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Happy birthday USA
Happy birthday and many happy returns Kevin Misan. Born on US independence day. On your day in 414, Aelia Pulcheria proclaimed herself regent over her brother Theodosius II and made herself Augusta and Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire. In 1054, Chinese astronomers recorded the sudden appearance of a "guest star", which was in actuality the supernova that created the Crab Nebula. In 1610, Polish–Muscovite War: The outnumbered forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth defeated the Russians at the Battle of Klushino. In 1945, The Brazilian cruiser Bahia was accidentally sunk by one of its own crewmen, killing more than 300 and stranding the survivors in shark-infested waters. In 1951, William Shockley announced the invention of the junction transistor, for which he, John Bardeen, and Walter Houser Brattain won the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics. You have travelled far in search of a warmer climate. Proclaiming much, following stars. Outnumbered, you succeed, but even so, the water has sharks. And now those transistors sing! Cheers.

Stop trying to bully us, Kevin, just call an election

Piers Akerman – Thursday, July 04, 2013 (6:35am)

THE notion of Kevin Rudd as the glasses-wearing, library-locked school nerd is beyond ludicrous.
Yet that’s the way he wants Australia to think of him as he struggles to come to grips with Opposition leader Tony Abbott.
He might have got the nerd part right, but Rudd is a thug who has white-anted his way back into the prime ministership.
It is Rudd who reduced menial staff to tears, it is Rudd who has a problem with self-control.
It is Rudd who is the abject failure.
Yet YOUR ABC gave him a platform last night to proclaim himself the bookish nerd up against the school jock and make absurd claims which went unchallenged.
Rudd said it seemed Mr Abbott was all talk but lacked heart when it came to a fight.
“‘Mr Abbott, I think it’s time you demonstrated to the country you had a bit of ticker on this. I mean, he’s the boxing Blue, I’m the, you know, the glasses-wearing kid in the library - come on,” he told the ABC’s 7.30.
That must be what passes for intellectual discussion in the Rudd household.
He argued that Abbott had some sort of “head start” because he, Rudd, had been in the job for less than a week, he said it was time for a series of open policy debates.
“‘What I’d say to Mr Abbott, is, ‘you’ve been doing this for a long time’,” he said. “It’s time we had a properly moderated debate, by the National Press Club, and that it should be on Mr Abbott’s chosen subjects.
“‘He can have one on debt and deficit, and can have one after that on boats. He can have one after that if he likes on the carbon price.
“‘I’m prepared, on each of these things, to take him on directly, because his whole program for government rests on a house of cards … the lie that we have a debt and deficit crisis, the lie that he can turn the boats back to Indonesia, and, frankly, there’s another lie as well, that Mr Abbott has suddenly become a policy moderate.”
What I would say to the spooky recycled Labor loser is: “You are responsible for the policies which have failed the nation.
“You outline your solutions.
“Your government is a house of cards.
“Further, it is based on a pack of lies that you have done nothing to dispel.
“And it is in your power to call an election – do so now and spare us the ongoing agony.”
Rudd may have got away with much the first time around, he must not be allowed to get away with more this time.
Go to the polls, Kevin, not the media. 



Tim Blair – Thursday, July 04, 2013 (5:36am)

Kevni takes on the opposition – specifically, the NSW opposition: 
Kevin Rudd has secured agreement to suspend the NSW Labor Party and place it under the administration of the party’s national executive under dramatic reforms to stamp out corruption and slash union power in the scandal-plagued branch. 
Among Kev’s big reform ideas: 
Property developers will also be banned from seeking preselection to become Labor candidates at both the federal and state level. 
The next step: ban property owners. Rudd yesterday posed as a baseball pitcher, while it turns out his enemies reallyclassed up the joint on the night of their removal.



Tim Blair – Thursday, July 04, 2013 (5:26am)

“In 2010 I did a story on two gay dads,” writes the ABC’s Ginger Gorham. “Those two men turned out to bepedophiles of the worst kind.”



Tim Blair – Thursday, July 04, 2013 (5:21am)

What with so many Islamic beheadings these days, there’s bound to be the occasional mix-up: 
A Catholic priest was not among three men graphically filmed being beheaded in Syria last week a friar overseeing the Franciscans in the Middle East has told CNN.
Father Francois Mourad, a Syrian originally named as victim of a merciless mob, was instead shot eight times on June 23 when a group of rebels stormed his monastery … 
Glad we’ve cleared that up.



Tim Blair – Thursday, July 04, 2013 (5:05am)

“Not every politician is a sucker for the Global Warming Swindle,” points out NSW Liberal Peter Phelps. “Some of us even fight back with that most dangerous of all weapons – scientific evidence. “ Quite so. Click and scroll to 10.33am. Meanwhile, global warming activists are suddenly fine with ditching the carbon tax
Climate advocates are open to the idea of “dumping” the carbon tax by bringing forward a floating carbon pricing scheme, but they have some important provisos. 
The main proviso being … well, you’ll never guess: 
Australian Conservation Foundation executive director Don Henry said if funding for bodies like the Australian Renewable Energy Agency was not cut to make up for the potential budget losses from the move then “it would not necessarily cause a problem.” 
Correction: if funding was cut, it wouldn’t be a problem.



Tim Blair – Thursday, July 04, 2013 (4:36am)

Professor Bunyip notes curious developments at Fairfax, which seems to have adopted new terminology
Mr Harris said it was possible that the appointment signalled an attempt to improve relationships with the conservative press …
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s communications director, John McTernan, was reported to have made overtures to the conservative media. 
Please. Even babies know that we’re the “hate media”.



Tim Blair – Thursday, July 04, 2013 (4:14am)

As a possible military coup threatens Egypt, protesters revert to previous viciousness
A Dutch journalist has been raped by a group of five men in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square as millions of protesters take to the streets to demand the removal of President Mohammed Mursi …
Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment said it had recorded 44 cases of sexual assaults and harassment against women on Sunday night alone, the highest number it had encountered since the group was formed in November 2012. 
Women aren’t Egypt’s only targets. The so-called Arab Spring isn’t turning out as many hoped.
UPDATE. Coup underway.


Rudd tip: election in November?

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (8:28pm)

Bernie Slattery picks up an election tip from Kevin Rudd himself:
If Krudd can be taken at his word – and that’s a stretch – we could have him around for a while yet. This is part of what he told Leigh Sales last night: 
As we get close to the election at the end of the year, the bottom line is pretty transparent to us all.
Given that they’ve been speculating all week on when he’d go to the polls, I’m surprised the mainstream media didn’t swoop on it like spring magpies.


Coroner slams Rudd’s home insulation disaster

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (6:49pm)

Who rushed through that dud program?
A CORONER has attacked both the federal and Queensland governments as he referred three deaths linked to the controversial home insulation scheme to prosecutors.
Queensland state coroner Michael Barnes ... said the federal Labor government rushed through the scheme in 2009 to create jobs stimulus during the global financial crisis, causing it to overlook safety concerns....
Rueben Barnes, 16, Matthew James Fuller, 25 and Mitchell Scott Sweeney [above], 22, died in 2009 and 2010 while installing roof insulation under the now discontinued economic stimulus program.
The Federal Opposition’s environment spokesman, Greg Hunt, has demanded the Prime Minister release all documents relating to the home insulation program.
Now is the moment for Mr Rudd to finally release all of the warnings and all of the correspondence which he personally received and which his department received,” he said.
“We know that there were 10 personal warnings to Mr Rudd including four letters directly from then Minister [Peter] Garrett.”
From the Coroner’s findings:

Matthew Fuller:


What’s offensive is that she’s a Minister

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (6:31pm)

When I first heard of this I thought the Liberals had lost their marbles:
A LIBERAL Party advertisement ridiculing new Kevin Rudd minister Julie Collins is “offensive” to stutterers, a sufferer of the condition has said.

The short video, posted on YouTube, shows Ms Collins stumbling over her words at a press conference and then she is mocked for being “one of the most senior” Labor ministers.
The advertisement has provoked outrage from those who say it’s unfair to depict stuttering as a sign for incompetence.
But then I realised this was just a beat-up from the wanting-to-take-offence brigade:

Ms Collins, who was promoted to Housing and Status of Women Minister this week, does not have a stutter.


Hope those 33,600 households enjoy our billions

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (5:43pm)

All those billions being spent on the National Broadband Network, and for so few:
THE NBN Co has hit its politically crucial June 30 rollout target, passing more than 207,000 homes and businesses.... But of those passed by the fibre footprint only 33,600 homes and businesses, or 16 per cent of premises, have signed up to a service.
In addition to the low take-up rate, the NBN Co’s rollout figures also contain as many as 55,000 premises called “service class zero” which although contained in the fibre footprint, are not considered serviceable for another 12-18 months.
These typically include apartments, town houses and shopping centres...


Rudd distances himself from rotten Labor

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (1:51pm)

Kevin Rudd puts distance between him and that thing called Labor:
A FEDERAL takeover of the ALP’s NSW branch will be the first stage in a broader Labor Party reform agenda, Kevin Rudd has announced.
The Prime Minister’s move to intervene in Labor’s NSW branch ... aims to stamp out corruption and further limit the influence of wealthy property developers on the party.
Labor’s national executive will take over the running of the NSW branch and draft new rules, which will include a zero tolerance of corruption and the ability to remove members being investigated for wrongdoing.
Mr Rudd has given the NSW ALP 30 days to implement the reforms.
Did NSW Labor once have laws allowing some tolerance of corruption? 


No to that $90 million referendum. No to Canberra control of councils

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (11:31am)


Rudd promises no more spending, but hints at plenty

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (9:46am)

Can Kevin Rudd restrain his big-spending self?

RESERVE Bank governor Glenn Stevens has warned both major parties not to deviate from their commitment to return the budget to surplus and stressed the importance of “principled and consistent” policy-making to help revive business and consumer confidence…

Mr Stevens said slower economic growth was likely to be the norm and highlighted the mounting challenge of bringing the budget to surplus and paying for Labor’s multi-billion-dollar school funding and disability insurance programs.

“The importance of a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility will, if anything, be heightened in the future, given that significant challenges exist over the medium term in funding government initiatives that the community appears to want,” Mr Stevens said…

“Confidence-enhancing policy involves having well-established and understood frameworks, and acting consistently with those frameworks over time,” he said.
But Rudd seems caught between promising no more spending at the same time that he’s talking of big new spending, and between promising no “austerity” cuts at the same time that he’s warning of a fall in our exports to China:
As the new cabinet considers a range of policy changes that could cost billions, the Prime Minister has suggested the government might need to spend extra to protect the economy from a downturn.

But Treasurer Chris Bowen has said any new spending will have to be offset by savings elsewhere in the budget…

Mr Rudd, by contrast, announced his bid for the Labor leadership last week by declaring that the China boom was over and that “this is a massive new challenge"…

The expectations already raised by Mr Rudd and his ministers would cost the budget close to $5 billion per year. Mr Rudd has talked about moving swiftly from the $24.15 per tonne carbon price to the floating European price, at present $6.50 per tonne. That would cost the budget $3 billion to $4 billion per year.

Lifting the Newstart unemployment benefit by $50 per week would cost $1 billion per year. Restoring lost university funding would cost $750 million.
(Thanks to reader Peter of Bellevue Hill.) 


Red Cross uses donations to scare children over global warming

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (9:35am)

Reader Gab:

Ever wonder if your donations to the Red Cross reach the intended people that need help? Wonder no more. The Red Cross is using donations for climate alarmism propaganda.
Is this their idea of climate “science”? And why is the Red Cross getting involved in climate alarmism?
After many, many years of donating to the Red Cross they won’t be getting any more donations from me. I refuse to donate money when it gets used to peddle climate alarmism.


Lucky Rudd. Gillard may swear, but holds her tongue

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (9:10am)

Classy attitude, if not language, at Julia Gillard’s farewell bash at the Lodge:

News Limited can reveal Ms Gillard had not a single bad word for Kevin Rudd and urged up to 100 MPs and staff - who descended on the official Prime Minister’s residence - not to forget their Labor ideals and get behind the new leader.
Dressed in a casual, striped shirt with a wine in hand, Ms Gillard addressed partygoers, including former and current ministers Peter Garrett, Greg Combet, Craig Emerson, Stephen Smith and Jenny Macklin, and said: “Don’t let this disillusion you - sh*t happens.”
Kevin Rudd is very lucky if Gillard refuses to do to his campaign what he did to hers. 


New Kevin can win this. Old Kevin can’t

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (9:05am)

Politics - federal
HIS first week back will make Kevin Rudd think he can talk his way to an amazing election win. And he’s right. Only time could beat him now.
So far, the reborn Prime Minister has talked the right game. He looks sunny. He got a warm welcome from the media and the Opposition is firing blanks.
Rudd has even succeeded in selling the “new” Kevin - less the Kevin 747 and more the Considerate, Consultative Kevin.
Mind you, it’s a strain and old Kevin occasionally peeks through. 


Commissars force Myer to take free speech off its shelves

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (8:53am)

Free speech, The new morality
THE Human Rights Commission has become a threat to our freedom. Geeing up activists to punish Myer is the last straw.
It was bad enough that the commission backed Labor’s attempt to ban political free speech that might “offend” people at work. We pay this mob $27 million a year to help Big Government muzzle us?
But now the commission has gone further - punishing Myer because its CEO, Bernie Brookes, legally expressed his opinion on a political matter. 


Egypt’s military back in charge. Now to find some food…

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (8:51am)

The first democratically elected government in Egypt lasts just one year before the army takes over again:
Egypt’s military has deposed the country’s first democratically-elected President, Mohammed Morsi. It says an interim government will be put in place and the constitution suspended.
Remarkably few dead:

At least five people were killed when opponents and supporters of Egypt’s deposed president, Mohamed Mursi, clashed after the army announced his removal on Wednesday, state media and officials said.
Gunfire broke out as rocks and bricks flew in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, witnesses said.
David Goldman says this could be as good as it gets for a country unable to feed its own people:

Two years after the collapse of Egypt’s sixty years of military rule, the largest Arab country has come full circle.  The population has had enough. Beans (not to mention animal protein) have been priced out of the budget of the poorer half of Egypt’s citizens for weeks, and the country is nearly out of fuel — which means, in the middle of the wheat harvest, nearly out of bread…
Nearly a fifth of Egyptians were suffering from malnutrition when the World Health Organization surveyed the country in 2011. WFP estimates that two of five Egyptian adults are mentally and physically “stunted” by inadequate diet. The slow starvation of Egyptians under successive military regimes is gradually turning into actual hunger.
Sadly, military government probably is the best case scenario… Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states (besides tiny Qatar) might decide to provide funding for a military regime that suppressed the Muslim Brotherhood, which the Saudi regime rightly fears as a competitor to its medieval form of monarchy....
Egypt needs about $20 billion a year in external subsidies; a smaller amount would forestall the worst effects of the economic crisis. With $630 billion in foreign exchange reserves, Saudi Arabia is the only Arab country with the resources to give Egypt help on the scale it requires.
But censorship begins:

The Muslim Brotherhood-owned television channel Misr 25 went off air along with several other Islamist-run channels, including the controversial Hafez and Al-Nas, shortly after the military statement announcing the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi.
This really is about Egyptian culture and what it produces:

Egyptian anti-sexual harassment groups confirmed that mobs sexually assaulted and in some cases raped at least 91 women in Tahrir Square, over four days of protests beginning on June 30, 2013, amid a climate of impunity.
It seems Obama’s help for Morsi hasn’t won the US the respect of the Eygptian people:

(Thanks to reader David.) 


Rudd wants debates on policies he does not have

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (7:57am)

Kevin Rudd is desperate to turn this into a popularity contest:

Kevin Rudd has dramatically ramped up his fight against Tony Abbott, questioning the Opposition Leader’s courage for raising fears about asylum seekers and budget management while refusing to debate these issues before the people.
Casting himself as a bookish nerd up against the bullying athletic school jock, Mr Rudd said it seemed Mr Abbott was all talk and lacked heart when it came to a fight.
‘’Mr Abbott, I think it’s time you demonstrated to the country you had a bit of ticker on this. I mean, he’s the boxing Blue; I’m the, you know, the glasses-wearing kid in the library. Come on,’’ he told the ABC’s 7.30 program…
‘’What I’d say to Mr Abbott is, ‘You’ve been doing this for a long time,’’’ he said. ‘’It’s time we had a properly moderated debate, by the National Press Club, and that it should be on Mr Abbott’s chosen subjects. He can have one on debt and deficit, and can have one after that on boats, he can have one after that if he likes on the carbon price.”
But what is Rudd’s policy on asylum seekers?
What is his policy on the Budget parameters?
What is his policy on the carbon tax?
What is to discuss?
Indeed, I am wondering whether Abbott shouldn’t take up this chance. High risk, but he comes off low expectations and will engage with a man with no policies. If he is authoritative enough, this could prove a decisive contest. 


Rudd gives fake excuses for his boat people disaster

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (7:54am)

Boat people policy
Kevin Rudd and new Immigration Tony Burke can’t quite admit that they were utterly wrong in 2008 to scrap the tough border laws that had kept the boats to just three a year. Rudd offers a deceitful excuse for a catastrophic error of judgement:

LEIGH SALES: Do you now accept that you were wrong when you were elected to dismantle the Howard Government’s Pacific Solution?
KEVIN RUDD: Well what I said before was that we took a policy to the ‘07 election. We were returned on the basis of that policy. I said we’d implement the policies we took to the people. When we got to 2009-’10, what happened was that you suddenly had, as I said before, a war in Sri Lanka; you also had new people movements out of countries such as Afghanistan and elsewhere ...
LEIGH SALES: OK. I’m sorry to interrupt, but it’s a pretty clear question: were you wrong to dismantle it?
KEVIN RUDD: We honoured our pre-election commitment and ...
LEIGH SALES: And was that pre-election commitment the wrong way to go?
KEVIN RUDD: Well, what I’m saying is we honoured our pre-election commitment. If we’ve made a mistake, Leigh - let me just say this - it was in perhaps not being quick enough to respond to the new change in external circumstances with an outflow from Sri Lanka from a civil war in 2009-’10.
Burke today offers a version of the same excuse - it was right to scrap the laws, but wrong not to bring them back to deal with new circumstances. Labor’s “buggest mistake” was to think it could “freeze immigration settings for all time”.
But let’s check the time line.
In 2007 as Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd actually promises to turn back the boats:

In 2008 he does the opposite, scrapping the Pacific Solution and easing other parts of John Howard’s border laws, against advice this would send out the very message that it did - as I wrote in 2009:

RUDD was warned, of course. The Australian Federal Police won’t deny that it told the Government: “Reporting indicates that people smugglers will market recent changes to Australia’s immigration policy to entice potential illegal immigrants. This may cause a rise in the number of attempted arrivals.”
The International Organisation for Migration’s Indonesian chief last year confirmed that fact: “People smugglers have clearly noted that there has been a change in policy ... over the last year there’s been a considerable kick-up.”
The boat people themselves say they heard Rudd. In April, Iraqis who’d spent years in Indonesia told the ABC they would try sailing to Australia now that Rudd had softened our laws. “Kevin Rudd - he’s changed everything about refugee. If I go to Australia now, different,” one told the ABC.
Early this month Afghans in Indonesia told The Australian the same: Rudd’s changes had prompted them to leave their homes in Iran and Pakistan and catch a boat to Australia.
Said one: “I know Kevin Rudd is the new PM ... he has tried to get more immigrants. I have heard that if someone arrives it is easy.”
Even the 255 Sri Lankans now held by Indonesia cite Rudd. Said their spokesman, Alex: “First of all I would like to say thank you to Mr Kevin Rudd because he has accepted many refugees in the past. We came until the last point believing that Australia will accept us into their country.”
Rudd now says the boat people were not lured by his softer laws, but pushed out by “suddenly ... a war in Sri Lanka”.
In fact, there was nothing “sudden” about Sri Lanka’s civil war in 2009:
After more than 25 years of violence the conflict ended in May 2009, when government forces seized the last area controlled by Tamil Tiger rebels.
Tamils fleeing could have chosen nearby India’s Tamil Nadu, with a large Tamil population. Rudd made Australia a more attractive alternative for economic refugees as well.
Rudd’s other excuse of “new people movements out of countries such as Afghanistan” is even weaker.
Afghanistan was liberated from Taliban rule in 2001. Since then the overall movement of refugees has been back to Afghanistan, not away from:
More than 5.7 million refugees have voluntarily repatriated to Afghanistan in the last 10 years, of whom more than 4.6 million were assisted to do so by UNHCR.
Rudd cannot bear to admit to a terrible mistake, but the facts are clear. He changed the laws and sent a signal that was received by people smugglers and their passengers. The cost has been horrific - more than 1000 dead, more than 10,000 in detention, more than 40,000 arrived and more than $5 billion lost. 


Rudd courts the media Gillard sought to muzzle and her apologists damn

Andrew Bolt July 04 2013 (7:42am)

Kevin Rudd reaches out to the newspaper group Julia Gillard tried to monster with an inquiry into the ”hate media”:

Fiona Sugden will serve as Mr Rudd’s communications director.
Ms Sugden had worked with senior press secretary Lachlan Harris in the first Rudd government. But more attention has been given to his choice of press secretary.
Until he took a redundancy last year, Matthew Franklin was the chief political correspondent for The Australian newspaper, a News Limited publication.
Rudd is courting the media that the paranoid Gillard camp stupidly regarded as evil, preferring to believe any media criticism was just an act of war by the wicked - a self-deluding fantasy of people unable to concede their manifold errors.  . 
Journalist Kerry-Anne Walshe demonstrates the Gillard pathology perfectly. She uses a fabricated quote to defend Julia Gillard from the charge of lying, and in her book - The Stalking of Julia Gillard - goes feral at all the journalists who ever dared point out that Gillard wasn’t actually very good:

STEELY-FACED Gillard marches in parliament ... The Australian has a number of attack dogs in its stable committed to highlighting every real, imagined and invented flaw of Australia’s first female prime minister ... a shabby contribution from acrid reactionary commentator Janet Albrechtsen ... The Australian has added Chris Kenny ... rising loudmouth in the political commentariat and determined to wreak his own particular brand of havoc on the Labor government ... The opposition’s negativism has taken hold in the minds of the scared and suspicious electorate, which is unnerved daily by the ferocious anti-Gillard hotheads in radioland ... the Right’s maven and spear-carrier at News Ltd’s Herald Sun Andrew Bolt ... the angry tabloid commentators and Sydney’s graceless pissed-off old men of radio. It’s a connected circle of venom and the arc is wide and spreading ... Rudd’s main man at Fairfax, Peter Hartcher ... doesn’t believe in erring on the side of balance or keeping his ornate descriptors down to a bellow ... Richo ... he’s already strung Gillard up ... he doesn’t disappoint his News Ltd paymasters ... News Ltd’s columnist and fiercely anti-Gillard ranter Piers Akerman follows the general thrust of Richo’s line ... down in Herald-Sun land, Steve Price continues the rants ... The Daily Telegraph is nothing if not determined to stick the course in hunting down leadership mischief ... with a splash by fly-in, fly-out Canberra sessional journalist Simon Benson ... Saturdays just aren’t Saturdays without a dose of Hartcher to sell Kev II ... Rudd’s is a cynical, corrosive ambition that is eating the life out of the government, rocking the wheels off parliament ... an angry little Vegemite cloaked in the guise of a sarcastic little Vegemite ... Now it’s over to our man in the right-wing NSW bunker - sorry, the Daily Telegraph’s Simon Benson ... The only one with any credibility is Troy Bramston ... it doesn’t matter where Gillard turns, Rudd and his team are there: watching, planning, whispering ... Rudd’s man in the Fairfax foxhole did his bit for the cause together with ... . the queen bee of the press gallery, Michelle Grattan, who turned positively feral ... Peter van Onselen ... Dennis Shanahan ... Chris Kenny ... Phillip Hudson ... Peter Hartcher ... Richo of course weighed in with another prediction that Gillard wouldn’t last a month ... the Rudd engine hurtled down the line, Captain Kevin cheerily yelling “Choo-choo!”
That is sure a vomit of hate. Walshe’s abuse is worse than what she damns in others. Give that woman a mirror. 


Rudd desperate to talk about Abbott. But where are his own policies?

Andrew Bolt July 03 2013 (8:59pm)

Rudd is desperate to make this a popularity contest - or at least make Abbott look weak. Abbott’s reply should be forceful: there is not yet a single Kevin Rudd policy out there to discuss.
What is Rudd’s policy on boats?
On debt?
On the carbon tax?
First the policies, then the debate. 


4 her

Holly Sarah Nguyen
God does not judge you, people who think they are God do.




Bad meme .. it isn't true. The cause of bee colony collapse syndrome is known and treatment has been effective in some 80% of colonies .. but why let that get in the way of a scare? - ed


Holly Sarah Nguyen
People might give up on you, but God never will! Once again don't give up on God because he will NEVER give up on you 

Allyson Christy
"President Barack Obama said the United States is "deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove President Morsy and suspend the Egyptian constitution."

Arrest warrants were issued for 300 members of the Muslim Brotherhood after Morsy’s ouster, according to the state-run Ahram newspaper website, which cited an unnamed security source.

Egyptian security forces arrested the Muslim Brotherhood's political party leader and a deputy, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported, citing an unnamed military source.

Security forces also raided the offices of Al Jazeera's Egypt service during a live broadcast and arrested "the presenter, guests and producers," the network said on its English-language website." -CNN Breaking News


James Calore You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish. .. wisdom that cannot be argued with or denied .. *nods*

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You Have The Power In You.
And Jesus answered them, Truly I say to you, if you have faith (a firm relying trust) and do not doubt, you will not only do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, Be taken up and cast into the sea, it will be done.”
(Matthew 21:21, AMP) So,speak to your mountains.

Remember that even if you don’t see how things could ever work out, God does. You’ve got to speak to those mountains in your life and declare favor over those situations. Instead of talking to God about how big your problems are, talk to your problems about how big your God is. As you speak to your mountains, they will be moved, and you will move forward into the victory God has prepared for you.God bless you.

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