Sunday, January 11, 2009

Headlines Sunday 11th January 2009

Rosemeadow requires new solutions
Piers Akerman
Radburn, New Jersey, is on the other side of the world from Rosemeadow, Sydney. Although they share a common design, there’s no other similarity between the garden suburb built for affluent Americans in the ‘20s and the public housing estate built for indigent Australians in the ‘70s.
Redundancy and ruin as crisis hits home
An increasing number of Australians are declaring bankruptcy as the global economic crisis really starts to hit home.
Street racers to have wheels clamped
Two P-platers caught street racing will have their cars' wheels clamped as part of a trial program to kerb unsafe driving behaviour.
Harbour Bridge says goodbye to cash booths
The last motorist to ever pay cash on the Sydney Harbour Bridge has now passed through the toll booth, closing a 70-year chapter in Australian history.
Another hospital toilet miscarriage
Another woman has revealed that she miscarried her baby into a toilet at a hospital in the Hunter Valley.
Cancer-causing mouthwash could be pulled from shelves
A string of popular brands of mouthwash could be doing us more harm than good, with some linked to an increased risk of oral cancer.
Australian forces kill Taliban leader
Australian special forces troops have killed a Taliban leader believed to have orchestrated the rocket attack that killed an Australian soldier.
Israel plans escalation of violence in Gaza
Hamas supporters protest as Gaza anger spills onto Australia's streets
Man charged with baby son's murder
Local MP won't visit violent Rosemeadow
Winnie-the -Pooh to return after 80 years
The world's favourite "silly old bear" is back, with a new Winnie-the-Pooh book to finally be published more than 80 years after A. A. Milne's last Pooh stories were written.
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