Thursday, January 08, 2009

Israel Defense Force Postings

IDF VLOG UPDATE: Hamas Terrorists in UN School - Capt. Benjamin Rutland - 6 Jan. 2009
6 Jan. 2009 -IDF forces strike Hamas terrorists who cynically used a United Nations school as shelter while firing mortar bombs at Israeli soldiers, thus endangering Palestinian civilians. IDF Spokesman Capt. Benjamin Rutland reports on yet another instance of Hamas' exploitation of Gazans as human shields.

Precision Airstrikes on Hamas Terror Targets 7 Jan. 2009
The Israel Air Force launches a precision strike against various Hamas-linked terror targets in Gaza on 7.1.09. Hamas uses its citizens as human shields and exploits religion in its brutal campaign against innocent civilians.

Background: Gaza and Cast Lead 6 Jan. 2009
Background on the IDF's operation "Cast Lead" in Gaza during the winter of 2008/2009. Israel left Gaza in 2005 hoping for peace and a fresh start, but Hamas has destroyed that optimism through its continued support for terror against innocent civilians.

Israeli Ground Forces in Gaza 6 Jan. 2009
Ground forces of the Israel Defense Forces operate against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip as part of Operation Cast Lead. The IDF targets terror elements linked to Hamas that hold the Palestinian people of Gaza hostage as human shields.

Hamas Militants and Weapons in Urban Gaza Hit by Israel Air Force 6 Jan. 2009
Israel Air Force assists IDF ground forces in striking Hamas targets, including gunman posts and launchers—some of which were located in populated areas. Hamas deliberately uses the Palestinian people, with whom Israel continues to seek peaceful coexistence, as human shields.
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