Monday, January 05, 2009

Headlines Monday 5th January 2009

Israel defies international pressure, troops march on Gaza capital
Tens of thousands of Israeli troops backed by tanks battled Hamas fighters in Gaza as the death toll from the offensive to end militant rocket attacks passed 510. - of course there was little international pressure while Hamas was shelling Israel. I note Rudd's reluctance to criticize any brutal dictator - ed.
Has Scientology claimed another life?
It's easy to laugh at Scientology, writes Tim Brunero, but when the Church's nutjob beliefs could be costing lives - like in the case of John Travolta's son, Jett - then you've got a real problem.
Another Aussie soldier killed
A DIGGER has died instantly in a Taliban rocket attack on an Afghan army base overnight.
It's a funnel web summer: Conditions perfect for deadly spiders
Recent cool weather has prompted warnings to watch out for funnel web spiders.
Driver's car explodes at 325kmh: 'I'll keep racing'
Australian drag racer Steve Reed says he will continue to compete after surviving a horror crash during an event near Brisbane.
Driver guilty of road rage… 22 years ago
A man involved in a road rage incident 22 years ago has avoided jail because of the delay in bringing the matter to court.
'I wanted to burn his penis so it belonged to me'
The woman who allegedly killed her husband by setting his genitals alight told neighbours that she was justified because “his penis should belong to me”, a court has heard.
Shabby Sheikh trying to whip up trouble over Gaza
Just when you thought you'd seen the back of them Sheikh El-Hilaly and his right hand man, Keysar Trad, are back - trying to whip up anger over the situation in Gaza. Chris Smith explains.
'Gaza will be your cemetery': Hamas warns Israeli troops
Explosions shook the Gaza Strip and fires lit up the night skies as Israeli ground forces surged into the battered Palestinian enclave following a week of air and naval raids....
Israel didn't seek US approval: Cheney
Israel did not ask for US backing in advance of a ground offensive into Gaza, US Vice President Dick Cheney says....
Ban on smacking 'will save lives'
There is a push to ban smacking in Australia, with new research suggesting it could significantly cut child homicide rates....
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