2x and mbehar
An old song arranged and played with the superb touch and feel of the accomplished performer he is, Mori Behar (mbehar) is featured on piano and acoustic bass.
Thanks, Mo!
Beautiful Sunset
Joplin's Nonpareil Rag (1907)
by georgeptingley
I am dedicating this recording to our good friend fromano who likes his Scott Joplin served up with proper "piano e forte" to say nothing of crescendi, dimiinuendi, e ritardandi. I have even included a little tempo rubato like a wash of good Italian red. Hope you like.

Pianist George Peter Tingley plays Scott Joplin's Nonpareil Rag of 1907.

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