Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Special Thanks, on my Birthday (Joseph Adams and Carleen Frost)

Partly they are just doing their jobs, but then if others did their jobs, Joseph and Carleen wouldn't seem so precious to me.
They haven't endorsed me, or lied about me or overstated anything. Carleen wrote an article in the Advanced (Fairfield) advising the world that Joseph is now an official political lobbyist who will field any issue that is brought before him, and who knows people in parliament to bring the issues before. It is an important position in a well functioning democracy.
Joseph is serious about politics and hopes to represent the people he lives among. He founded the Australian Business Party.
I am the first person Joseph has represented as a lobbyist. He was instrumental in having three questions put before parliament. I have been unemployed for 18 months and had no hope of getting my issue addressed before Joseph read of my plight.
I am not alone, but I sometimes feel that way. I have taken a difficult path, but I didn't take it by choice, feeling the alternatives much worse. I have been let down by media before, but Carleen has done what she should .. and that cannot have been easy because many others have failed for any of many reasons. A special thank you to cadet journalist Linda Huynh whose willing ear let me continue after I'd almost given up.
I saw the article on the 14th of January, just looking through the local paper. It isn't over yet .. in fact, I might not get any further .. but I thank them for what they have given me.
A site is maintained where relevant information is kept by Sydney's Conservative
The latest info has been referred to the Fairfield Police through Detective Sergeant Stokes. Legal aid declined to even look at the application, but the Ombudmsan is supposed to help .. of course, so was the ICAC. If someone does their job, ALP will be turfed from government.
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