Monday, January 12, 2009

Headlines Monday 12th January 2009

Prince Harry's rant: Is "Paki" really that offensive?
Prince Harry has copped a lot of flack for using the word "Paki", but Chris Smith can't really see what all the fuss is about.
Obama backs down from Guantanamo promise
Guantanamo Bay will stay open longer than expected, with Barack Obama backing down on his first big election promise.
Dead pirate washes up with $215,000
The body of a Somali pirate who drowned just after receiving a huge ransom has washed ashore with $A215,000 in cash.
Sea Kitten abuser speaks: 'Hitting it was like hitting a brick wall'
The man who pulled his 13-year-old cousin to shore after she was mauled by a sea kitten, says the animal gave up because "it didn't like the taste". - I am sure that there are 13 year old girls around the world saying "That is unfair! We taste good." - ed.
Pilot hailed as hero for avoiding homes
A 54-year-old pilot killed in a light plane crash south of Melbourne has been hailed a hero for steering his aircraft away from densely populated areas.
Gaza fighting 'nearing its end': Israel
Israel has indicated for the first time today that an end is in sight to its war on Hamas, amid some of the heaviest clashes of an offensive that has killed nearly 900 people in the Gaza Strip. - I guess there will be no further need of UN involvement, once Israeli troops leave and the terrorists are back in charge. - ed.
Roberta Williams linked to police raid
Police have raided a house in Melbourne's west connected to Roberta Williams, the former wife of gangland killer Carl Williams.
Teacher Christine McCallum charged with rape in the US
A MARRIED teacher has been charged with seven counts of statutory rape after allegedly having sex with a 13-year-old schoolboy more than 300 times - including right under her husband's nose.

Police say Christine McCallum, 29, lived a disturbed double life for almost two years.

The Boston teacher is accused of having serial liaisons with the boy in Rockland and Abington from February 2006, when she allegedly took his virginity, to November 2007.

The boy told police they had sex for the first time on a couch at McCallum's home while her husband slept upstairs.

They also had unprotected sex in the shower, on the kitchen floor and on the living room floor, court documents say.

Police said McCallum ended the relationship in a fit of jealousy when she discovered the boy was using a mobile phone she bought him to text other girls.

The alleged affair was uncovered last week when a friend of the boy told his mother. - lucky she had the courage to end it before it got serious. He was using her phone to call other girls .. that is intolerable. - ed.
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