Thursday, January 29, 2009

RTA Visit

On David's birthday, Jan 14th, he went to the Road Traffic Authority and handed in a form. The form had taken him almost two months to complete because of Christmas vacation.
A few years ago, David owned up to having Sleep Apnea, so every year he needs to get forms filled out or he will have his license suspended. The treatment David takes for Sleep Apnea is considered a cure, so there are no actual issues. However, David's eyes are not perfect. He doesn't require glasses (each eye -0.75), but they aren't perfect, so he needs to go to the optometrist to get the form completed too.
At the registry, the completed form is taken. No receipt is issued, not required.
Eleven days later, RTA posts a form saying that the license has been suspended because the document for which David was not given a receipt had not been lodged.
David can appeal to the local court within 28 days of the issuing of the suspension notice.
So for the civic duty being performed of alerting the RTA that David is no longer sick, David is not allowed to drive.
Thank you ALP NSW.
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